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How To Use New Securus Drone Technology

Drones are very popular aerial devices use to capture photos, shoot movies scenes, a deliver packages. One popular online retailer is using drone technology to deliver their packages drones have been in recent news around the world. However, Securus understand how drones can be used as trajectory for contraband to enter the facility. Their latest technology is another crime prevention strategy that will soon be tested at select facilities. Securus are always one of the first ones to create technology to save their patrons money and provide additional monitoring for the facility. Not many other networks have been able to compete with their interactive technology.


How Will Drone Detection Work


Enjoy technology that has been proven to secure a facility without the need of additional staff with Securus technology. Drone detection will allow them to intercept aerial drones that are carrying contraband. They will install their technology and will operate it from their base headquarters with a monthly report. Securus has yet, to release the technology, but is testing it at several different facilities and has been a success. A good inmate calling network should support the needs of their customers with quality inmate services their customers can afford.


Securus Technologies Services & Features


Securus is a popular inmate calling network that has become one of the largest nationwide. They’re able to pass the savings down to their patrons through technologically advanced inmate calling solutions. Stop trying to locate a third party authorized agent for your inmate calling. Trust the Securus Technologies network to provide you with transparent inmate calls without a lost connection like other big name networks. You must be eighteen years of age and have a valid debit or credit card to access features. Securus Technologies is available with customer support 24 hours a day. Join the popular online network today.


In fact, Securus doesn’t hesitate to give their customers service and fees that aren’t available with other networks. For example, their remote visitation feature is very popular for allotting online visitation. You must have a compatible device, download the Securus app, and pay a small process processing fee. Would you like to send an inmate an email with attachments? You can now, process emails with a virtual stamp available from Securus. You can also send pictures online” participating in packaging services at select facilities, and use voicemail options from Securus to stay connnected to friends and family in a correctional facility.


Get many popular features from their website under easy to navigate descriptive tabs. To date, Securus proudly serves over 346,000+ customers nationwide. Join Securus Technologies and speak to one of their friendly IT professional’s 24 hours a day about your new or existing account.


Prison Communication

Securus Technologies Steadily Growing Amidst Tough Competition

For any company, its market reputation is critical. In the correctional industry, many companies have been operating for a long time, but one of the companies that have been growing steadily since 1986 is Securus Technologies. The market reputation of Securus Technologies in the inmate communications sector and correctional technology is by far the best, and it is also due to the rapid advancement made by the company in the recent years. The company has developed an expansive product portfolio that includes governmental information management system, inmate communication services, investigative services, and parolee tracking system. The company is amongst the first to devise the method to stop the supply of contraband phones into the prison.


Many of the investigative services offered by the company has dramatically helped in decreasing the crime rate inside and outside of the prison. The monitoring system developed and provided by Securus Technologies for the prison environment has been assisting the law enforcement agencies to keep a track on the inmates and take quick actions if a mishap occurs, which is something that frequently happens in the jail facilities. The company has also been making rapid advances in the field of correctional technology, and the CEO of Securus Technologies has even extended an open invitation to the customers and investors to visit the company’s Research and Development Center based in Dallas, TX.


Rick Smith believes that it would help the investors and customers know about what the company has been up to in the last few years, and how far the technology developed by the company would take the correctional space in the future. The law enforcement agencies and officers greatly appreciate the products and services of Securus Technologies and have written letters to the company acknowledging that. Some of these messages were published by the company recently through a web release.



Prison Communication

Securus Technologies Protecting Officers from Gangs

Gang violence inside the prison is worse than anyone on the outside could ever imagine. As bad as those gang members on when they are running in the streets, they pose a huge threat to me and my fellow corrections officers when we are in close quarters with them inside the jail. Those gang members who are serving lengthy or life sentences have little concern for having additional time added to their sentences for hurting an officer. To try and maintain peace, we have to take certain precautions each day.


My team of corrections officers spend a considerable amount of time each day trying to make certain drugs stay out of our jail. The reason is obvious, but it can affect so many different aspects of prison life. If an inmate can get drugs into the jail, they get high and put the entire prison population in danger. Then you have the gang leaders who force the lower-level members to sell the drugs and kick up the cash, taking all the risk while making the gang stronger.


Securus Technologies has been placing their inmate call monitoring system in thousands of jails around this country. The system enables officers to be able to listen to the inmates conversations in a way that we have never been able to do before. The LBS software will scan all the calls, virtually allowing my team to be in one place and then alerted if any chatter comes up about certain subjects. The importance of this new resource in our efforts to clean up the prison has been incredible.


Now when we hear gang members talking about ordering street thugs to bring in drugs to the visitor center, we take action. If gangs talk about using, hiding, buying, or selling drugs, now we have ears on those conversations.


Prison Communication

Why are All Prisons Using Securus Technologies?

Sometimes, facilities need a specialized product, a technology made specifically for them, or a system that allows it to perform flawlessly. This is not different for prisons and correction agencies, who manage some of the most dangerous people in the nation. Inmates committed crimes, and often they continue to do so from inside the bars of a cell, which means that there needs to exist a dedicated security system just for prisons.
For many years, there were not many of those dedicated services, or at least they were either not of the highest quality or overpriced. When Securus Technologies was created by Richard A. “Rick” Smith, he was filling a spot that no one else was investing in, and he founded one of the most successful prison technology companies in the world, being approved by more than five Departments of Corrections facilities.
The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and they act on prisons in the United States and in many important metropolitan centers in Canada where there are prisons that would benefit from the dedicated service.
Securus Technologies, as the name suggests, has the primary focus of finding solutions that increase the security of a correction agency, but the team is also focused on developing communication solutions that use modern technology to keep improving their services.
For example, Securus Technologies found a solution for prisons who were having problems with the contraband of cell phones inside their territory, where inmates were using the mobile communication to talk to their smuggling partners outside of jail, furthering their crime activity. Securus developed a system to control that contraband, and more than 2,000 prisons and agencies have already hired the services of Securus to help maintain monitoring of the jail.
Not everything is one-sided though, as Securus Technologies also thinks on the inmates when developing their technology. Their telephone service is one of the best in the market and allows inmates to communicate with their families and friends with a clean and audible communication, much better than the standards of a prison.

Prison Communication

Why a Great Tool Such as Securus Technologies Should Be Used For Communicating

There’s many reasons why Securus Technologies is becoming a preferred method of communications for many. Unfortunately, visitation in jails can often be difficult for people to conduct or set up as appointment times are often taken up due to the particular jail facilities being quite busy. Due to such circumstances, individuals often find themselves being unable to visit the inmates due to conflicts of scheduling in which they have their own set of responsibilities to tend to such as work, school, business, errands, or anything else that may prevent them from being able to make a visit to the jail.


Securus Technologies understands that conflicts of scheduling exists and has created the Securus Technologies platform for such reasons. However, the program has become a great tool for law enforcement officials as they’re now capable of seeing the video conference sessions that take place and can utilize any relevant information that may be used to uncover crimes that are occurring within the premises of their correctional facilities. If certain types of crimes are spoken about over video conferencing, then it’s highly likely the law enforcement officials will be able to use that information to investigate with and continue the monitoring of the areas in the jail where the crime was spoken about may have occurred.


Securus Technologies is a very easy to use program that has been designed and engineered to provide users with easy navigation and utilization. Please don’t hesitate to request information from the customer serve help desk as representatives are able to guide and assist in utilizing this wonderfully designed program that’s proven to be a great option for many people who are wanting to keep in touch with their relatives, significant others, or friends. Do not neglect this opportunity that you have as time can pass you by without even realizing it.


Prison Communication

Keeping in Touch While Behind Bars with Securus

No one likes to think of a relative or friend of theirs being in the prison system. The unfortunate truth is that this happens to many more people than you might think and so it is a harsh reality for many people who are trying to keep in contact with that individual and are finding it to be too difficult. This is essentially why the Securus system was designed and why so many people are using Securus for their own needs. It allows people to keep in constant touch with their loved ones through video messaging service is set up through the prison system.


When I began to use Securus for my own needs, I found it to be one of the best technologies out there in terms of prison communication. Prison communication is not easy because it has to be completely secure and safe as well as reliable so that you have constant contact with the person you are trying to keep in touch with at all times. Because of this, I struggled with other technologies and companies that offered video messaging but didn’t deliver in terms of quality. This is when I began to use Securus and found it to be one of the absolute best companies out there for communication within the prison system.


It has gotten to the point now that anyone who has a loved one in the prison system, I continually recommend to them Securus. Securus is a great option for anyone who has to keep in touch with someone who is behind bars. You will find that it is not only an affordable technology for you to make yourself, but it could also help in a tremendous way when it comes to keeping in touch with your loved one on a consistent basis. You can have access to these video messaging services at anytime throughout the day or night and this enables you to keep in touch with that loved one no matter where you happen to be.


If you are interested in security, I recommend that you find out more about it by visiting its website or the multitude of social media accounts out there that talk about it. I feel that it can benefit you and your loved ones just as much as it has for me and I feel that it can easily help people to keep in touch with their loved ones in a secure and safe manner.


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