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Mark Holyoake and Oakvest Holdings: A Business Model and Life

Mark Holyoake opened Oakvest Holdings after his time spent working in the food industry and property development. He credits his previous work and education as part of how he came to form Oakvest Holdings. The initial focus was on real estate and business holdings in the UK, but he has now expanded out to Iceland.

Holyoake has invested in an Icelandic seafood corporation that supplies products to restaurants and shops around the globe. When he first entered into the deal, Iceland’s seafood industry was not robust due to the country’s and world income. Since then, the business has regained its footing and has acquired smaller companies to help keep up with the supply.

Some methods Mark Holyoake uses to keep his investment skills sharp include taking care of some business early in the day and continuing education. Tasks that he recommends handling first thing and without interruption, if possible, are emails, reading, and studying. The rest of the day can be filled with business obligations, communicating with team members, and travel.

Life is not all work for Mr. Holyoake. He enjoys spending time with his children as well as working out. Most business people are goal orientated, and Mark is no different. His recent personal goals involved improving his health. To show how serious he was about the new project, he hired a professional fitness trainer. The money was well spent from his point of view because he knows when to reach out for help.

Surrounding yourself with a vibrant team is one way to keep your business healthy too. Holyoake practices what he preaches and consults with people in his industry along with people outside of it. It is one way to stay grounded and well informed about what is going on around you because it can and will have an impact. For business purposes, though, Mark Holyoake employs people with the same visions and ones that he feels he can trust.

Business and investing are based on knowledge, people, and trust. Oakvest Holdings operates with that understanding, and Mark Holyoake runs his life by that very model too.

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