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Dabie Tsai Explains How the Future of Accounting Remains Bright

Dabie Tsai is a former partner of KPMG, which provides tax, advisory and tax services globally. Tsai worked at USA, Canada, Spain and Chile practices, and led large multinational accounts. She has significant expertise in US GAAP, IFRS, and internal control over financial reporting.

Tsai was an audit partner for more than a decade, leading the audit teams’ interactions with her clients’ audit committees, regulators, internal auditors and senior management. According to Dabie Tsai, the future of accounting is bright because no company could survive without proper accounting mechanisms. She notes that many startup companies fail to prosper upon reaching a certain juncture because they lack the appropriate accounting infrastructure.

Additionally, credible accounting applies even in well-established companies. It’s difficult for a company’s management team to evaluate the company’s performance and objectives if there is no critical set of accounting policies in place. However, Dabie Tsai admits that accounting has drastically changed because of technology. She notes that the future of accounting will rely on new technologies like data analytics and artificial intelligence.

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Prominent Women

The Busy Life and Career of Actress Crystal Hunt

At just two years old Crystal Hunt was already practicing for her future career. She was a pageant contestant who showcased her acting skills as her talent at the events. The practice she received at the pageants eventually led to roles in commercials and then on to Hollywood. Her talents have earned her numerous fans and a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 2005.

Born and raised in Clearwater Florida, according to her Facebook, Crystal Hunt is well-known for her roles in the popular daytime dramas, “Guiding Light” and “One Life to Live”. She has also appeared in a documentary about her career, in several TV specials and in a number of films. Her most recent film role was as Lauren in the movie “Magic Mike XXL”. Hunt exercised her skills as a producer for the film Talbot County, a project she co-produced with her friend, actress Diana Ramirez.

In 2015 Crystal Hunt teamed up with several other soap stars to create “The Queens of Drama”, a reality-based TV series that was designed to give soap fans a different perspective of the women they know and love. The series portrayed the stars as powerful women creating and pitching their own series in the hopes of earning a contract. Hunt appeared as herself during the season-long run.

In addition to her acting  Crystal Hunt is also a dog lover and frequently shares photos of her own pet on social media.   Crystal is also an accomplished photographer, and continues to give back to the community.