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NYC Attorney Jeremy Goldstein Explains How His Personal And Professional Lives Blend Together

Jeremy Goldstein is a New York City attorney who founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associate, LLC. His legal specialty is executive pay. He helps guide corporate changeovers by providing his legal advice to CEOs and compensation committees. Both Legal 500 and Chambers USA Guide rate him as one of America’s top compensation attorneys.

Before founding his own law firm, he had worked as an attorney for 15 years. He was a partner at one of New York City’s largest merger & acquisition focused law firms. Among the corporate transactions he has advised on were Bank One Corporation and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. merging, and SBC Communications, Inc., buying AT&T Corp.

He has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in fine arts which were respectively earned at Cornell University and the University of Chicago. His law degree was earned at New York University. He is still involved with New York University as he is on the Professional Advisory Board for its Journal of Law and Business.

Jeremy Goldstein says that he isn’t a fan of the formal and impersonal approach that most attorneys take to their clients. He seeks out both professional and social relationships with them instead which he finds much more productive and satisfying. He says that he knew going in that being an attorney would require his complete commitment. This includes integrating his personal life into his professional one.

He got the first client for his law firm through the network of legal professionals he had already established. One of these people referred a person with a legal matter involving his career as an executive. Jeremy Goldstein says that many attorneys just starting out fail to see how getting referrals is a great way of picking up new clients.

In order to market his law firm, he creates news headlines that will be read by the type of clientele he is focused on. He says that you can never get too much publicity as an attorney but you do want to get the right kind of it. He prioritizes the types of cases that are important to his philosophy and what his law firm does as its central tenet.

One of his most satisfying developments is becoming acquainted with Fountain House, a New York City-based charity that helps people with severe mental illnesses. Jeremy Goldstein is on this organization’s board of directors. He says that working with this charity and helping it succeed has been very rewarding for him and gives him a sense of purpose. He likes that he can use his professional skills to help other, less fortunate people.


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