Dick DeVos: An Influential Businessman from Grand Rapids, Michigan

The city of Grand Rapids is the hometown of Dick DeVos, and there was a plan in 1991 to build a gigantic convention center in the north part of the city’s downtown area. Back then, Dick DeVos is serving one of his family’s ventures – Amway – and his role is the company’s chief executive officer. Upon hearing the proposal regarding the construction of the stadium, he immediately lobbied against the plan. He said that Grand Rapids must learn from what happened to Detroit when two large stadiums were built outside the downtown area – it was a bad decision, and it stood outside the downtown without any purpose.



This lobbying against the plan to build a stadium outside the Great Rapids downtown area resulted in the formation of Grand Action, an organization headed by business leaders who are based in Michigan. They are the ones who decided the construction of several iconic landmarks in the city, including the Van Andel Arena, the Performance Hall, and the Convention Center dedicated to the DeVoses, and City Market, and the medical school for the Michigan State University. The group is slowly changing the city’s skyline, and they are also expanding the suburban areas around Grand Rapids to attract more people to live in the city.



Dick DeVos and his wife have a lot of power and influence when it comes to the local politics of Michigan. They are among the largest Republican donors who live in the state, and they would exercise their power and influence whenever a law that they do not like is being discussed in the legislative division. The DeVoses are known as conservatives, and Dick DeVos is donating huge sums of money to charities and foundations that are promoting their ideas. The main beneficiaries of their donations are churches, schools, hospitals, research facilities, and museums. Dick DeVos stated that their wealth can be freely used by organizations that are promoting a Christian way of life, and they will continue doing it as a service to God.



Many people who are living in Michigan are thankful for the donations given by the DeVoses. Because of the influential family from Michigan, hospitals and schools were built across the state. There are also school vouchers handed to children who wanted to study in the school of their choice. The DeVoses have a huge heart when it comes to philanthropy, and Dick DeVos revealed that it is what his parents taught him – to have an open heart for charity and to provide help to those who are in need. Today, the DeVoses keep on promoting their causes, and they are helping others who wanted to go to school or receive medical care. The DeVoses also pledged that they will continue helping organizations and foundations that they find worthy of their assistance.


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