Steve Lesnard Outlines the Modern Digital Marketing Techniques

Steve Lesnard is one of the reputable global experts in the marketing industry. Steve has the expertise in integrated marketing after working in the industry as the Vice President to the Consumer Expert division. He has also worked in other firms as the General Manager of the same. Lesnard has what it takes to offer credible advice to investors on matters revolving around marketing their products and services. According to Lesnard, marketing has changed over the years because of the way technology keeps coming with new features. He reiterates that it’s upon every investor to keep up with the pace of technology.

The styles of marketing determine whether the product will hit the market in the desired way or not. Steve Lesnard insists on professional product introduction for it to have an impact on the customers. He adds that the first thing that the customers do is to ask themselves whether the particular product is beneficial to them. The investor, therefore, ensures that the marketing message must address the value of the product to the consumers.

However, Steve warns that the introduction must be short and straight to the point. Creativity matters most because it acts as the pillar of attracting the customers’ attention. He gives an example of how Apple used few words to market the iPod. A simple sentence, 10k songs in your pocket, made the marketing of the iPod successful. The company has a record of coming up with creativity in its marketing strategies. Every time they introduce a new feature in their watch, allowing it to communicate with the iPhone, they tell the customers that it’s because of safety or for health and fitness. The customers keep on buying the new brands as they enter the market.

Steve Lesnard gives another example of Peleton, a company that provides door-to-door private indoor cycling exercises. They took the initiative of keeping the marketing of their premium-spinning bike simple. Many customers use their app to follow the company’s fitness classes after experiencing their professionalism on the ground. Steve insists that the marketing style that the investor chooses must show the customer the results of using the particular product or service. The best way to execute the strategy is to include a customer’s testimony either through a video or any other applicable way.