Alexis Kennedy Continues To Find New Ways To Compete In A Crowded Gaming Industry

Alexis Kennedy is an entrepreneur who has many years of experience serving in the gaming sector. While many entrepreneurs in the industry have a hard time coming back from mistakes they have made, he looks at mistakes as learning lessons. This has allowed him to thrive where others have failed. Before today, Kennedy founded Failbetter Games, and in 2016, he put together Weather Factory. He created a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the creation of the Cultist Simulator, which has created quite a of wealth for him.

Alexis Kennedy once served as a software consultant before becoming an indie games developer. He decided to take a chance to strike out on his own before his kid was born, and this really paid off for him in the long run. Today, he works as part of a remote team who works hard to create hit titles. Kennedy ends up doing many different tasks during a regular day at work, but he doesn’t mind this part of his job because it makes him feel challenged and stimulated. He recently admitted that one of the biggest challenges he faces as an indie developer is to keep people’s attention while helping them to understand the eccentricities of the games his team creates.

Alexis Kennedy recently took part in an interview and was asked how he would define success. In reply, he commented that he feels a person is successful if they are doing the kind of work they love while getting paid a decent rate. He would not sacrifice the fun part of his job for making more money if it came down to that. He feels that mobile game enterprises can succeed if they create many different games. The reason for this is that it is often difficult to compete with bigger gaming studios who often take over certain sections of the gaming market.