Business Leader

Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva is a renowned angel investor and an MBA from Oxford. The diversity in his career choices has made him an experienced and mindful individual in the angel industry. His first business venture during his MBA days was successful which acted as a positive sign for his future endeavors. It led to him putting in substantial effort to help young firms and startups with their financial aspects through his brilliant advice.

Riva has his work based across different time zones, so he is habitual of waking up early and starts his day with coffee and plans for the day. He claims that his success factor is self-reflection and meditation. According to him, taking some time out for yourself away from the busy schedule can really help you relax your nerves and prepare you for the grind. He holds that, if given a chance, he would advise his younger self to calm down a bit and take everything with ease.

Planning, organizing and sticking with the schedule is an essential part of Riva and his team’s routine. Moreover, he scrupulously uses Gust along with his team to remain in the loop that shares vital information related to businesses and startup investment plans. He also suggests people read books like Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman to educate yourself about the psychological aspects of the business-related decision-making process.

Riva strongly believes in helping innovation-driven startups to achieve their goals. If a successful venture and a fruitful investment satisfy the consumers and also benefits the society, then there’s no better career choice according to Riva. He is fond of encouraging people and bringing them closer to their dreams while exchanging valuable knowledge. For the companies who refer to him for his expertise, he recommends them to have a rough plan in their mind regarding the type of capital for the startup so that they can proceed accordingly.

Lastly, Riva acknowledges the potential of blockchain technology and how it will benefit the global economy in the years to come.