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Dr. Jejurikar For A Better You

Nowadays, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has risen up the medical ranks to become a board certified surgeon in the plastic surgery field. Currently working at the world-renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Texas. With education and degree from University of Michigan Medical School, Dr. Jejurikar has a mass amount of experience in the art of cosmetic plastic surgery for the past 20 years now and is equipped with medical licenses from New York, Michigan, and obviously Texas.

When it comes to his patients, many of them often cite compassion while aiding them during their surgeries as a positive for his work. Plastic surgery is already a stressful procedure on its own and a surgeon like Dr. Jejurikar makes the whole thing much more bearable as his patients will have the knowledge that he’s on their side. All across the board, Jejurikar has been given excellent ratings in all areas such as clear instructions, answering questions, and thorough examinations. His warm demeanor towards his patients is simply the bonus. He was even awarded the 2012 Compassionate Doctor Certification, a patients’ choice award that was granted to him by satisfied clients.

Sameer Jejurikar understands his patients wants and concerns when it comes to plastic surgery. He eases them into the necessary requirements when it comes down it and even provides his clients with good advice and tips on different phases of surgery on Dallas Plastic Surgery’s blog. Showing that he puts them first and works with others that keep their clients in mind as well.

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Copa Star is the New Trend in Hospital Care

Copa Star feels more like a luxury hotel than a hospital. The new concept focuses on providing a nicer experience for patients who need medical care. Most hospitals are run by people who are only looking at providing medical care and nothing else. Copa Star is run by people who want to provide top notch medical care, in a luxurious setting. Most people try to avoid going to hospitals because they are so sterile and cold. Copa Star changes all that.

Patients are given iPads so they can talk to their doctors directly and more easily. They can access their medical records more easily. They can request nursing support quickly as well. The iPads control room lights and temperatures so that patients can control their own environment. It also helps speed the recovery time most people experience. Overall, the technology give patients more control over their hospital stay.

Copa Star also caters to the family and friends of patients, allowing them to stay in the room with patients. Some even stay overnight. Accommodations are set up to allow for a friend of family member to remain with the patient throughout their stay. The lobby of the hospital features a grand piano, artwork from Japan, a lounging area and a restaurant with a classy menu.

These are the differences between Coca Star and traditional hospitals. The hospital still provides top of the line medical care, with state-of-the-art equipment. The hospital is becoming the first five-star hospital in Brazil. They specialize in cardiology, and neurology. They have nine operating rooms. The facility has 155 patient suites and 59 Intensive Care Units.

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The hospital is designed to let in natural light to left patient moods. ICU patients have access to video systems to reduce isolation. There is a camera that shows the outside of the building, allowing patients to see what is going on around them. There are 550 people employed at the hospital including doctors, nurses and support personnel.

The hospital is not the cheapest in the region, but it is the warmest and most inviting hospital in the area. No one wants to be hospitalized, but when you need to be, this is the place to go. The environment is designed to speed your recovery and improve your overall well-being. View the design at