Matt Fleeger Helps to Exponentially Expand the Oil and Gas Industry

Matt Fleeger, currently the CEO of Gulf Coast Western, has been widely successful in many of his ventures. An entrepreneur and undoubtedly a fantastic leader, he has built many businesses with his for strategic planning skills and team building. He is also known for being excellent in negotiating contracts and his entrepreneurial abilities that have driven him to build many lucrative companies. Before his current position, he founded a company called MedSolutions, which is a medical supply waste company. Matt Fleeger was CEO there for 13 years before moving on and selling the company to Stericycle, a well known company within the industry.

He also has experience in the tanning industry where he helped build one of the largest tanning companies, Palm Beach Tan, which started off small with only 6 buildings. He also helped Mystic Tan become the largest spray tanning franchises in the world.

Matt Fleeger is helping to expand Gulf Coast Western in the Gulf Coast area where they have the potential to develop thousands of acres sometimes in the near future, and other regions throughout the United States. They have already expanded their network throughout a Dallas-based company, Northcote Energy Ltd, where they have acquired 50 percent working interest. They also have working interest in other areas including wells drilled in the Wilcox formation and 50 percent in the Frio and Cockfield formations.

Gulf Coast Western’s mission is to seek out and utilize talent and knowledge all throughout the industry to maximize potential in the Oil and Gas industry along the Gulf Coast’s reserves. Matt Fleeger boasts their operation to be ran with honesty and integrity and earned respect. Their expansion is expected to yield 800 barrels of oil daily. The companies collaboration has expanded to over 1000 partnerships and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.