New Technology

The New Magfast Multi-Device Tech Chargers

People have so many different tech devices for so many different things. This often means there is a never-ending litany of charging cables and chargers needed to accommodate them. Since many tech users have 3 or 4 different adapters to charge each device, tech device owners are left with a mangled mesh.

Tech Device Changes

Until a decade ago, almost all devices required the use of the same micro-USB cable. This was a standard for the Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, and the Apple iPhone.

As technology has become more complicated, tech users have felt overwhelmed trying to keep up with the bundle of wires, adapters, and chargers they need. That is why there has been a significant demand for a multi-device charger that accommodates many different types of devices.

Today, consumers are increasingly looking for a device charger that offers:

Portability- Easy, portable, light, and compact charging, providing the ability to charge on the go.

Rapid Charging-A charging system that offers quick charging, including the capability to include different wattages for various devices.

Magnetic Charging-Older charging devices were inclined to have interruptions in charging capacity. That is why magnetic chargers were made to stop external disruptions.

Multi-Device Compatibility– A charger that doesn’t recognize a device is of little use to tech users. Having the proper multi-device compatibility means that the chargers are required to have “smart device” technology. This allows for easy usage for various devices.

The Multi-Device Magfast Chargers

There are several new multi charging devices manufactured by a start-up company known as Magfast chargers, that meet all of these criteria. They are the perfect answer to the needs of all tech users with multiple devices.

Magfast Chargers are the brainchild of creator, founder, and CEO Seymour Segnit. Seymour studied engineering at Oxford University and has a long and illustrious career including work at Ogilvy & Mather and Saatchi & Saatchi. Seymour has played a vital role in the creation of Magfast since its inception in 2013.