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Peter Harris Pushes CBL Corporation Limited to its Initial Public Offer (IPO)

Every startup company envisions the day it will issue its shares to the members of the public through Initial Public Offering (IPO). It is the success of the company that determines whether it will ever reach such stages in its life. However, other companies reach this stage within two years of operations, which is a clear demonstration of success and professional management. CBL Corporation Limited, a specialty insurance company operating in New Zealand and Australia, had the vision of offering its stock to the members of the public.

However, without professional guidance and management of Peter Harris, the whole vision would not have been realized. As a knowledgeable and experienced business expert, Harris has played a key role in the issuance of the first stocks in the IPO. He helped the company to structure the number of shares that will be traded in the stock market. Coming up with such structures is not a simple undertaking, and it calls for much knowledge and skills.

By helping CBL insurance to sell its stocks to the members of the public, Peter Harris helped the organization to generate sufficient amount that it has been using in its operations. Traditionally, thousands of companies have been raising funds for operational purposes through the stock exchange. Using IPO to raise funds for operational purposes is, therefore, a considerable achievement in the life of any company. It would be very hard to sustain the operations of any company without sourcing funds from the stock market.

Another advantage that Peter Harris brought to the CBL insurance company is enhancing its industrial reputation and the overall image of the company. Most of the companies that operate in the stock market are held in high regard in the market. Customers will always be interested in working with companies that operate in the stock market because they are professionally managed and are controlled by various government and private bodies.

About Peter Harris

Peter Harris is an experienced financial expert who has background in accountancy and marketing. He understands the financials of any company and can make sound financial structures for the benefit and progress of any company.

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Blake Mallen Finds Success As Entrepreneur

Blake Mallen was studying at the University of California, San Diego, when he had an epiphany. He had always worked hard in school and was making his way toward a law degree when he realized he was only on this path because others had told him it was the only way to make something of himself. He didn’t want to be a lawyer or follow the conventional career path. He finished a degree in political science in 2002 and then went into business for himself.

He had discovered direct marketing one day while still a college student. He worked for a telecommunications company, The Free Network, LLC, up through when they went out of business in 2005. Blake Mallen had built a large sales team and didn’t want to lose that so he co-founded his own direct sales company, ViSalus Sciences.

His company manufactures weight management nutritional products. These are now sold by independent distributors in the United States, Canada, Italy, and the United Kingdom. It has headquarters in both Los Angeles, CA, and Venice, Italy. The two best selling products are Vi Trim Clear Control Drink Mix and Vi Go Instant Energy.

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He co-founded another company in January 2017, Liv Global. This company has an app that lets people know about extraordinary experiences they can be a part of. Paid members get access to exclusive events and daily promotions. Blake Mallen is the President of this company. He handles business planning, marketing, and communications.

Blake Mallen also has an investment firm, HashTagOne, which is also based in Los Angeles. He invests in technology startups. One company he invested in is Heal. This company produces an app that provides primary healthcare to adults and children. He also invested in Saucey which is an app that people can use to order food for delivery.

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The Futuristic Fortress Investment Group

The phenomenal Fortress Investment Group has secured a £20 million investment deal with iPass. This company is a leader when it comes to the provision of global connectivity options. The iPass CEO and President welcomed this financing since it was going to play a significant role in bringing profitability in the company.

The Ingenious Behind the Deal

Using patents to secure the loan, this ensures the credibility for the iPass Veri-Fi product families and SmartConnect. Riley Financial Inc. was responsible for brokering this deal between iPass and Fortress Investment Group. It is an investment bank that has excellent experience in putting up such agreements. It has generated enough expertise in, auction and liquidation, valuation, capital markets, and principal investment. Therefore, it is undoubtedly clear to conclude that this company is among the best in equity search.

Fortress Supports iPass

Fortress Investment Group supports reliable industries a reason why it invested in iPass. Technology is among the hottest market; currently, iPass operates and holds the largest WI-FI network which has enabled its consumer such as businesses to access millions of Wi-Fi hotspots locations globally. This hotspot can be located in hotels, airports, convention centers, entertainment arenas, restaurants, and train stations. It is essential to get a grip on the value it brings to its consumers. That is why Fortress Investment Group chose to invest in the company. This deal will help the company grow its hotspots and cover more places and businesses and grow its Wi-Fi technology.

This valuable agreement gave iPass direct access to $10 million immediately. Fortress has always challenged itself by taking such significant risks. Through this investment, the firm will join the top companies in this field, such as Microsoft and HP aiming for the same vision. Fortress has indicated its support for other business, and its confidence in reaching the top. A 2018 analysis from an independent third-party firm known as Maravedis, predicted $340 million hotspots in the world through this deal.

About Fortress

This remarkable firm was founded back in the year 1998. It made its mark in the financial world by being the first private equity investment group in the NYSE trade. It has created employment for more than 900 people. Its impact shall always inspire other firms to take a risk and take the initiative to grow.


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Clement Perrette using modern media to create a global awareness for ocean conservation

Global communication has experienced tremendous changes in recent years. All this thanks to technological advancements that have increased the availability of media ventures everywhere, including the most remote places. The rise of modern media has had something to do with this. The physical borders appear to diminish with each passing as far as relaying global messages is concerned. As such, the present global atmosphere has become more conducive than ever when it comes to supporting media with a message, as well as accumulating systemic change through philanthropic efforts.

The coming of social media, access to televisions and films all over the world, and the widespread access to worldwide web have permitted issues that were initially just local to be heard on a global scale. Consequently, there is a better chance of these issues getting the needed attention for the world population to act accordingly.

The ocean conservationist and experienced financier, clement Perrette, has since embraced media in his endeavors. He sees it as a tool for stimulating systemic change within his philanthropic works. His devotion to ocean conservation has reached a global audience thanks to his willingness to embrace multimedia platforms.

Only 2% of the philanthropic endeavors in the world are inclined toward ocean conservation. As such, the spreading of messages through efforts such as “Ocean Souls” and “Call of the Blue” are among the best things that can happen as far as gaining global awareness and causing systemic changes, in the long run, is concerned.

Clement Perrete spent 25 years of his life working in the capital markets. Today, he balances his time between ocean preservation causes and the Fixed Income Fund Management sector. So far he has come up with two major ocean conservation projects namely Call of the Blue, in 208, and 2019, Ocean Souls. As one of the co-producers of Call of the Blue, Clement Perrette, and his partners aim at raising awareness and helping people commit their life to ocean preservation projects.

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Equities First Holdings Is A Reputable Lending Company

Equities First Holdings is a reliable provider of stock-based loans. Borrowers find this type of loan very advantageous. This company and its experienced professionals are fully equipped to render excellent financial solutions to a worldwide audience. More importantly, Equities First Holdings provides its customers with a fixed interest rate and its financial advisors are available to respond to questions and support requests. Learn More.

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Admirable Career of Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is the founder of Real Wealth Strategists, a newsletter he created in 2017 together with Banyan Hill. He acknowledges his good friend who introduced him to finance in 2004 and gave him the ideas of devising strategies to help average entrepreneurs. Matt Badiali had a wide range of experience in science and geology, which acted as essential tools for investment advice. Matt Badiali has an outstanding combination of education and skills that helps him in truly serving his clients. Matt had watched his father struggle his way up in investment, and this gave him the ideas that to succeed in investment, one had to embrace challenges and work hard in all phases of the investment.

Matt Badiali is popularly known for the approach he uses in carrying out his work, the “Boots on the Ground Approach.” Matt has managed to travel to many countries where he has visited diverse companies in search of more investment ideas. Whenever he requires advice from an expert, he makes sure to go where the expert is based. This way, Badiali has been able to garner many different investment opinions. He focuses on ideas on natural resources investment to help investors working on natural resources such as oil and minerals.

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Giving people more than what they expect is a strategy that has enabled him to remain productive in his work. Matt Badiali over-delivers to his clients by publishing free e-letters where he writes an article with great investment ideas once in every week. Through free e-letters, he can create a positive relationship with his clients. Clients get to know that Matt Badiali is a reliable investment strategist and can be trusted.

Matt Badiali admits to making some mistakes in the investment journey. He did not allow his mistakes to act as a barrier to his success. Matt viewed the mistakes as an opportunity to make wiser investment decisions. One should work on the errors to eliminate them and move on to the next phases of the investment. Matt believes that how an entrepreneur handles the challenges determines their ability to succeed in any field. He advises investors always to face difficulties with courage and act on them with confidence.


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Euities First Holdings – Speeding up the Lending Process for Consumers

Equities First Holdings has more than 14 years of experience offering loans based on stock used as collateral. Their lending practice is gaining a lot of popularity in places around the world. As such, the company has greatly expanded since 2014, and operates offices in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the United States. Expansion has been a crucial step leading to the company’s growing success.

Since opening its doors, Equities First Holdings has made more than 700 loan transactions. The company ranks among the most notable in the world for offering loans that are stock-based. This type of loan relieves the pressure on consumers with less than perfect credit. With a loan based on stock as collateral, borrowers can also expect to receive lower interest rates if they qualify. The lending process speeds up as well.

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What Highland Capital Management Is All About

Ever since the founding of Highland Capital Management, the privately owned firm has been on an upward trend. The latter can be attributed to the fact that the two founders, James Dondero, and Mark Okada, are as experienced as they are hardworking. Some of the services offered by this incredibly successful asset management firm include hedge funds, investment funds, structured investment vehicles as well as the mutual funds. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.


The firm also handles quite a number of interests including leveraged loans, high yield bonds, and structured products among others. Clients can also feel free to make contact and ask questions regarding any of the above-mentioned areas. Doing so will most certainly give them an edge.

That aside, Highland Capital Management has also been linked to a few high profile acquisitions. Two of the most notable acquisitions carried out by Highland Capital Management include the acquisition of Nexbank and Cityplace Tower from the Parameter Reality Partners and Angelo, Gordon & Co.


Highland Capital Management also expanded into Europe in 2005 (a year after the successful acquisition of Nexbank) through the acquisition of ING Capital Management. The firm also manages assets on behalf of their clients including the Highland Floating Rate Opportunity Fund among others.

Despite having its headquarters in Dallas Texas, the privately owned firm can be accessed through their different outposts. Some of these outposts are located in major cities including Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Singapore, Seoul, and New York City just to mention a few. This way, their clients can easily access their services through an office nearest to them.

And speaking of services, the firm has about 100 highly trained personnel working on their behalf. This allows them to properly serve their esteemed clients without any failure. Today, the firm has close to $14 billion in assets and just about a billion worth of allocation funds. Read more about James Dondero at