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DonataMeirelles is a Notable Brazilian Fashion Expert

With more than three decades in the fashion industry, DonataMeirelles has become a well-known staple, parlaying her expertise into a number of prominent roles, including a position with Vogue Brazil as the style director. Despite DonataMeirelles’ many accomplishments in the fashion world, she is also one of the most renowned activists concerning AIDS research and education. Over the years, she has actively attended many of the most significant events around the world concerning AIDS eradication, and today, with more than 400,000 social media followers, she utilizes her massive platform to spread awareness concerning the latest developments regarding the cause. Learn more about Donata Meirelles at

Recently, the New York Times announced that a second AIDS patient had been cured of the disease, highlighting one of the most significant medical breakthroughs of modern times. When news of the breakthrough was released, DonataMeirelles immediately weighed in on the announcement, discussing her current feelings, as well as how she was introduced to the fight against HIV and AIDS. Eight years ago, she was introduced to the American Foundation for AIDS Research, which is, today, known as the amfAR, and has since, been one of the most prominent voices in advocating research for the cure. As support continues to grow, DonataMeirelles and her contemporaries have begun viewing 2020 as a realistic date for a cure.

The amfAR was created when the AIDS Medical Foundation joined with the California-based, National AIDS Research Foundation. Today, the international nonprofit organization is at the forefront of the search for a cure, helping to support this process in a variety of ways, including education, research, prevention, and public policy. While the amfAR receives the majority of its monies through fundraising events such as the annual Cinema Against AIDS, various sources also regularly contribute donations in an effort to continue research and education.



Dan Bethelmy-Rada Looks Towards New Possibilities With R.A.W.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has spent more than a decade in executive positions for major corporations in cosmetics and fashion. As the Global Brand President of MATRIX and BIOLAGE, product divisions of L’Oreal, Dan is responsible for overseeing the entire brands image on a global scale. Dan leads a team of 37 people who cooperate to improve advertising, digital strategies, product development, and more importantly, brand image.

For the past few years, Dan Bethelmy-Rada has been working on a new line of natural products known as R.A.W. All natural and completely sustainable, R.A.W products have little to zero impact on the environment. As the health trend continues to kick on and more communities push for cleaner products and a cleaner earth, R.A.W is the perfect strategy to satisfy the changing market in cosmetics and fashion. According to Dan Bethelmy-Rada, most of the brand products are 99 percent biodegradable, even down to the packaging.

The first and hardest challenge to maintain the R.A.W project is to keep everything as natural as possible with no compromises. This is a difficult thing to do because of various constraints that are placed on Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team, including costs, deadlines, and product prices. Something as simple as the clay base used in products becomes complicated to deal with for Dan because transporting it naturally leads to quick contamination. This problem could be solved easily with a chemical process, but then the product would no longer be all natural and fit with the R.A.W philosophy.

The support behind R.A.W is growing steadily and has an active community on social media like YouTube and Instagram. Since the brand started its digital campaign, #LiveRaw, the message for a sustainable and clean living has been spreading throughout many platforms. Hundreds of salons throughout the United States have improved on their ability to make a difference and become sustainable through the brand’s campaign and Dan’s efforts.


Kate Hudson Has Created a Masterpiece

Amazon appears to be invincible. It seems that whatever business goes up against them, either it gets demolished, or it gets bought out long before it can be competitive. There is, however, one business that defies these two outcomes, and that is the Fabletics which is owned by Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson has discovered several key ways to defeat Amazon in the realm of e-commerce fashion.


Kate Hudson is not scared of Amazon because she has found several chinks in the might giant’s armor. The first weakness of Amazon is that it cannot create custom designed products for its customers. Either the customers like the products or they do not. Either the products fit the customer’s needs, or they do not. However, Fabletics can compete because they can create products that a specifically designed for the consumer and the consumer’s needs.


Fabletics has also found it can compete with Amazon because Fabletics can own several retail locations. As of this writing, Fabletics has stores located in five different states. These stores add up to sixteen in number.


Fabletics can also compete with Amazon in the areas of brand loyalty. No customer is loyal to Amazon because Amazon is just a platform online that sells other people’s products. However, Fabletics has gone out of its way to create a loyal customer base. By using local activities and events run by local dealers, Fabletics has created a following that cannot be rivaled. In fact, 85% of their sales are coming from repeat customers. In addition to this, whenever a person enters into one of Fabletics’ sixteen retail stores, there is a 50% chance that they are already a customer, and if they are not, there is a 20% chance they will be a customer by the time they leave.


Lastly, Fabletics can compete with Amazon because they are not just selling a product, they are selling empowerment. Fabletics creates clothes meant to empower and inspire women to achieve all that they were meant to have.


Fabletics is a wonderful company that puts the woman first and money second. I highly encourage you to take the time to complete their six question Lifestyle Quiz. Quick, yet accurate, this quiz will look through your life and discover your daily activity levels, your daily routine, and comfort needs, and with this information, it will recommend to you the best Fabletics clothes.


Doe Deere: Lady Boss Of Lime Crime

Doe Deere of the beauty and fashion company Lime Crime has become a very triumphant businesswomen over the past few months. With the release of her exclusive Unicorn Hair Dye, the company has been receiving nothing but business. Ever wondered how Doe Deere is able to balance both work life and her home life?

Lime Crime’s very own Doe Deere starts her day the same almost every morning. She believes in the idea of routine and contributes that to some of her success. Deere is up by 8AM. She relies solely on an internal alarm clock that has yet to fail her. After waking up, she gulps down a big cup of water because she believes staying hydrated is an important part of health. After that, she starts doing her favorite yoga poses and a series of stretches. This allows her time to reflect and relax before she has to really start her day.

Breakfast is next. Doe Deere can usually be found out in her back yard picking oranges to make her very own orange juice. She also likes to enjoy grits, yogurt, and any other type of fruit to go along with her OJ. After breakfast, she spends quality time with her two cats. Since Doe Deere doesn’t head into the office until noon, she often checks her phone to stay up to date on what’s happening with Lime Crime as well as explore her Instagram feed. In order to not get carried away, she blasts The Beatles and sings along to that while she does her hair and makeup.

Doe Deere uses many of her own products as part of her daily beauty routine. For example she uses her very own lipsticks from the Lime Crime Matte Velvetine line. As of right now, she uses MAC and L’Oreal foundations but she wants to let everyone know she has her own foundation in the works and will most likely end up being her new favorite.

Doe Deere runs a very successful and innovative company. Every product produced at Lime Crime is completely unique and exclusive to the company. Doe Deere maintains a great balance between her work and personal life. This is how she is able to end up successful on both ends of the spectrum.

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Fabletics: Re-Writing Showroom Conventions

Branding is an important tool in gaining competitive advantage especially in globalized economies marked stiff competition and free market. Established with well positioned brands usually have huge market shares. In the fashion industry, many consumers prefer established brands which they can easily identify with. This makes it relatively difficult for new brands to break into a market that is already crowded. It calls for strategic planning and execution of plans deliberately aimed at creating demand rather than competing for the existing demand. This blue ocean strategy is hinged on creativity and inventiveness that limit chances of duplication which is used by many companies as competition launch pads. One such company that has effectively used innovation and creation to create demand and consequently revolutionize fashion industry is Fabletics: a multi-million dollar company co-founded by Kate Hudson.



Fabletics’ Creative and Innovative Ladder to the Top



The emergence of information technology has revolutionized many industries and all spheres of human life. From design to production, marketing and market research, information technology has become an important cog in the operational wheel of many industries and companies. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has embraced technology in a way that many established and high value brands in the modern economy have not. The company has successfully incorporated physical showrooms and retail stores, online shopping, high quality and affordable prices. Their reverse showroom approach is based on stocking their showrooms with products that meet taste and preference of individual customers. The company has added a new concept to online shopping: membership. This enables the company to collect and analyze data on commonly browsed products and the items commonly viewed or tried by customers at their stores. Surveys on lifestyle conducted during membership registration play a significant role in personalizing services. This personalized service delivery ensures that the local physical stores are stocked based on browsing history of their members and items commonly tried by customers.



The local physical stores are personalized to reflect the members’ tastes and preferences. This includes their culture. Such convenience can be enjoyed by paying $50 per month as a membership subscription fee. Additionally, members enjoy discounts on goods which vary depending on seasons and particular items. This is in addition to in-store credit that they use to purchase goods.



A Bright Future



Such inventiveness, affordable prices and personalized services has seen the company grow rapidly since opening its doors in 2013. Fabletics is now a global brand operating in up to eight countries despite opening its first physical store in 2015. Membership has hit the million mark; a clear pointer to its growing popularity in the industry. The product lines have increased significantly to include leisurewear and sportswear including bras and tops. This is a remarkable leap from the activewear product line it started with during its founding. The company is also planning to increase its stores from the current 18 to 30 with big cities such as San Diego and Indianapolis being targeted for expansion. With the parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group, already considering going public, future projections for Fabletics is promising.