Factors That Made James Dondero Such A Substantial Force In Financial Services

Learning about people who have managed to make it big in business encourages people to chase their dreams by going further in their pursuit of higher education, relevant certifications, or going above and beyond in whatever commercial, occupational, or other capacities that are helpful for improving our likelihoods of doing well in life.

One of these people is Jim Dondero, an American businessman who is widely considered as one of the domestic leaders in alternative investment management. Everything referenced below regarding Mr. Dondero’s career in business, pursuit of educational attainments, and extensive activity as a philanthropist is entirely true – while his experience obviously isn’t to be expected in people’s own lives, it certainly serves as a powerful motivating force.

Before Highland Capital Management, Dondero racked up exceptional prior financial services experience

Jim Dondero went to the University of Virginia, where he double-majored in Finance and Accounting. Mr. Dondero was also an active member of the school’s Beta Gamma Sigma chapter, its leading academic honor society.

Dondero initially was hired by JP Morgan following his attainment of two highly-valuable bachelor’s degrees, which he primarily pursued to satisfy requirements of popular certifications chosen by financial services professionals, such as that of Certified Public Accountant.

Shortly after being hired by JP Morgan, just over a year into his tenure there, Dondero was able to sit for various high-level certification exams for financial pros, securing each of the following distinctions: Certified Management Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst, and Certified Public Accountant.

Before Highland was founded, Dondero also worked for American Express in alternative investment management, as well as Protective Life, a major domestic insurance policy and financial services provider, as an executive of its powerful GIC subsidiary.

Philanthropy is both a hobby and passion of James Dondero’s

Jim Dondero formed the Highland Dallas Foundation as a spinoff of Highland Capital Management. The firm helps Dondero and Highland Capital Management alike stay on top of their philanthropic goals, as Foundation CEO Mary Jalonick oversees the delegation of substantial donations to deserving causes throughout Dallas.