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Nitin Khanna the Tech Mogul

Nitin Khanna is a well – known business mogul in the technological sector, having started his ambition from a young age. His love for education was unstoppable. He moved to the United States where he joined Purdue University specializing in Industrial Engineering, a field he had passion for. This saw him also earn a master’s degree from the same discipline.

Nitin Khanna’s hard work saw him work with Major Corporation where he held various positions. After completing his studies, he joined International Paper as a trainee where he was entitled to different positions. Getting this job was a stepping stone to his career as it prepared him for the outside world. He, later on, joined a cardboard box plant as a manager.

Having a soft spot for technology, Nitin Khanna moved to Oracle a company known to produce some of the most sought after software. Working at Oracle motivated him. He quit working for this firm and started his technology firm together with his young brother in 1998, which was named Saber Software. This saw the company major in providing state technological solutions.

For Nitin Khanna, it was all about investment; he decided to sell his company and form a merger with various companies. This saw him invest in more than 45 companies within a short period with the funds he got from the sale of his company. This move gave birth to Mergertech, an investment bank that Nitin Khanna attributes has made a great impact on society. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of this firm which began offering its services in 2009.

Investment opportunities have seen Nitin Khanna cross borders; this company has been involved in investing in other countries. It helps startups and technological entrepreneurs find the right financial and strategic partners. Nitin Khanna loves mentoring people to realize their full potential and explore business opportunities. For Nitin Khanna, success is determined by the people who work around you and how you treat them. Nitin Khanna believes that to be a good investor; you have to be forthcoming and open to ideas you feel are worth putting your money on.

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Tim Ioannides Reflects On His Achievements

Not many people can say they went from being a med student to having their own thriving practice in just a few short years but Tim Ioannides is one of the few who can. Many people are wondering how he managed to attain such a level of success but he assures them it didn’t happen overnight. From a young age, he knew he wanted to go into the field of dermatology so, when he was accepted into the University of Miami med school, that was his area of focus. He was offered a challenging but prestigious internship which he accepted and eventually went on to graduate with honors. Afterwards, he stayed at the university for a few years so he could complete his residency.

Upon the completion of his academic career, he accepted his first postdoc position working in the private sector for a dermatology practice. He did clerical work in the front office and helped the doctors tend to the patients so he could get a feel for it. Soon after, however, he quickly realized their corporate greed was interfering with their ability to properly treat the patients and he left so he could open his own business where the patients are met with kindness and compassion. They do this by having all of the employees take notes by hand so they can concentrate on the patients rather than their screens. Dr. Tim also makes it a point to personally see each and every person who comes through his practice to discuss the best treatments.

For those looking to get into entrepreneurship, he recommends they read the book how to win friends and influence people as he thinks it has valuable insight into how to run your own business. He also hopes to one day discover a cancer cure.

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Nick Sarnicola has a new role in ViSalus

ViSalus boasts for having control over the global healthy lifestyle market. When it started its operations in 2005, the company brought the most competent professionals in leadership. Ryan Blair won many hearts, and he was the most preferred candidate for the role of CEO. Twelve years later, Blair wants to handle the leadership of the company he has built for more than a decade to a different figure. Blair has walked the journey of leadership with the help of several other co-founders, and he is excited to handle other roles in the company. The professional taking on the most prestigious position in ViSalus is Nick Sarnicola. People who use nutritional products from the company say that the position has landed in the best hands. With a new leader, everyone is looking forward to getting better healthcare products. Customers who have weight issues will get better products that will work perfectly. Fitness is a problem for many people in the world. ViSalus, however, is working day and night to address the issue. By having the right individuals to create and bring innovation, every customer will be content. Check out Nick Sarnicola on his youtube channel.

Nick Sarnicola new role will mostly deal with the long-term vision of ViSalus. Nick Sarnicola will now identify and develop new products for his company, and he will look for growth opportunities in the global market. Launching a new nutrition product in the global market comes with its share of challenges. Nick Sarnicola past career life has prepared him for the journey ahead. Nick Sarnicola relates well with all the other individuals holding top position in the company, and he will rely on their advice to make the best decisions for the growing company. The businessperson is taking the post of CEO after the special announcement. The former leader, on the other hand, will serve in other crucial areas in ViSalus. Ryan Blair will retain a special role of advising his board, and he will guide his successor to take the company to higher heights. Blair announced the changes made to the organization just recently, saying that it was time for a new executive to lead and show others the way.

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Connecting with the Consumer with Luke Lazarus Consulting Australia

 Challenges of Startups

New businesses, especially startups, have always had to meet a steep climb to entrance into the mainstream business world, mainly because they are traditionally bringing new products to market. New products also mean challenging the status quo, which calls for resistance by many who think if it ain’t broke don’t fix it mentality.

On the other hand, the reason why the system is challenged is that most consumers look for new products that will enrich and make their lives better and add quality to life. Think of the light bulb, the car, the wheel, and of course, velcro.

While some people stand by to let life happen, upstarts are known for action and getting things done and that is what makes them burn both ends of the candle, but unfortunately, startup businesses usually have about 5 years to prove themselves before they either go under or rise to the top.

It takes extra determination to make a startup work, and that is what made Luke Lazarus rise to the top of his generation to become one of the most sought after business leaders of today.

Early Days in Melbourne

Luke was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. He has an incredible childhood and by the whole age of 8 he had already started his own business. That drive to plan and serve others never left him. He was a very good student in school and received many scholarship opportunities abroad, but decided to enter Melbourne Business school in his hometown. He earned his MBA at the age of 24.

He proved himself capable of what he learned and 8 years later, at the age of 32 he had already started and sold the four companies he started. After finding his pace in business Luke Lazarus decided to do what few would in his position.

He left his successful career as a startup entrepreneur and opened his own consulting company in 2013 named Luke Lazarus Consulting. Nowadays Luke Lazarus does what he enjoys and that is helping startups reach their potential thru direct consulting interaction. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler  and Luke Lazarus | Medium

While it is true that 90% of businesses that start end up failing and the other few percents just have what it takes and are always moving forward from day one, there are a few startups that, with the right input, can with the effort put their story together and rise above others.

Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus has helped startups thru his consulting company since 2013. Lazarus works to prepare startups to present their story to consumers, but first they must get to a point where they can pass the test before venture capitalist or angel investors who are looking at potential companies to invest in, but they are also looking for key elements in the startup’s presentations that tells them they are ready to tell their story to consumers.

Luke Lazarus knows that getting startups to that point will prepare them to dig as deep as it takes for the true story of what their startup is about.

Whether they get an investment from the venture capitalist he knows he cannot control, but he can share with the startups he consults all the essential elements that brought him success in his early startups before selling them.

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