Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Patients Love Her and Her Work

When it comes to Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews, you don’t have to look very far. This board-certified plastic surgeon has numerous, positive reviews that can be found on well-trusted websites. Foursquare, Rate MDs and others have a plethora of positive reviews that come from a vast range of patients. Dr. Walden is a well-respected plastic surgeon, and she owns a fully-licensed medical practice in Austin, Texas. This practice is known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, and it provides a wide array of services, such as:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Cheek Implants
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Otoplasty
  • Chemical peel
  • Breast Reduction

Here are a few of her past reviews. “I’ve had a life-changing moment thanks to Dr. Jennifer Walden. Vaginal rejuvenation has worked wonders for me, and I’m grateful that this particular surgeon provided the services that I truly needed. I could go on and on about how great she truly is,” said source G. In March 2018, an anonymous reviewer posted “I trusted Dr. Walden because I’ve heard many great things about her in the past. She is very knowledgeable and very skilled. Dr. Walden has literally given me more confidence to achieve greater things in life because I now have the confidence that I’ve been lacking.”

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s reviews go even farther. “To simply state it, Dr. Walden and her staff made me feel right at home thanks to their confidence, acknowledgment, and caring nature. The amount of attention to detail that I received was unreal, which has led to superior results. Dr. Walden and her staff get two thumbs up, ” said an anonymous source.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Explains Why HSAs Are Such A Great Financial Vehicle

HCR Wealth Advisors

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are a wonderful way to save money not just for future medical expenses but for retirement. They are triple-taxed advantaged. You get to deduct what you contribute on your federal taxes. Your contributions grow tax-free. As long as you spend the money on qualified medical expenses, you don’t pay any taxes when you spend your contributions. Once you are 65 years old you can spend the money on anything without paying a penalty, although you will pay income taxes.

There is a Los Angeles financial firm called HCR Wealth Advisors which can help people open an HSA as well as other financial vehicles. This firm was established in 1988 and has been helping individuals and families save for retirement and other financial goals. They point out financial risks to their clients and help them navigate tough situations in their lives such as selling a business, marrying, divorcing, and entering retirement.

HSAs are great for many reasons. People can save and invest money in them so that they can pay for medical needs. If those don’t arise the money can be used for retirement. People that are eligible for an HSA have annual deductibles of $1,350 a year for individuals and $2,700 a year for families. There are also annual contribution limits. An individual can stick $3,500 a year into their HSA account while families can put away $7,000 annually.

HSA Wealth Advisors wants to be in it for the long-haul with each of their clients. They work to develop trusting relationships with each of their client which take into account each client’s individual and family’s need and emotional make-up for risk. They have been helping clients for over 30 years.

They point out to clients that once a person has become age 65 they can take money out of their HSA for any reason and not pay any tax penalty. Most people that use an HSA as a financial tool can find great reasons for doing so but it is always best to consult with experts like HSA Financial Advisors.


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Putting The Pieces Together: Smita Shah

Smita Shah is a woman who is ahead of the curve when it comes to business savvy. She has always liked the challenge of putting together a puzzle and figuring out the solution. The same could be said for the engineering field. She founded SPAAN Tech in 1998 and has paved the way ever since. In an interview with WGN Radio, Smita Shah talks about the challenges she faced growing up and how she wants to encourage other girls and women to take the same path that she has done.


She talked with Steve Cochran about how her business got started. She says that she was young and didn’t know very much about running her own business. She was smart enough to put good people around her so that her business could succeed. Her first goal in the business was to be able to bring smart people together in order to tackle big projects. This is how SPAAN Tech came to be. 


When she was young Smita Shah knew that she had a talent for figuring out math problems. She was one of the few girls that excelled in what is called today the STEM program. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Education, and Math. She professed herself as a nerd when she was in school and she did not mind that at all. She was also one of the few brown kids in her class too. that made her stand out all the more. 


When Smita Shah started the business in 1998 men would look at her and make assumptions. She says that it still happens to her more than twenty years later. She worked hard to get where she is and she has the degree to prove it. She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from MIT. She wants to make sure that girls and minorities know that science and technology fields are open to them. She says people shouldn’t shy away from things that challenge them. Learn more: https://www.thechicagonetwork.org/members/smita-shah/


Smita Shah has helped pave the way for women and girls in fields usually dominated by men. She has made such an impression that she was invited to the White House for a luncheon. She talked with Governor Mario Cuomo about her career and her family. That was one of the high points in her illustrious profession. She had made it to the top of the heap.


Smita Shah could very well be defined as a trailblazer. She knew that she could put things and people together and have a successful career as well. She is a woman who is breaking down walls and opening the door for future generations. That is the way she wants it to be for everyone.

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Smita Shah’s Goal: Assist In Building Communities And Empowering Women

Smita Shah is currently the leader of SPAAN Tech, a construction company which she created 20 years ago. SPAAN Tech is known for its involvement in massive projects such as the modeling of Chicago Citywide Sewer System and the construction of I-355 communication towers in Illinois. Although she didn’t know what will happen in the future of the company back then, she worked hard and was able to achieve success in the field.


More than two decades ago, Smita Shah graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in Science and Civil Engineering in 1996. The time she spent at school was a different experience, according to her. This is because of the fact that not a lot of females are pursuing fields related to Science and Mathematics. Adding the fact that she was clearly a nerd back then, her academic life has been quite interesting. Because of her determination to finish her studies, Shah was able to survive the stereotyping and that being different from a crowd became a normal thing.


A couple of years later, Smita Shah creates SPAAN Tech for the reason that she likes to create a company that gathers talented people together. The company’s aim is to assist in building strong yet creative infrastructures that help the community. SPAAN Tech is known to take projects such as building roads, bridges, public systems, and adding lights in the streets. As of now, SPAAN Tech has been recognized due to its quality of work. It has been awarded by institutions like the Small Business Commerce Association and the Inc. Magazine. Shah’s plan is to keep the company small. Instead, she will focus on ways to get an opportunity to build communities.


Even after successfully creating her own company, Smita Shah still encountered the stereotypical reaction of people from her field. She will usually be mistaken by other people as the marketing girl of her own company. However, instead of letting experiences like this let her down, she instead uses these experiences to empower more women, as well as minorities like her, to pursue a career path that they like, and that includes working in the field related to Science and Math. Shah also pointed out that both Science and Math are a part of human’s daily lives, so everyone should enjoy it. Learn more: https://about.me/smita.shah


Smita Shah mentioned how there is not enough women out there in the fields of Math and Science. She encourages women who want to start a career in Math and Science related fields to take their step and start following their dreams. Although this field is hard, she believes that being in the industry will still let you enjoy work and life balance. During her free time, she enjoys spending time and care for her two children. 

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Marc Beer Confirmed As Chairman Of LumeNXT’s Board

With a growing reputation and a solid foundation for future growth, LumeN XT is in quite a strong position for expansion. This has primarily been because of the company’s proprietary technology and a market that continues to grow. Over the past few years, the business has developed a considerable range of surgical illumination products that satisfy many of the demands that medical professionals place on their tools. Chief among these are the likes of precision, safety and, of course, illumination during surgery. This development has been led by a team of surgeons and engineers who have been pushing to innovate in the industry. Now, LumeN XT is looking to better position itself for expansion with the hiring of Marc Beer.


Beer will be joining LumeN XT as Chairman of its Board. As such, he’ll hold a considerable amount of sway in its future strategies. Over the past two decades or so, Marc Beer has built quite a reputation in the industry. The majority of this has been with a variety of MedTech startups. With his expertise, Beer has taken these companies through their early growth stages while plotting a course for international expansion and profitability. During this time, he’s gained a considerable amount of knowledge in both the development and commercialization sides of these MedTech companies. Furthermore, this has been in a range of different niches, such as diagnostic and treatment tools, biotechnology and much more.


Perhaps one of the most notable of these businesses has been Renovia Inc, which was established in 2016. Marc Beer founded the business to develop a variety of treatment and diagnostic tools for pelvic floor disorders. Since then, a number of its products have been approved by the FDA and been well-received by medical professionals and their patients. A few other products have been confirmed to be in development by Renovia Inc. This experience, as well as the experience he’s had with other companies, has helped Beer become a leader in the industry. This is something that LumeN XT hopes to use to help the company expand rapidly in the next few years.


With the skills and knowledge that Marc Beer has developed in the past 25 years, LumeNXT co-founder Paul Rhyne has noted that he’ll be quite an asset moving forward. Rhyne pointed to the considerable amount of businesses that Beer has put on the path to sustainable growth as an example of how he’ll add value to LumeN XT. This is especially true as the company looks to go international. Marc Beer has noted that the illuminated surgical tool company has already positioned itself well for future growth. Combined with a steadily growing market, he’s claimed that LumeN XT will be able to capitalize on the demand for the tools within the next few years. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/marc-beer



Todd Levine On Branding Himself As A Go-To Litigator

Commercial real estate litigator Todd Levine brings his ideas to life with a lot of heart and research. He take all the information from each case and then really simplifies it. This helps him understand the root of the problem, which helps him take action. He is the founding member of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. The law firm was founded in 2012 and is based in Miami, Florida  where the busy litigator lives. Todd Levine earned his B.S.B.A in finance from the University of Florida. He continued on to achieve his law degree at Fredric G. Levin College of Law.


With an education in tow, Todd Levine was ready to start practicing law. In his line of work, there is no such thing as a typical day. It’s all about what’s on the schedule, and what is in front of the litigator. Todd Levine tries to stay as productive as he can, and uses his time wisely. He needs to prioritize his schedule because there are strict deadlines he has to meet a lot. This means scheduling out his days weeks ahead of time. Another factor that keeps Mr. Levine on his game is being prepared. This is crucial in his line of work. You never know when something important may come up and having the right paperwork or information can make or break a case.


Looking back at his younger self, Todd has some really important advice. Once you know what you want to specialize in as a lawyer, start branding yourself. This will make you known around the community as the person to go to. As a lawyer, preparation is key. This includes writing up an outline of thoughts so they sound to the point, concise, and simple. It gives Todd Levine a look on different perspectives  so he does not leave anything out. Doing his best every time on each case is the best strategy the litigator uses to build his business. He lets his work and good reputation speak for itself. Todd Levine’s favorite book he recommends to others is called “The Fountainhead.” It has inspired him in his work as a litigator.


Todd Levine


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Paul Mampilly: Proven Investment Guru.

Paul attended Fordham Gabelli school of business and earned MBA degree in finance, he also attended New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering, Financial engineering and City University of New York Hunter College. Paul is hardworking, dedicated and committed in the financial investment industry.

Paul is a renowned American investor and a  financial guru. In 1991 he started his career in Banker’s trust on Wall Street as an assistant portfolio manager. He advanced in his career and worked with other reputable banks such as ING and Deutsche Bank and managed multimillion accounts for clients across the country. Paul is a financial guru whose specialty is in managing funds and achieving massive success. Under his leadership at Kinetics Asset Management, the firm’s s asset grew to billions of dollars. His outstanding achievement caused Barron to name it as one the World’s best Hedge funds. Paul demonstrated his expertise in the investment industry by growing investment of $50 million to $88 million during the 2008 and 2009 financial crises. Paul has now shifted his focus and efforts in helping ordinary people make money on their investments.

He is the founder and editor of a popular Newsletter Profits Unlimited with more than 90,000 subscribers. Profit Unlimited is one of the fastest growing newsletters in the financial industry. As a senior editor, Paul is focusing on helping ordinary people across the country discover wealth in growth investing, small-cap stocks, technology, and special opportunities. Paul has appeared on news outlets such as Fox Business News, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV where he uses his vast range of skills to educate and guide people to make a wise investment in the financial industry.

His Facebook features many clients who are subscribers of  Profits Unlimited  with their testimonials. Do you need information on how to invest your Money? Look no further, Paul will introduce you to low-risk investment that is sure to increase as the internet of things and millennials restructure the investing landscape in the current trends.

Paul recommends and anticipates that investing in medical, financial and energy stocks will continue to earn record-breaking profits.

Paul is compassionate and has the heart to help the less privilege. His charitable activities include volunteering at food distribution center for the homeless, Big Brother for mentoring young boys and Conversational exchange volunteer.

Paul is not very optimistic about the Bitcoin bubble currently; however, he approves the technology that supports bitcoin-blockchain. The blockchain is highly relevant and can be applied to almost all the business. He anticipates that the use of blockchain will replace the old title search process everyone goes through when buying a house. He envisioned bitcoin/cryptocurrency will benefit the world by making real estate borrowing and transactions and lending easier.  Extreme Fortunes by Paul Mampilly, 10,000% Marijuana Stock



Bruno Fagali: How To Get A Good Lawyer

If you are involved in a legal dispute or other tough situation, you need to hire a good lawyer like Bruno Fagali. There are many lawyers out there.  However, good lawyers have a thorough understanding of the law.

Whether the case you are dealing with is a personal matter, business related issue, or another scenario that is extremely serious, the situation has to be addressed properly by a qualified legal representative. It is advisable to hire a lawyer who has expertise in resolving the type of scenario you are dealing with.

Bruno Fagali is a competent lawyer in Brazil. Bruno Fagali focuses on Administrative Law, Compliance, Regulatory Law and Urban Law. Bruno Fagali has the skills and resources to deliver respectable legal representation.

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Bruno Fagali is highly knowledgeable and has recieved his Masters degree in law. Many businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals have relied on Bruno Fagali for years.

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