Jack Plotkin and the Shift Toward Telehealth

Jack PlotkinThe term “telehealth” sounds like something out of the future. While it’s definitely a modern concept, that future is now. In fact, Virtual Health CPO Jack Plotkin says that telehealth has existed in various forms for decades and is more advanced today than ever. However, Plotkin also says that it must achieve better engagement, integration, and reimbursement in order to actually become an integral component of everyday health care.

The good news is that this is possible. Today’s telehealth technology already exists in the form of electronic devices that patients can wear, which take accurate readings of their current state. An increasing amount of health care providers are also adopting virtual diagnostic procedures, allowing patients to communicate with their providers via video or online chat about their symptoms. Nevertheless, people like Plotkin are still focused on bringing these different components together and create a seamless integration.

Jack PlotkinOne of the biggest areas of concern (according to Plotkin) is transferring patient information directly to providers. For example, patients may be able to wear a device that records their health information, but unless someone manual inputs that data, it will not automatically become part of their instantly-accessible patient record. Through Virtual Health, Plotkin is working to change this.

Virtual Health is, therefore, an all-inclusive care coordination platform, working to create an accessible 360-degree view of each patient’s current health status and health history. Furthermore, Plotkin aims to include insurers as well, allowing them to communicate better with patients and see which health care providers are actually providing the best treatment. Doctors and other health care providers may not currently be able to have instant access to all the information they need on a patient, but with tools like Virtual Health getting better every day, this time may come sooner than we think.

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