Factors That Made James Dondero Such A Substantial Force In Financial Services

Learning about people who have managed to make it big in business encourages people to chase their dreams by going further in their pursuit of higher education, relevant certifications, or going above and beyond in whatever commercial, occupational, or other capacities that are helpful for improving our likelihoods of doing well in life.

One of these people is Jim Dondero, an American businessman who is widely considered as one of the domestic leaders in alternative investment management. Everything referenced below regarding Mr. Dondero’s career in business, pursuit of educational attainments, and extensive activity as a philanthropist is entirely true – while his experience obviously isn’t to be expected in people’s own lives, it certainly serves as a powerful motivating force.

Before Highland Capital Management, Dondero racked up exceptional prior financial services experience

Jim Dondero went to the University of Virginia, where he double-majored in Finance and Accounting. Mr. Dondero was also an active member of the school’s Beta Gamma Sigma chapter, its leading academic honor society.

Dondero initially was hired by JP Morgan following his attainment of two highly-valuable bachelor’s degrees, which he primarily pursued to satisfy requirements of popular certifications chosen by financial services professionals, such as that of Certified Public Accountant.

Shortly after being hired by JP Morgan, just over a year into his tenure there, Dondero was able to sit for various high-level certification exams for financial pros, securing each of the following distinctions: Certified Management Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst, and Certified Public Accountant.

Before Highland was founded, Dondero also worked for American Express in alternative investment management, as well as Protective Life, a major domestic insurance policy and financial services provider, as an executive of its powerful GIC subsidiary.

Philanthropy is both a hobby and passion of James Dondero’s

Jim Dondero formed the Highland Dallas Foundation as a spinoff of Highland Capital Management. The firm helps Dondero and Highland Capital Management alike stay on top of their philanthropic goals, as Foundation CEO Mary Jalonick oversees the delegation of substantial donations to deserving causes throughout Dallas.

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Jason Hope Walking The Path To The Future

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and investor. He became famous for all of his charity work and his passion for technology. Jason Hope has worked very hard all throughout his career. He received a degree from the University of Arizona State. His degree is in finance.

It did not take long for him to start up his own company upon graduating from school. He started a mobile communication company. This is not the only thing that Jason Hope is successful for he is most successful in the charity work that he does.

Throughout his years during his career and during his charity work he has learned a lot of very valuable things. Some of these things include the knowledge of knowing to focus on only one project at a time. Focusing on one project at a time allows you to make sure that the task at hand is completed before jumping onto the next instead of having multiple projects up and running at the same time.

Jason Hope likes to dedicate a lot of his time to mentoring high school students. He enjoys being an inspiration to the young people that he works around. He knows first hand how hard it is to get out there and get into the career that you want. He knows how hard it is to get through your education so he wants to take the time to help as many young people out as he can.

Hope is a huge inspiration to so many people. He has worked very hard throughout the years to get to where he is today. He hopes to continue to work hard and dedicate himself to his career and to helping other people along the way. He is not sure what path he will follow in his future, but he cannot to see where his career is going to lead him.

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Kisling Nestico & Redick: A Law Firm that Protects Victims and Gives to Those in Need

In Ohio, attorneys Gary Kisling, Rob Nestico and Robert Redick have a respected and successful personal injury firm. The personal injury attorneys at Kisling, Nestico & Redick have formed one of the largest law firms in the state that is composed of men and woman of legal expertise and experience as well as former insurance agents.

At this law firm, there are more than 30 lawyers and almost 100 support staff in 11 locations throughout the state. They are all dedicated to attaining justice for injury victims involved in accidents. Their efforts have also promoted safer roads, as well as having effected changes in the insurance industry.

One of the partners, Rob Nestico, was himself a victim of an automobile accident caused by negligence. Today, he dedicates his legal career to defending victims against insurance companies that try to manipulate circumstances and facts to their advantage. The firm of Kisling, Nestico & Redick has also developed plans that assist those whose lives have been markedly changed after an accident.

Another strong effort that Kisling, Nestico & Redick has made to prevent vehicular accidents is the encouragement of drivers not to text while driving. In this effort, the law firm awards a $5,000 scholarship to the high-school student who constructs the best proposal to reduce distracted driving among teen drivers.

KNR has also urged bicycle riders to wear helmets to prevent head injuries if they would be involved in a vehicular accident. To encourage this wearing of protective gear, the firm has donated 500 bicycle helmets at local YMCAs. Another effort by this law firm is the cause of preventing children from being hungry or without adequate clothing in their local communities. Along with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program,

The KNR Cares About Kids Campaign has also financially provided for children to go on a shopping spree for what they need. In its efforts for the community and individuals in need of legal aid, Kisling Nestico & Redick has also gained a reputation for producing favorable outcomes.

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Kisling, Nestico & Redick Get Webby for Best Legal Website

Kisling Nestico & Redick

Whether you have a story of personal injury or not, Ohioans are familiar with the names Kisling, Nestico & Redick. This is a law firm that’s gone far to make its name visible in small communities and larger cities across the states. That means everything from catchy lines to ads stretched on the sides of buses. Now they can add award-winning website to that list.

For about the last decade or so, businesses, governments, and creatives alike have been scrutinized by the Webby Awards. It’s the “highest honor” the internet can bestow, according to the New York Times.

Kisling Nestico & Redick – Attorneys Donate Food to Children in Need During Spring Break 

The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences has been getting thousands of technical and creative minds together since 1996 to place all the internet has to offer under a magnifying lens and place the best stuff on a pedestal. Everything from video to music, games to podcasts, and traditional websites are looked at for accessibility, creativity, and usefulness of content. Of the thousands of entrants who submit, only about 20% receive awards.

Kisling Nestico & Redick – Law Firm Sponsors Scholarship Competition 

According to Rob Nestico, the Webby Award is a sign that the firm is making good first impressions. As a Managing Partner at Kisling, Nestico, & Redick, Nestico says their site prioritizes sought-after information, addressing common concerns following a personal injury, then pointing those visitors in the right direction should they need representation. Be being user friendly, Nestico sees the site as making life a little easier for someone dealing with a lot at the moment.

Claire Graves has seen her share of submissions as the Executive Director of the Webby Awards. with 13,000 submissions coming in for the 23rd annual awards, she said that Kisling, Nestico & Redick achieved a feat by simply being noticed.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick specializes in personal injury representation claims throughout the state of Ohio. Based in the city of Akron, this firm has been guiding clients through the insurance industry and disputing their claims since 2005. In that time, what was once a humble law office now spans 11 locations and is staffed with nearly 40 attorneys, yet more than a hundred members of their support staff makes sure they retain a community appeal.

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DonataMeirelles is a Notable Brazilian Fashion Expert

With more than three decades in the fashion industry, DonataMeirelles has become a well-known staple, parlaying her expertise into a number of prominent roles, including a position with Vogue Brazil as the style director. Despite DonataMeirelles’ many accomplishments in the fashion world, she is also one of the most renowned activists concerning AIDS research and education. Over the years, she has actively attended many of the most significant events around the world concerning AIDS eradication, and today, with more than 400,000 social media followers, she utilizes her massive platform to spread awareness concerning the latest developments regarding the cause. Learn more about Donata Meirelles at

Recently, the New York Times announced that a second AIDS patient had been cured of the disease, highlighting one of the most significant medical breakthroughs of modern times. When news of the breakthrough was released, DonataMeirelles immediately weighed in on the announcement, discussing her current feelings, as well as how she was introduced to the fight against HIV and AIDS. Eight years ago, she was introduced to the American Foundation for AIDS Research, which is, today, known as the amfAR, and has since, been one of the most prominent voices in advocating research for the cure. As support continues to grow, DonataMeirelles and her contemporaries have begun viewing 2020 as a realistic date for a cure.

The amfAR was created when the AIDS Medical Foundation joined with the California-based, National AIDS Research Foundation. Today, the international nonprofit organization is at the forefront of the search for a cure, helping to support this process in a variety of ways, including education, research, prevention, and public policy. While the amfAR receives the majority of its monies through fundraising events such as the annual Cinema Against AIDS, various sources also regularly contribute donations in an effort to continue research and education.


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Wes Edens Is Collaborating With Macalester College To Address World Challenges

Investor Wes Edens has, for a longer period, been involved in supporting some educational fields that are directly focused on aspects that can solve some of the most complex challenges facing people in the world today. He has openly highlighted that he is interested in supporting any education initiative that will help solve some of the disorders that people are facing. Recent trends show that multiple diseases are affecting a considerable number of people and most of them have no cure.

Wes Edens has gone further and invested $2 million in Edens Professorship in Global Health at Macalester College, which is a program that focuses on health and medical geography. Most of the topics covered under this program are some of the most common health conditions that are affecting millions of people around the world. Some of the issues of concern include infectious diseases, environmental factors, health hazards, and health delivery.

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Macalester College is focused on teaching courses and other programs that will help them to deal with most of the challenges that are affecting the world today. This explains why Wes Edens has collaborated with this college in finding the solution to some of these problems. The college teaches liberal arts but gives more attention and focus on the issues facing the world today.

Macalester College, under the guidance and funding from Wes Edens, has been pushing for formulation and development of various policies that are geared towards environmental and health policy changes. Global health is an issue of concern to most governments and private sectors around the world, which explains why more funds and attention should be directed into this area. Some countries are facing extreme effects of lifestyle diseases affecting their citizens.

Wes Edens knows that the current generations of students have a role to play in the road to curing the world. This explains why he has donated huge amounts of money to help the students learn about the health and environmental issues and address these challenges head-on. Working with Macalester College is not the only philanthropic action Edens has shown. He is currently working with several organizations to address current and future challenges.

Learn more about Wes Edens:

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How Kisling Nestico & Redick Are Promoting Safe Driving

Kisling Nestico & Redick, a law firm in Akron, Ohio is running a campaign of their own to promote and encourage safe driving. The core of the campaign is focused on not driving and texting at the same time.

Statistics have shown that 25 percent of all auto accidents are related to drivers who are driving under the influence of alcohol. This is the primary reason that Kisling Nestico & Redick are dedicating their energy to the cause of driver safety.

The hope is that they will raise awareness and show how they can make a real difference in the lives of the younger generation. One of the benefits of this campaign that is directed at the younger generation is a $5,000 scholarship. This scholarship is the Stop Distracted Driving Scholarship.

The scholarship isn’t just about safe driving, but it is also about encouraging those students who are good students to apply for this scholarship. Thus the trend that would follow would be other students following by example.

Those who apply, must also develop a plan as part of their ability to encourage others to avoid driving under distraction. This endeavor is encouraging students to use various means of developing their plans via video, as well as anything they have written down.

Kisling Nestico & Redick are personal injury lawyers located in Akron, Ohio. This firm is now ranked as one of the top injury law firms in the country. Additionally, the lawyers with KNR have vast working knowledge of how to work with insurance companies.

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Dick DeVos: An Influential Businessman from Grand Rapids, Michigan

The city of Grand Rapids is the hometown of Dick DeVos, and there was a plan in 1991 to build a gigantic convention center in the north part of the city’s downtown area. Back then, Dick DeVos is serving one of his family’s ventures – Amway – and his role is the company’s chief executive officer. Upon hearing the proposal regarding the construction of the stadium, he immediately lobbied against the plan. He said that Grand Rapids must learn from what happened to Detroit when two large stadiums were built outside the downtown area – it was a bad decision, and it stood outside the downtown without any purpose.



This lobbying against the plan to build a stadium outside the Great Rapids downtown area resulted in the formation of Grand Action, an organization headed by business leaders who are based in Michigan. They are the ones who decided the construction of several iconic landmarks in the city, including the Van Andel Arena, the Performance Hall, and the Convention Center dedicated to the DeVoses, and City Market, and the medical school for the Michigan State University. The group is slowly changing the city’s skyline, and they are also expanding the suburban areas around Grand Rapids to attract more people to live in the city.



Dick DeVos and his wife have a lot of power and influence when it comes to the local politics of Michigan. They are among the largest Republican donors who live in the state, and they would exercise their power and influence whenever a law that they do not like is being discussed in the legislative division. The DeVoses are known as conservatives, and Dick DeVos is donating huge sums of money to charities and foundations that are promoting their ideas. The main beneficiaries of their donations are churches, schools, hospitals, research facilities, and museums. Dick DeVos stated that their wealth can be freely used by organizations that are promoting a Christian way of life, and they will continue doing it as a service to God.



Many people who are living in Michigan are thankful for the donations given by the DeVoses. Because of the influential family from Michigan, hospitals and schools were built across the state. There are also school vouchers handed to children who wanted to study in the school of their choice. The DeVoses have a huge heart when it comes to philanthropy, and Dick DeVos revealed that it is what his parents taught him – to have an open heart for charity and to provide help to those who are in need. Today, the DeVoses keep on promoting their causes, and they are helping others who wanted to go to school or receive medical care. The DeVoses also pledged that they will continue helping organizations and foundations that they find worthy of their assistance.


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Stream Energy Cares More Than Ever

The energy company Stream Energy is so committed to its charity work that it has set up its own philanthropic wing. The new part of the company is called Stream Cares. Stream Energy is a company that sells to its affiliates who then go on to sell to residential and corporate customers. Stream Energy has been involved with charity work for years, but Hurricane Harvey that affected Houston was something that inspired Stream Energy to tackle issues around Dallas and Texas full time.

While Stream Cares gives to charities across the country, it focuses its efforts on issues around Texas and in particular Dallas. Stream Cares has worked with some of the biggest charity organizations including Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross. It has recently partnered with fellow Dallas organization Hope Supply Co. Homelessness is an issues that has become worse in the last few years, and the way it affects children is particularly concerning.

Hope Supply Co has been raising money and items for children, and it has donated products as varied as diapers and school supplies. Stream Cares has used it partnership to organize various activities for those children who are homeless. One such event was a trip to a local water park. Stream Cares paid for the entire event, and it was the first time many of these children had been on a trip like it.

Stream Cares donated more than just money. The employees were also excited to volunteer their time. It was a way for them to show how much they care about their communities. They were pleased to be able to spend time with the children. It was not the only day out that the company has organized. There was also recently a lunch for veterans and their families. Stream cares will continue to raise money and awareness for a variety of charities, and now it has a way to do that full time.


Dick Devos Joins FAA Council

The Federal Aviation Administration took on the challenge of President Trump to improve America’s airports and aviation industry with gusto. Starting in 2017, the FAA formed the Management Advisory Council. The council consisted of 13 members from business, transportation authority, and airline executive backgrounds. The council is just an advisory role that provides information to the FAA, but many of the members are influential in aviation and beyond.


For one, Dick Devos is on the FAA’s new council. His business acumen is pretty legendary internationally, but many do not realize the kind of impact that he has had in aviation in his hometown airport. However, many do know of the Devos Family Foundation and their $134 million contributions to different charities, health organizations, education centers, and political groups.


Devos joins the FAA amid praise for his work with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids. He started working with the airport at the turn of the century, helping airlines expand to new flights and increase the profitability of the airport into the millions. It was this kind of mind that the FAA was looking for to help with new policies and regulations that would spur incredible growth in America’s own aviation markets.


One thing that Devos did to help the airport was call up AirTran Airways CEO. It’s not often that a person can use one phone call to make such a difference, but in this case, he was able to convince the CEO to open up four new flights to business traveler destinations, including St. Louis, Vegas, Denver, and Orlando. The idea was that Grand Rapids would eventually become a business conference destination as well. After all, Devos had just built the Devos Place Convention Center in downtown.


The nomination was praised by many airlines, including Southwest, who has worked with Dick Devos as part of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport expansion. It’s also a great honor for Devos who has been a pilot for sometime and also the co-founder of an aviation school in Grand Rapids.


Devos will continue to meet with the council and help with FAA’s plans for new policies through the next year and a half. He has always been fond of politics, but now he is actually able to work in Washington alongside his wife. He will continue to meet with the council once every quarter.


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