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SudhirChoudhrieAs A Successful Businessman And Politician

SudhirChoudhrie is a successful businessman, founder and executive director of C&C Alpha Group. Sudhir was born in September in India, but he is based in London where he focuses on arms trade, hospitality, healthcare as well as aviation. Sudhir studied at the University of Delhi where he graduated with a degree in economics. Choudhrie started his professional career at his grandfather’s real estate business and later opened his T.V selling business. Sudhir used to import television equipment from UK and sells them to the Indian government which had started to develop a good television network for the people. Later his business grew and led Sudhir to work with soviet which was then India’s best trading partner.

In 1975, SudhirChoudhrie founded a trading company, Magnum International which focused on export markets. Today, he is the executive director of Alpha C&C Group, which is one of the largest investment company. Also, Choudhrieis a lover of arts and together with his wife Anita they established stellar art foundation which operates internationally. The art foundation is doing very well and has managed to hold an exhibition in London for Hussain’s art. Apart from being a successful businessman, SudhirChoudhrie is now involved in politics. In 2015 Choudhrie was appointed as an adviser for a liberal democratic leader, Tim Farron. During an interview, Sudhir was asked why he decided to join politics, and Sudhir Choudhrie said that he joined politics due to his passion for solving issues like unemployment, homelessness and environmental issues that affected most people in the society.

As a member of the liberal democrats, Sudhir works to ensure that the party maintains its values and focuses on growing society. Recently, the party started campaigning for investment in social care and health. As a politician SudhirChoudhrie believes that liberal democrats party will win the next election as it has more support from the people who share their values like being open-minded, forward-thinking, and open-hearted among others. SudhirChoudhrie is a role model for young entrepreneurs, politicians as well as artists around the world. It is due to his hard work, commitment as well as his extensive knowledge that he has been able to achieve a lot in his career as a businessman and a politician.