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Dr. Dov Rand: Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices

As a physiatrist, Dr. Dov Rand is dedicated to helping his patients reach the highest possible level of health. Throughout his medical practice within the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, Dr. Rand helped people not just to get better, but to improve the quality of their lives (Dr. Dov Rand).

His treatments utilize the latest thinking and technology in medicine, and yet he maintained his commitment to caring for his patients. He also applies the knowledge based on scientific studies. Although he is already an established expert, he maintains a constant interest in the medical literature, scientific studies, and attending expert conferences. This fact allows him to offer his patients the possibility of getting the most up-to-date professional advice.

The Idea For The Healthy Aging Medical Centers

Dov Rand has always been interested in health and nutrition. During his medical practice, he got to the conclusion that there are many interesting studies on nutrition. The way how we treat our bodies can have a dramatic influence on our health. Those questions and the answers were an inspiration for opening the Healthy Aging Medical Centers.

Dr. Dov Rand’s Medical Challange

As medical experts are more educated in recognizing and testing for genetic markers, they will be able to create a more personalized approach in care. Although these markers may indicate a predisposition on some illnesses, still there are many things medical experts can do to and help us avoid them. Dr. Dov Rand uses regenerative medicine and his big challenge is regarding solving  its problems. Doctors and scientists are already able to do amazing things with stem cells. Dr. Rand believes that the development of science will be even more pronounced in the future.

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