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Isabel dos Santos, An Unusual Woman

Isabel dos Santos is fighting against the fact that Africa has traditionally discouraged women from higher education and her business work. She often speaks to various groups on these subjects. She also funds projects that both aid the African economy and aid the cause of African women in the business world. For instance, she recently funded a project to plant a strawberry field near an impoverished village that would gainfully employ 120 of its women. She is also looking at the tourism sector, which is growing since the growing middle class of Africa is causing more travel throughout Africa.

Santos dos says it is a pleasant surprise that most of these richer African people are opting to spend money vacationing within Africa than within other countries. These people are coming to realize that Africa is an extremely diverse place. This inter-tourism trend is a sign that Africa is picking up in multiple areas. But Isabel dos Santos says Africa should never be satisfied to remain where it advances. She encourages a constant trend of continuous self-improvement. Isabel dos Santos currently leads the Angolan telecommunications company as its chairperson.

Isabel dos Santos credits her father for raising her to be equal with men. He provided her with good higher education and encouraged her to pursue her business career. Her mother was also very encouraging for this. She never said she had to act in a certain way that was considered appropriate for African women. This was unusual because in Africa most parents raise their daughters to marry men who can support them. She hopes that all parents in Africa can soon become as openminded as her parents. As it is, most parents in Africa don’t really encourage their children of either gender to dream big because they are afraid their just setting them up for failure. Santos says that she has also been fortunate to have an open-minded husband to always encourage her in her business work and is even one of her main advisors.



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Mark Holyoake Has Impressive Career As A Professional Gymnast

Mark Holyoake is a former professional athlete. He was born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand. He was just nine years old when he took up gymnastics. He competed in every area of gymnastics which are rings, vault, floor routine, pommel horse, high bar, and parallel bars. At just 10 years old, he made a national development squad.

After completing secondary school, Mark Holyoake became a student at Auckland University. He majored in sport and exercise science. During this time, he was both a full-time college student and a full-time athlete. His talent as a gymnast was recognized and he kept competing at higher levels. In 2005, he took part in the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. His 25th place finish at this event was exceeded the following year when he placed 11th at the Commonwealth Games.

Mark Holyoake dreamed of competing in the Olympics. He took part in competitions that qualified him to make the 2010 New Zealand Team. A major stepping stone was doing well at the German World Championships. He started training 30 hours a week while also working part-time as a fitness trainer. During this time, he became a Guinness World Record Holder on the pommel horse. He was able to make 65 rotations in 60 seconds. Many gymnasts consider the pommel horse to be their worst enemy so this was a very impressive feat.

He retired from gymnastics in 2010. Due to his education, he was able to become a personal trainer at Les Mills International. Mark Holyoake was aware that a person’s time as a professional athlete is short and so he prepared himself to have a viable career after he was done. Many athletes focus so much on their professional careers that they lose sight of the fact they will need to bring in an income after it is over.

At Les Mills International, he makes sure his clients are doing the right exercises in the right ways to meet their personal goals. Mark Holyoake strives to set a positive example for people by continuing to live an athletic lifestyle of exercise and eating right.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong – Inspirational Figure for All Entrepreneurs

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s life story is motivating and inspirational, saying the least, and he has built an e-commerce empire from scratch in just over a decade. The company he started is, which is the second-largest e-commerce platform operating in China currently. Richard Liu Qiangdong is blessed with exceptional business skills, which has helped him build an e-commerce company that has annual revenue of over $70 billion. Richard Liu Qiangdong is on the Forbes list of wealthiest Chinese as well and has the net revenue of more than $12 billion.

Richard Liu Qiangdong always wanted to go big, and when his retail shop in Beijing got considerable success, he didn’t take a chance and ensured that he rolled the profits into opening a few more stores across China. In the next few years, the revenue of the company was an all-time high, and his company was getting consumer awareness as well. However, SARS breakout across China stalled his success story, but it didn’t last long as Richard Liu converted his business into an e-commerce company within a year. It went on to compete with some of the biggest e-commerce companies of the time and stands as the largest direct-selling company in China today.

Richard Liu Qiangdong wants to make all of its warehouses automatic so that human-error is entirely zero. It means that his employees will only be required to oversee the entire process. Even though they will be paid much more than what they are being paid and they will have to work much less than what they are doing now.

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Sharon Prince Hopes To Inspire Change

Sharon Prince helped to create an experience at Grace Farms that allows visitors in the area to enjoy the beauty of nature while spending time in a cultural oasis. The 80 acres that Grace Farms is located on was designed to preserve the important beauty of nature while inspiring discussion and introspection. One of the programs offered by Grace Farms and Sharon Prince is Earth Day. The event is celebrated by the Grace Farms Foundation by engaging the community to teach the importance of preserving nature.

Many native species end up abandoning their homes because of the influence that people have had in the area. Sharon Prince hopes that more efforts will be made to create the needed infrastructure to allow the wildlife to return to their abandoned homes. She stresses the importance of creating a place for wildlife to thrive in. The efforts that were made for 2019’s Earth Day at Grace Farms were done in partnership with the Nature Conservancy. The event took place on April 27th and consisted of several discussions that were led by experts in their fields along with other activities, many of which were family friendly.

The founder and President of Grace Farms, Sharon Prince, writes about her experience with the foundation on her blog. She believes that places that are full of hope can help to inspire people to make a difference in the world. Sharon Prince wanted to be able to create a place for the New England community to come and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer. Sharon Prince states that places like Grace Farms can help to stimulate new perspectives that people may not have ever considered before. There are 10 different habitats that have been restored on the property and at least 80 types of birds that have been seen.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong’s Story And’s Success

Richard Liu Qiangdong, or Liu Qiangdong, is the one that founded China’s biggest online retail platform, JD is now one of the Fortune’s 500 companies, with Richard Liu receiving awards from different awarding bodies. It is now China’s Internet company by revenue and is valued at $57.6 billion. Richard Liu is now one of the richest businessmen in China with a net worth of $11 billion.

During the 1990s, Richard Liu Qiangdong spent his last years studying at the Renmin University of China, pursuing a degree in Sociology. While he was studying, he would take freelance coding gigs that will hone his skills in computer programming. After that, he followed a brief studying at Chine Europe International Business School. He was hired by Japan Life, which supplies health products and stayed there for two years. He held the positions of Director of Computers as well as the Director of Business.

Although he had a decent position at Japan Life, Richard Liu decided to venture on his own by opening the brick-and-mortar shop called “Jingdong” at the Zhongguancun High-Tech Industrial Park. The shop had 12 stores and was selling magneto-optical products. When the SARS outbreak in 2003, Richard Liu decided to close his physical stores and went online in 2004. After a year, Richard Liu noticed that the sales from the online store has more positive feedback and needs lesser cost to operate. In 2005, he closed all the physical stores and went online completely. At this time, he started adding products, from magneto-optical products to consumer goods, electronics, and tech devices.

Big companies such as WeChat and competitor Walmart purchased some of JD’s stocks to increase its stakes. In addition, JD started investing in French, which is an online luxury fashion retail platform and is one of that platforms that thrive in the Chinese fashion market.

As of now, Richard Liu Qiangdong tries to expand the company’s presence in the United States by speaking to business meetings with suppliers and partners. The company focuses its expansion to Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, but he also eyes the European market for the company’s expansion. JD is also one of the most innovative company when it comes to logistics. Its same-day delivery uses drones and robots to deliver its consumer’s purchases.

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Sharon Prince and Strong Existences

Carrie Mae Weems is an artist who has had a significant impact on people all throughout the United States, her home nation. Weems employs vocabulary and photographs as a means of illustrating her distressing background to the planet. Grace Farms, in a nutshell, is a concept that aims to promote positivity to human beings everywhere.

It’s accessible to people on weekdays and on one day of the weekend. It’s been in existence since the autumn of 2015 as well. Weems has been working on her vocation for more than three decades. She frequently teams up with architects, poets, vocalists, dancers and even moviemakers. People can spot Weems’ efforts in all sorts of global settings. They can spot them in London in the United Kingdom. They can spot them in bustling New York City in New York. They can even spot them in Houston, Texas. Sharon Prince is the President and Chair of a group that’s called the Grace Farms Foundation. Prince indicates that people have to band together as a means of battling it out against all sorts of things that keep humankind down day in and day out.

Prince is headquartered in the New England region of the United States at this moment. She resides in New Canaan in Connecticut. She’s at the helm of Grace Farms Foundation. This foundation, in brief, is totally private. It’s been around since 2009. The primary aim behind Grace Farms Foundation is to make existence a lot more pleasant via the assistance of togetherness, fairness, artwork and a whole lot more.

Prince is the kind of individual who has a zeal for letting other people grasp her thoughts about the planet. She pens all kinds of pieces about existence. She regularly talks about what people can do to get their points across to others.

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Sharon Prince is changing the world through the Grace Farms Foundation

Sharon Prince is one of those people who have made a mark in the fields of philanthropy. This influential woman has taken an active part in this industry with active involvements in charitable establishments like the Next Generation Nepal and the Grace Farms Foundations. The Next Generation Nepal is a charitable organization that is dedicated to the cause of helping bring back families that have been victims of child exploitation. This is particularly a cause that is close to the heart of Sharon Prince, who has been working towards it in the Grace Farms Foundation.

About the Grace Farms Foundation

The grace Farms Foundation was established in the year 2009 by Sharon Prince. Sharon Prince had a vision of creating a place that enhances the lives of the people in the society by enhancing the spirit of faith, justice, community, and arts. Like other social centers, the Grace Farms Foundation is open for every individual in the society to go-to to connect with other people, to get away from the issues in their lives that hinder their peace and grace, to dialogue and to find calmness. The foundation was designed by the prestigious SANAA design firm and was officially opened in October 2015.

Since its official opening, Sharon Prince has served it as the chair of its board as well as its president. Her work in the foundation has seen to the involvement of the foundation in fighting against acts of violence aimed at women, human trafficking as well as the exploitation of children and minors. Her work in the foundation has received a lot of positive recognition earning her a number of prestigious awards. The foundation has also been awarded for social good as well as the role it has played in architecture.

Sharon Prince works closely with artist Carrie Mae, who is the brains behind the Past Tense feature of the Grace Farms Foundation.

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No Turning Back For Jana Lightspeed As She Joins Lightspeed Venture Partners

Jana Lightspeed is one of the managing partners of Lightspeed Venture Partners. She joined the company in 2018 after having an illustrious career in the management industry. Lightspeed has helped over 50 startups to grow during her career in different sectors. The University of Illinois alumnus pursued her computer-engineering course in the institution’s Urbana Champaign. Her Bachelor Science degree worked well for her because she landed jobs in high profile companies.

Lightspeed once worked with Netflix specializing in overseeing partnerships between consumer and mobile electronics. Before joining Netflix, Jana Lightspeed worked for DivX and AT&T. The companies are among the renowned firms in the world. After her unmatched performance at Netflix, Lightspeed joined Twitter in 2010. Her six years’ service in the company assisting the President in overseeing Global Business Development and platform did not disappoint.

She successfully managed the collaborations between Twitter and other companies. Additionally, she was responsible for overseeing the company’s platform operations and enterprise sales. Twitter’s development, partner engineering, as well as the platforms marketing strategy depended on her office. Having worked with top-notch companies, Lightspeed managed Twitter’s developer relations professionally.

In 2015, Jana took part in the foundation of ANGELS. The primary objective of the venture was to create a platform for encouraging women to take part in startup tech boards. The group consists of the current and her former female Twitter executives. Bird, Color, Ego, and Winnie are among the almost 50 investments that make the group’s portfolio. She also has an interest in fashion, transport, music, hardware, and consumer companies.

Jana Lightspeed joined Lightspeed Venture Partners together with five others that worked in top rated positions in other companies. The company now has 26 partners, and 19 of them come from the United States. The five that joined the company together with Lightspeed include Zimmerman, Madheswaran, Jerry Ye, Merci Victoria, and Ashley Brasier.


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Edwin Miranda – Highly Respected Name in the Marketing Field

Edwin Miranda is one of the most famous personalities in the marketing world, especially when it comes to performance-driven marketing. He is the CEO and founder of KOI IXS, a brand marketing firm that he started at the age of 21. The company has reached great heights of success in a short period, thanks to the passion, determination and hard work of Edwin. As the marketing world continues to evolve and transform, it is necessary to use creativity in the right way to get the results that are performance driven and innovative at the same time.

Whether you are looking for branding strategy to help your company and brand penetrate the market and overtake the competitors or want a simple yet effective customer engagement technique, rest assured KOI IXS would help you. The individualized strategy that Edwin Miranda would devise along with his team of strategic thinkers, marketing experts, brand strategist, and designers would help you achieve your business goals. The brand strategies that Edwin Miranda builds for his clients are performance driven and help the clients get an edge over the other counterparts.

Edwin Miranda is also one of the leaders in the marketing field who have been promoting, using and encouraging the use of machine learning techniques. He believes that technology today enables the marketing agencies to deliver results that weren’t possible earlier on. If you are looking to make your company a familiar name in your niche, rest assured Edwin Miranda and his marketing firm would help you much. It is one of the leading marketing firms in Puerto Rico and is globally expanding wings to reach out to global clients. The companies these days have to continually work on their marketing strategies to ensure they can stay relevant and competitive in their respective sectors.

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Re-building & Re-branding the Milwaukee Bucks With Wes Edens

Wes Edens and his co-investors in the Milwaukee Bucks are doing things a bit differently than what is typical of the sports world, but it seems to be paying off brilliantly. Starting with a record-breaking initial purchase price of $550 million in 2014, the highest price ever paid for an NBA franchise, and continuing with other bold decisions, the Bucks are set on a winning streak both financially and in terms of basketball scores.

Wes Edens hails from the hedge fund world of New York and is a business entrepreneur. He and his partners in the Milwaukee Bucks took well to the business strategies necessary to change the team around in order to have it be a prosperous venture which warranted staying in the Milwaukee area. There was the business of constructing a new arena, restructuring multiple portions of the workforce in place, and strategic marketing to bring a new level of excitement to Milwaukee as a city about having and keeping their own NBA team.

The execution of the business items were put into action in a series of distinctly planned steps. Executive changes in the management of the actual basketball team, on the other hand, required a bit more of a trial and error approach. This led to growing pains while Wes Edens and his partners watched as the Bucks executed the league’s worst scoring in 2014-2015, then failed to make the playoffs the following year. The general manager of the Bucks as they entered the 2017 season was John Hammond; however, he transitioned to the Orlando Magic following musings that the Bucks did not see him as a long-term contender for the general manager position with their team. While the obvious choice for his replacement would have been advancing the current assistant general manager, Justin Zanik, the trend-setting group decided to make a bold choice and, following a lengthy search, selected Jon Horst. At only 34 years old, Horst became the youngest high-level executive in the league.

Wes Edens and all of the co-owners and investors in the Milwaukee Bucks are sure to feel a swell of pride when checking in at the five year mark of ownership. The NBA team is now estimated by Forbes to feature a net worth of $1.35 billion.

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