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Jose AuriemoNeto source of Income and contributions to JHSF

Jose AuriemoNeto has excelled in the fashion line of work as the CEO and chairperson of JHSF. He is entrusted with the principal responsibility to increase the company logistics and make a legacy of the business in the fashion sector. People have various tastes and preferences when it comes to fashion. Jose AuriemoNeto is innovative, creative, and determined to make a difference in the fashion industry. Through JHSF, he can provide high standard products and serve millions of customers.


Jose AuriemoNeto Efforts in the fashion career line has been acknowledged in various ways, and he was among the top candidate in the Business Fashion Gala of the BoF 500. The 2018 event contained many prominent people from different parts of the world. He has close connections with other famous people in the same career line sharing various ideas to implement in his company.

Jose AuriemoNeto was also honored in New York by the English Publication, who had organized a dinner event to acknowledge his skills and experience. He is focused on implementing new ideas in the fashion sector, providing new unique styles that fit people’s interests.


Ten years ago, Jose AuriemoNeto opened the CidadeJardim mall. This mall was designed by experts and was the first open-air mall creating more business opportunities and ensuring that JGSF gains fame. The mall provided international brands including Pucci, Cuccinelli, Brunello, Rene Caovilla, and Valentino, among others. All products are of high quality and made in various designs giving the customers a variety of options to select.

Jose AuriemoNeto has set a legacy in Brazil as a leader, philanthropist, and devoted entrepreneur. He has shown tremendous leadership skills in promoting teamwork among JHSF employees. Over the years, Jose AuriemoNeto has contributed to the development and growth in the real estate sector. He is the founder of Hermes and Jimmy Choo to enhance the Country’s economic growth.

In addition to Jose AuriemoNeto’s contribution to the fashion sector, he has also made extensive changes in the real estate focusing on the residential and commercial properties within Brazil.