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The Struggle Is Real; Brian Bonar’s Accomplishments In Life

Brian Bonar is a financial specialist who has had a successful career path ever since he joined the corporate world. Besides, he is the founder of many institutions, companies that have been prosperous over the years.

Having trained as a mechanical engineer, Bonar has diversified his skills into the business world. He also has extensive knowledge in marketing, innovations in sales, lead generation, acquisition, mergers, setting up of productive enterprises, finding venture capital and improvement of corporate systems.

Although some of the skills he has today are learned, others have come about from experience gained in his line of work. He has been fortunate enough to work for institutions like IBM, ITEC Imaging Technologies, Solvis Group Inc., Greenland Corp., Allegiant, QMS, Smart-Tek Automated Services, The Amanda Corp., Rastek Corporation, and Adaptec.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Boner is also the founder of Bezier Systems and AMS Outsourcing. Posts that Brian Bonar has been able to work in include procurement manager, director, vice president, sales manager, CEO, CFO, treasurer, secretary, chairman, and president.

Currently, he is the CEO of Trucept and Dalrada Financial Group. Bonar’s unbeaten streak has not gone unnoticed. Having been in the corporate industry for more than thirty years, Brian Bonar has amassed a lot of knowledge, an intellect that has enabled him to steer Dalrada Financial Group in the right direction. Dalrada as an institution was founded to provide employee programs so as to help increase corporate productivity.

Dalrada, with Bonar as its steward, has been able to help other corporations create unique programs on their insurance, business, and financial systems.

Also, it has been able to help individuals reach a place of financial fulfillment. Besides, he has offered advice to people and companies alike on how to protect their assets.

Besides Brian Bonar’s accomplishments in life, he would not be where he is today without a firm foundation in education. To date, he brags of being a master’s degree holder in mechanical engineering from Stafford University, and a degree in mechanical engineering from James Watt Technical College. Brian also possesses an undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde-based in Glasglow.

In 2010, Brian Bonar was given the Executive of the Year in Finance award due to his leadership skills, academic portfolio, and achievements made as a professional. Besides, he has been able to rise through the ranks due to his determination in producing quality output, and a good work ethic.

When it comes to helping clients, Brian Bonar does not hold back, and this is one of the reasons as to why his career has been very productive. Bonar’s management skills are also unmatched having managed to lead a team of more than one hundred members.