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Tim Ioannides Highlights the Importance of Vitamin D in Skin Treatment

According to Tim Ioannides, skin conditions are affecting a considerable number of people around the country, which means that they are quickly becoming a major medical condition. The government of the United States and also the state governments are using a lot of money to make sure that the whole situation is under control. In addition, people are also using their money to control their skin conditions, which has made the entire problem a national problem.

Instead of using much money in diagnostic and treatment processes, Tim Ioannides advises individuals to concentrate on self-treatment methods, which will help them to minimize the cost of treatment. There are several do it yourself treatment strategies that people can incorporate and save substantial amount of money. One of the commonly known treatment strategy that people can incorporate is the use of Vitamin D. it is common knowledge that Vitamin supports the overall immune system of the body while at the same time helping individuals to remain healthy.

Tim Ioannides notes that getting self-treatment for skin condition is an easy strategy because it comes naturally. One of the methods of getting Vitamin D is by getting direct sunshine, which reacts with cholesterol in the body to create Vitamin D. People exposed to sufficient sunshine during the day have a considerable amount of Vitamin D, which prevents skin conditions. However, you can as well get sufficient Vitamin D from various food sources.

The only problem is that a considerable number of people don’t get sufficient Vitamin D because they don’t eat the right foods. Tim Ioannides recommends that individuals to eat Vitamin D rich foods such as tuna, salmon, ham, and trout among others. There are other food products that can also be useful in production of Vitamin D such as mushrooms, fortified orange juice, and fortified milk among others.

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