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ClassDojo to Practice Mindfulness

With psychiatrists and psychologists recording more anxiety depression throughout the general population than ever before, teenagers have become increasingly prone these issues. As a way for the global population of students to help ease stress everywhere in the world, ClassDojo decided to launch Mindfulness Week and help train students in meditation. Beginning on May 10, 2019, students from schools on several continents participates in the event. As part of the program, students were given training in mindfulness and meditation techniques for at least 15 minutes and follow-up training for the following week.

With the primary objective to help students better cope with the stresses of their studies, this program introduced the students to new stress management techniques they had not previously been exposed to. To help plan the curriculum for Mindfulness Week, ClassDojo launched a joint venture with Yale’s Center For Emotional Intelligence. On Day One, named Mindful Moment, students became familiar with the core ideas behind mindfulness and meditation. The ClassDojo app helped facilitate each student’s first meditation experience and provided real-time feedback throughout each of the exercises.

Studies that show students around the world have more anxiety than previous generations, with regular anxiety being present in more than 60% of students in the United Kingdom. This number is even higher in Australia, with more than three out of every four Australian school children reporting struggles with anxiety. While several of the students in the United Kingdom have been taught to use the ClassDojo App through Mindfulness Week, parents have also started using the app with their children. As of this writing, more than 50% of the student’s parents have been using ClassDojo to practice mindfulness with their children.