Russell Gimelstob

Russell Gimelstob works for a company called Dune Real Estate Partners. He joined this company as an associate, but quickly worked his way up the ladder. He is now a partner and managing director. He has a drive and ambition like no other. He has been working in the business for almost fifteen years. Through the years he has learned a lot and he hope to take that knowledge and continue to advance himself and the business.


Before Russell Gimelstob joined the Dune Real Estate Group, he worked for a few other real estate groups. He mainly focuses on lending for commercial real estate. He worked for a company called Goldman Sachs at one point in his life where he worked in the investment banking division. He is actively working with many different community funds as well.

When Russell Gimelstob was attended school, he played tennis for Cornell University. He was a very good tennis player. He was named the captain of the tennis team. He was undefeated in the Ivy Leagues. He led his team in the NCAA National Doubles Tournament and in 2013 was even elected into the Athletic Hall of Fame.

Russell Gimelstob has accomplished a lot of things throughout his life. He has worked very hard and he has never given up on his dreams. He wants to be a great example to others that if you set your mind to something you can accomplish it. He always wants to show others that you can do something that you enjoy while accomplishing the hard work that you need to. Russell Gimelstob continued to play tennis through the years that he was learning and working. He used tennis as his down time. It kept him grounded and it kept him wanting to reach for more. Russell Gimelstob is going to continue to go very far during his life.