Angela Koch: Leading U.S. Money Reserve As CEO

As the only female chief executive officer in the precious metals, Angela Koch knows what it is like to be different amongst many. She does not mind being the only female in an industry that is overpopulated with men.

In fact, she embraces it. She is a symbol. She is an inspiration. Females around the world can look to her and see what it is like to be a woman that can rise to the top of an industry that historically has been run by men for generations.

Angela Koch does not take her role lightly. She is an executive. SHe is a businesswoman. She is a leader. She is determined and destined to leave a mark on the industry that for so long has ignored women’s ability to lead it. Read more: US Money Reserve INC | BBB and US Money Reserve | BizJournals

She wants U.S. Money Reserve to continue being the successful and strong company it has been for years. She has the business acumen, leadership skills, innovative techniques and grand vision to lead this organization to lucrative heights.


U.S. Money Reserve is a maker of precious metals. They sell platinum, gold and silver products. Their headquarters is in Austin, Texas. The company is known amongst many people who like to invest in precious metals.

Precious metals tend to appreciate over time. Thus, people are attracted to purchase them as a way to make money over time. Angela Koch is aware of why so many people want to purchase products from this maker of mints.

Angela Koch has the secret that has been able to enable U.S. Money Reserve to be the outstanding company it is. She has worked diligently to create a company that is made up of a staff that truly cares about the customer. Caring about the customer is the key to success.

Customer service is vital to the company being successful. Her staff has been expertly trained to treat the customer correctly and build a strong relationship with them.

The sales representatives from U.S. Money Reserve are more focused on getting to know the customer, building a relationship with them, describing the precious metal products available and driving sales for the company. Angela Koch wants all customers to know their wants and needs are a priority to U.S. Money Reserve.

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Essential Tips to Becoming an Effective Leader

James River Capital Corp. was founded by Paul Sanders and Kevin M Brandt. Paul Sanders is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Kevin M Brandt serves as the company’s president. It is a privately-owned investment company that deals in offering investment advice to other companies and clients in the United States.


Leadership is easy as much as it is hard. Leadership does not happen overnight but takes honing of the required skills over time. Although time and effort are needed to make one an effective leader, here are some tips to incorporate in leadership abilities while holding the mantle.


For one to better their leadership abilities, they should encourage transparency and create a proper communication channel. A significant number of juniors refrain from offering opinions that contain criticism to their employers. The employees have this notion that once they voice out their concerns, they have invited trouble.


Transparent and open communication creates room for innovations, partnerships and interactions between the employers and the employees. According to results from research conducted by Google, it is mandatory for those in authority to create psychological safety. This will facilitate a conducive working environment where employers will feel safe and free to air out their grievances, hardships and accomplishments.


A psychological safety can be established by the team members openly appreciation each other and giving everyone an equal chance to participate during the team’s meeting.


An effective leader should inspire his team members to speak out. A good leader should ensure that the members feel that their opinions count. The leader can achieve this by following the following simple steps. During the team meetings, the leader should write down the names of all the team members attending. As the conference progresses and the participants are giving out their contributions, the leader should mark against the names of all the members that have contributed to the discussion. Learn more:


The leader should then try and engage those members who have been quiet during the proceedings to solicit their input on the subject at hand. The leader should take keynote not to push those quiet members over the limit but do it gradually so that they feel comfortable to participate. Ensuring that a conducive environment is available for the workers to speak and encourages them to give out honest views.


Lastly, to become an effective leader one should render support to their team. Many are times whereby leaders have secluded themselves from interacting with the subordinate staff, thus, creating a gap. Show them support and share in their plight. This will improve the communication channel between the leader and the team and a good working environment will be created.


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US Money Reserve’s Contribution in Helping the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

After a catastrophic atmospheric condition, many are left homeless, with nothing, not even a blanket to cover them. This is what happened to 39,000 people who were displaced from their homes when Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of Texas. The hurricane which stated on August 25 lasted for about six days. Peaking on September 1st. The hurricane was categorized as a category 4 with lots of damages. One-third of Houston area was submerged on that fateful 1st of September.

If you live in Texas, then the spirit of helping your neighbor is not new. This is what happened at that time. Churches, businesses, and other individual donors came together to contribute their finances as well as time to see to it that the displaced people will have a place to call home. US Money Reserve is one of the many organizations that contributed generously. The company raised about $100,000 which when added with the money that came from Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) reached a figure of $219,622.

ADRN is a non-profit organization that gets its money from private donors, business around Austin Texas, donations from over 175 churches and volunteer services from the people. The group helps victims of any major or minor catastrophe that affects the people of Austin and Texas at large.

According to Angela Koch who is the CEO of US money Reserve, they as a company have a legal duty to help fellow citizens. She stated that the hurricane could have impacted any person and that she understands how expensive it can be to rise again after being affected by such an intense hurricane. Us money reserve was pleased to help. ADRN on the other and were happy to receive the contribution. Through Daniel Geraci who is the Executive Director of ADRN, the organization said that it is contributions like that made by US Money Reserve that has made them remain in this noble course of helping those in need.

US Money Reserve is the largest company that deals with US government-issued gold, platinum, and silver coin issuance yet it is privately owned. The company has an excellent reputation for combining expertise with exceptional customer care. They help people invest their money in US coins. The company was founded back in 2011 by Philip N. Diehl who had significant exposure in the field of precious metals. Philip who was previously working as a United States Mint Director aims at giving Americans financial freedom by giving them the best returns. Learn more: