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Hussain Sajwani: the Middle East is Positioned to Influence the World Positively

The world has been facing a hurdle of issues like economic disparity, climate change, and food insecurity. While these issues are always recurring, Hussain Sajwani, the owner of DAMAC beliefs that policymakers have every resource required to mitigate the challenges.

According to the real estate expert, the fourth generation technological advancements have made the world more connected than in the past. On that account, policymakers from various parts of the world can readily access an avalanche of information which they can use to make global policies that can transform the world.

“Sections of the world that were once separated are now united through technology. Policymakers, business executives, and other leaders can use technological solutions to play an active role in creating a new world order. The connection helps us overcome the world’s encounters as one community,” says the DAMAC owner.

Why should Middle East lead the change? Hussain Sajwani claims that the Middle East has all the resources required to foster global unity and prosperity.

It is the world’s primary focal point and economic hub. The region harbors over 65% of the world’s oil reserves, as well as 40% of the world’s oil reserves.

In addition to the natural resources, the Middle East harbors the world’s number one airport for international traffic, and it has a reasonable number of productive youths. Over 40% of Middle East’s populations are youths aged below 25 years.

Already, Dubai’s policymakers have been on the frontline to empower over 100 million youths who would streamline the world’s future through rapid innovation and adoption of technology. Also, the youths will cooperate with policymakers to find resolutions for persistent global issues.

“It is time to collaborate for our greater good. We are a hardworking and opportunistic nation that is ready for the world’s impactful change,” says the DAMAC owner.

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