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Isabel Dos Santos Continues To Stand Up For The Working Rights Of Women All Over The World

Isabel dos Santos is an African businesswoman who continues to work hard to make the changes in the world she wants to see. She is daughter of the former president of Angola and has worked with UNITEL for many years as a member of its board of directors. A lot of her work today involves helping women to find their voices and to become a driving force in the workplace. She has also helped many women to find employment opportunities by encouraging them to educate themselves. She has focused a lot of her efforts on helping women in Africa, but she believes women from all over the world can benefit from her message of equality.

Isabel dos Santos recently commented that when you create employment opportunities for women, you are betting on the success of the communities they live in. Most working women invest into their family’s well being, and this means that everyone benefits when women are successful. In Africa, many women are having a difficult time because of the male-dominated economy in the country. Dos Santos has struggled with this, herself, many times and recently revealed that she is often asked what her husband does at parties because of how successful she appears. She talked further about the matter by explaining how all of her decisions are questioned as soon as she presents them because she is a woman.

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Isabel dos Santos believes that one of the biggest challenges that progress in the area faces is dealing with the issue on a global level. It is difficult for women to even speak about matters related to the topic because it puts them at risk for being singled out and punished for it. Many women have challenged the status quo and found themselves without a job soon after. Isabel dos Santos feels that most women have to work very hard to present their ideas in a way where they are accepted. What is even more challenging for women is the fact that they don’t receive nearly the same amount of funding in the earlier stages of their enterprises that men do.

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