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The rise of Isabel dos Santos disrupts the wealth gap

The world’s population can be put into three wealth brackets. We have people surviving with less than a dollar a day, the middle-class people, and the uppermost bracket that belongs to the world’s dollar billionaires. Individuals in the uppermost bracket do not only stand far from the rest of the population, but also most people look up to them for inspiration and guidance.

For many years, white males have dominated the list of world billionaires. However, this pattern has been changing slowly over the years, and we see new faces in the billionaires’ list. Isabel dos Santos, a celebrated African entrepreneur, is among the latest entrants into the record. She is among the 11 black billionaires, of the 2,043 billionaires in the world. Visit Isabel Dos Santos on her youtube channel.

How does the rise of black billionaires affect wealth gap?

History, people who reside close to influential people, tend to benefit from the trappings of power than others. Money is a powerful tool that can be used to transform people and societies. So, as more black entrepreneurs rise to become billionaires, it is only natural that people in their households and communities will begin benefiting from their success. Such a situation can help to create more successful entrepreneurs from underdeveloped countries.

This is precisely what Isabel dos Santos and other successful entrepreneurs are doing in Africa. As a leader in the African business community, Isabel dos Santos strives to take opportunities to her motherland. She is a frequent speaker in many economic forums around the globe, and her message revolves around promoting development in Africa and empowering the underprivileged.

Isabel believes that taking development to Africa can help to solve the various problems facing the continent, including poor infrastructure and poor telecommunications. Isabel also believes that taking technological development to Africa can increase economic opportunities just like in wealthy nations.

Isabel dos Santos doesn’t just talk; she has stepped her foot on the ground to ensure that she walks the talk. She is the biggest shareholder in Unitel, Angola’s largest telecommunication company. Unitel has revolutionized communication in Angola and also contributed to infrastructure upgrade across the country. Unitel is also one of the biggest employers in Angola with over 50,000 employees. Read more:

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Nitin Khanna the Tech Mogul

Nitin Khanna is a well – known business mogul in the technological sector, having started his ambition from a young age. His love for education was unstoppable. He moved to the United States where he joined Purdue University specializing in Industrial Engineering, a field he had passion for. This saw him also earn a master’s degree from the same discipline.

Nitin Khanna’s hard work saw him work with Major Corporation where he held various positions. After completing his studies, he joined International Paper as a trainee where he was entitled to different positions. Getting this job was a stepping stone to his career as it prepared him for the outside world. He, later on, joined a cardboard box plant as a manager.

Having a soft spot for technology, Nitin Khanna moved to Oracle a company known to produce some of the most sought after software. Working at Oracle motivated him. He quit working for this firm and started his technology firm together with his young brother in 1998, which was named Saber Software. This saw the company major in providing state technological solutions.

For Nitin Khanna, it was all about investment; he decided to sell his company and form a merger with various companies. This saw him invest in more than 45 companies within a short period with the funds he got from the sale of his company. This move gave birth to Mergertech, an investment bank that Nitin Khanna attributes has made a great impact on society. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of this firm which began offering its services in 2009.

Investment opportunities have seen Nitin Khanna cross borders; this company has been involved in investing in other countries. It helps startups and technological entrepreneurs find the right financial and strategic partners. Nitin Khanna loves mentoring people to realize their full potential and explore business opportunities. For Nitin Khanna, success is determined by the people who work around you and how you treat them. Nitin Khanna believes that to be a good investor; you have to be forthcoming and open to ideas you feel are worth putting your money on.

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Vijay Eswaran Has Always Advocated For Compassionate Capitalism

Vijay Eswaran is one of the Malaysian business person and an executive chairman of the QI Group of Companies whose headquarters are in Hong Kong. He was born in 1960 in Penang and was once a teacher in Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu and a founder of the Malaysian Hindu Youth Organization. He is one of the hardworking fellows he financed his tertiary education by working as a cab driver in the UK. After graduating in the UK with a degree in socioeconomics, he travelled in Europe in 1984. Over his stay in Europe, he did some odd jobs to earn a living.

It is during this time that he spent over a month in one of the Franciscan monasteries and took a 33-day vow of silence. The experience was critical in the sense that it acted as the core of his first book the Sphere of Silence. Later in the year 1985, he returned to the UK and obtained a professional qualification from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) after studying the binary system of marketing. He later travelled in the US in 1986 and obtained an MBA from the Southern Illinois University. During his studies in the US, he was much involved in multilevel marketing and also worked for systematics, one of the subsidiaries of IBM.

He became the co-founder of the QI group in 1998. The group grew and expanded into e-commerce and based its activities on travel, media, telecommunication as well as training and offering advice to co-operate investments. He has also written several inspirational books. Some of the books he has written include the sphere of silence, in the thinking zone, 18 stepping stones, one of the wings of thoughts as well as the tow minutes from the Abyss. His education, his life story, as well as his working experience, has been the reason behind his great achievements.

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OSI Group’s Keys to Business Success

OSI Group is an American based company that provides food and seasoning products to restaurants and grocery stores. As a leading food supplier, OSI Group has established itself as one of the most trusted sources of inventory for any business in the food industry. Over the course of the company’s existence, it has been able to attain lots of success due to a number of reasons. OSI Group has formed partnerships with leading companies in the food businesses, expanded and grown on a steady basis and also offers some of the top food products in the world.

One of the ways in which OSI Group has become the successful company that it is has been its association with McDonalds. Several decades ago OSI Group formed an important partnership with McDonalds. With the OSI Group McDonalds partnership, OSI Group would supply hamburgers to McDonalds for it to sell to customers. Therefore, the OSI Group McDonalds partnership was vital for the supply chain of McDonalds. Over the past several decades, the OSI Group McDonalds partnership has remained as one of the longest alliances in the food industry. Today, the OSI Group McDonalds partnership has been recognized for its longevity and impact for both companies.

During the past century, OSI Group has looked to grow and expand. It has expanded a lot during the past few decades. Beginning in the 1990’s the company expanded to China and is therefore one of the leading food suppliers in that country. It has also expanded to many other countries throughout the world. OSI Group now has locations in 17 countries along with 70 facilities in these same countries. With its steady growth, OSI Group has been in position to acquire other food supply and distribution companies.

In recent years, OSI Group has completed a successful acquisition with one of the top European food distribution companies. It acquired Baho Food which is the leading food supply and distribution company in the Netherlands. Baho Food has been a key food supplier in the Netherlands as well as other parts of Europe. With OSI Group acquiring the company, it will now be in position to expand into several European markets. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

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Now Nitin Khanna Became An Entrepreneur In Portland, Oregon

Nitin Khanna is a Portland, Oregon-based entrepreneur. He was born in Himachal Pradesh, India which is in the mountainous, northern part of that country. His father served in the military while many of his extended family members owned their own businesses. By being around these businesses he absorbed a lot of information about what it takes to run your own company.

He was sent to a boarding school in Sanawar, India when he was 8 years old. This is one of India’s best boarding schools. For his college education, he emigrated to the United States and became a student at Purdue University. He earned both a BS and an MS in industrial engineering. He thought about earning a Ph.D. in robotics but dropped that idea and started working instead.

He found a job at International Paper where he was entered into their management trainee program. Nitin Khanna managed one of their cardboard box plants for a few years but wasn’t really satisfied with his career. He also worked for Oracle before joining up with his brother, who had also moved to the United States, to establish their own company.

The two brothers established Saber Software in 1999. This company developed software for government including voting, DMVs, Health & Human Resources, and more. When they sold this company in 2008 it had over $300 million in annual revenues. Nitin Khanna used his share to start investing in companies in Portland, Oregon.

His investment firm is MergerTech and he is the chief executive officer. In addition to investing in other companies, Nitin Khanna also serves as a financier who connects entrepreneurs to financial and strategic partners. He also served as the CEO of Cura Cannabis for a period of time which is a company in the burgeoning marijuana industry.

He says that he enjoys working in industries that feature a lot of competition, something that is going on in the marijuana industry. Nitin Khanna says that it all comes down to execution and who does the best at that will come out on top. Competing against other entrepreneurs is something he very much enjoys.

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Smita Shah is a Highly Successful Entrepreneur and Engineer

Smita Shah is a trailblazer and a champion of women empowerment. For decades Shah has been a source of strength and inspiration to many women who aspires to venture into entrepreneurship. She is an entrepreneur and the founder of an engineering firm SPAAN Tech Inc. Shah is quite an influential female entrepreneur and is a high profile keynote speaker of issues affecting women in the society. Shah has been widely sought and quoted by both local national and international media. Women empowerment is a matter that is dear to Shah, and she takes every opportunity to advocate for women’s rights in the business world. Shah in this article shares some best practices for women empowerment.

Exerting a strong presence in the business world or the workplace is critical for any ambitious woman. To succeed and be influential in entrepreneurship, women must present themselves respectively and professionally. Smita Shah says how you present yourself in the office matters, and that is what will determine how other people will perceive you in the workplace. If a woman carries herself with respect and decorum and shows confidence in all, she does then other people, including the male colleagues, will treat her as a professional. However, Shah says if a woman flaunts her womanly charm and does not professionally conduct herself, then she will not be able to command respect in the workplace. Learn more:

Exerting presence in the workplace, according to Smita Shah, requires a woman to adopt traditional business appearance where she dresses professionally in business attire, and she looks mellow and neutral. Women who do not wear appropriate professional clothing at the workplace will inconvenience male colleagues. The men, instead of concentrating on their work they will just be gazing at them and will not listen to whatever they are saying. Shah adds that attire is not the only thing that gives a woman a professional look but also her body posture. The way she sits, walks and talks say a lot about her says, Shah. Women should at all times present themselves in such a way that they exert strong presence and communicate to everyone that it is them that are in charge at the office.

Taking cultural factors into account is the other important success factor that has helped Smita Shah succeeds in her career. Shah says the role of women in different communities differ; however, what is common in all cultures is that women serve the subservient roles. Women are always considered to be under men, and many people view them as people who cannot provide leadership or succeed in business. Shah parents are Indian immigrants and observe Indian culture. The Indian culture and how women are treated is quite different between her motherland and the US. Shah says in India it is quite a daunting task for a woman to get recognition, let alone succeed in business. Female entrepreneurs in any culture have to work harder to succeed in business.

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Talkspace CEO Oren Frank

Talkspace was founded by CEO and Co-Founder, Oren Frank. It is an affordable online and mobile psychotherapy therapy service available to people across the nation. It provides a space for people seeking to improve their mental health and well being. It has helped more than 1,000,000 clients connect with licensed therapist. Oren founded Talkspace with his wife in 2012 with a vision to having therapy for all, after experiencing the benefits in their own couples therapy early in their marriage. They believed that everyone have access to the support of a therapist and that it would benefit a person mental health.

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Before Talksapce Oren was a successful senior marketing and advertising executive. Talkspace usually comes across a number of mental health issues. It is getting more common for people to discuss their issues and problems openly, we are slowly breaking the stigma. Talkspace works with clients at some of the lowest points in their live, just having that support from a therapist readily available and intimately understanding the pain others experience is important. With Talkspace, they bring great awareness in the issues surrounding suicide and provide information to therapist who can hopefully help decrease the pain of those who are struggling with suicidal thoughts.

It’s important to know the signs so that we’re able to find help for those people and with Talkspace it is possible. With Talkspace the couple wanted to make sure it was affordable for the billions of people who needed the help around the world. Oren and his wife enjoyed the therapy that in turn helped save their marriage at one point. But they enjoyed their experience being able to see a therapist that they wanted to help provide that same benefit to people in need. Talkspace has changed the lives of people for the better.

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Gustavo Martinez Highlights the Significance of Consulting and Business Acceleration

After almost forty years in the marketing and advertising industry, Gustavo Martinez is now considered a living legend in this cutthroat and competitive field, where many of the weak minded do not survive. He has been credited to lead teams in the many iconic advertisements—whether print or adio-visual—that people remember to this day. He has served in many famous advertising houses throughout his career. He was the CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. On top of that, he was president of Ogilvy and Mather and McCann Worldgroup, which are two highly revered names in the advertising industry. Prior to that, he was a part of Henkel and Price Water. His impressive resume is indeed proof of his stellar performance in this high pressured industry that demands concrete and measurable results. Gustavo recently ventured outside the scope of traditional marketing. Now dabbling in consulting and business acceleration, he sees these two as the key components of successful marketing in this modern generation. First, he addressed the consulting has really been the backbone of the marketing and advertising industry. They rely on many independent consultants, also sometimes referred to as freelancers or part time contractors, to deliver quality work. In fact, he himself has worked as a contractor before becoming president and CEO of the bigger firms that he became a part of. He emphasized that creativity is the most important ingredient of many advertising agencies. Creativity is the lifeblood that brings to life the ingenious campaigns that make itself an indelible part of pop culture. Majority of creative people prefer a non-traditional office set-up, shunning away from the usual 9 to 5 hours of expected work, so the consulting model has been proven to work and deliver results in this highly volatile field that must always meet the demands of the clients. Gustavo said that people from other industries often fail to realize that the marketing business cannot be compared to other systems at all. Although there is a backend system of business, what makes this truly successful is the creative team that goes beyond traditional processes. This is in stark contrast to the traditional mode of doing business where everything is systematic and based on rules. There is no rule book for the artistic process because innovative, cutting-edge, and fresh ideas must always be created to beat the competition. As for the business acceleration component, Gustavo is working with a company called UV Business Acceleration that helps start-up streamline their services for better results. He highlighted that majority of start-ups fail within the first three years and to circumvent that, they need an objective perspective from an indirect party like UV Business Acceleration that helps new businesses optimize their total marketing strategy. He noted that start-ups do not have the time for trial and error marketing approaches, but what they need are dynamic strategies that would deliver faster results for a fraction of the price. There is no doubt that Gustavo Martinez’s extensive experience can make all those happen with ease, grace, and aplomb.


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Smita Shah’s Goal: Assist In Building Communities And Empowering Women

Smita Shah is currently the leader of SPAAN Tech, a construction company which she created 20 years ago. SPAAN Tech is known for its involvement in massive projects such as the modeling of Chicago Citywide Sewer System and the construction of I-355 communication towers in Illinois. Although she didn’t know what will happen in the future of the company back then, she worked hard and was able to achieve success in the field.


More than two decades ago, Smita Shah graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in Science and Civil Engineering in 1996. The time she spent at school was a different experience, according to her. This is because of the fact that not a lot of females are pursuing fields related to Science and Mathematics. Adding the fact that she was clearly a nerd back then, her academic life has been quite interesting. Because of her determination to finish her studies, Shah was able to survive the stereotyping and that being different from a crowd became a normal thing.


A couple of years later, Smita Shah creates SPAAN Tech for the reason that she likes to create a company that gathers talented people together. The company’s aim is to assist in building strong yet creative infrastructures that help the community. SPAAN Tech is known to take projects such as building roads, bridges, public systems, and adding lights in the streets. As of now, SPAAN Tech has been recognized due to its quality of work. It has been awarded by institutions like the Small Business Commerce Association and the Inc. Magazine. Shah’s plan is to keep the company small. Instead, she will focus on ways to get an opportunity to build communities.


Even after successfully creating her own company, Smita Shah still encountered the stereotypical reaction of people from her field. She will usually be mistaken by other people as the marketing girl of her own company. However, instead of letting experiences like this let her down, she instead uses these experiences to empower more women, as well as minorities like her, to pursue a career path that they like, and that includes working in the field related to Science and Math. Shah also pointed out that both Science and Math are a part of human’s daily lives, so everyone should enjoy it. Learn more:


Smita Shah mentioned how there is not enough women out there in the fields of Math and Science. She encourages women who want to start a career in Math and Science related fields to take their step and start following their dreams. Although this field is hard, she believes that being in the industry will still let you enjoy work and life balance. During her free time, she enjoys spending time and care for her two children. 

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Shervin Pishevar Courts Controversy in His Legendary Tweet Storm

The top executives in the tech industry don’t usually see one of their own deliver public criticisms. Shervin Pishevar, a famous Silicon Valley investor, took the technology industry to task in a tweet storm. An irony exists over Pishevar’s use of Twitter to sound alarms about a concentration of power among the top tech companies. Pishevar made the shocking recommendation that the government should break the top tech companies up. Shervin Pishevar believes invoking antitrust suits makes sense considering the current “all too powerful” state of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Google.

The tweets come from someone of prominence. Shervin Pishevar runs an Investment company , a company that manages $650 million in assets. He’s a significant player in the tech world thanks to his significant venture capital endeavors. Currently, he spends a great deal of time trying to make the Virgin Hyperloop One a success. If successful, Hyperloop One could revolutionize transportation.

Most would expect Pishevar to play “go along to get along” with others in the technology industry. Such is not the case as he sees too many inherent problems with an all-powerful Silicon Valley. He brings forth an insider’s perspective of concern. Whether government regulators listen to his concerns is unknown.

The 21-hour tweet storm presented a basket of controversy with the tech industry-centric tweets alone. Shervin Pishevar, however, did delve into other intriguing opinion pieces.

Probably the most incredible statement is Pishevar’s contention the stock market can’t avoid a collapse. He expresses the belief that the stock market could face a loss of 6,000 points. Even though more than a year has passed since he made the initial prediction, Pishevar’s opinions about the market have not become optimistic.

The financial imagery painted in the tweet storm heralds many warnings. Pishevar suggests both Bitcoin and the bond market will experience much pain. He does suggest the gold market could spike, but inflation becomes a possibility as well.

Shervin Pishevar’s tweet storm remains something worth revisiting. Staying on top of his current tweets could be worthwhile as well. Pishevar does follow through on themes mentioned previously.