Nicolas Krafft & L’Oreal Hit The French Seine A Second Time

Under the leadership of L’Oreal’s VP of Global Development, Nicolas Krafft, L’Oreal held its second annual fashion show in France. This took place on the Seine river in Paris, under the title: “Le Defile L’Oreal Paris”. The selection of Paris is in no way a coincidence as not only is France a center for fashion, beauty, and the arts, Paris was the inspiration for L’Oreal itself.

Nicolas Krafft spared nothing by ensuring the biggest names in modeling, television, and Paralympics were present to strut a specially decked out floating runway on the river Seine. Behind all of the celebrities were several renowned business partners of L’Oreal, watching the models show off their latest styles and products. Aside from the professionals, the event was attended by anyone who wished to accept the open invite.

Diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility were the desired themes of the event. Diversity and inclusivity have been hot issues in recent years. Accessibility has always been an ongoing issue for many people of all populations. L’Oreal felt it important to make an attempt to face these issues in a positive way at LeDefile L’Oreal. All of these themes were strutted by the diverse models that took to the runway in various approaches to show what beauty can be. As one extra step in the goal of accessibility, the show was broadcast to several large screens around the event so that passerby’s of all kinds could enjoy the event for free.

All of this is a part of Nicolas Krafft and L’Oreal’s goal to bring beauty to the entire world. With Global Development at the helm, L’Oreal strives to make beauty and fashion more accessible to every inch of the globe. “LeDefile L’Oreal on the Seine” is a culmination of diversity, inclusivity, accessibility all powered by a strong Global Development team, moving toward a world of beauty.