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Unroll Me makes it Easier for Customers to have Control of their Email Accounts

More email services are trying to come up with the solution to email overload, Unroll Me is one of such services which helps you to organize your inbox. The service guarantees to tidy your email by allowing you to allow and block some subscription. The service is a free beta that is edgy for your mail inbox. 

Unroll Me works with services such as Gmail, Yahoo, and other Google apps. In the future, the company hopes at adding more support for AOL and other email services. To get the Unroll Me you subscribe freely form their online platform and will work automatically for most devices. For instance, it will take Unroll Me a few minutes to scan an account with more than 10,000 messages. 

It then classifies the messages according to the subscription options and notifies you to select a few that will be displayed on your inbox according to your preference. By default, Unroll Me will place all emails in a roll-up that is a digestive overview of the subscription. You, therefore, will have full control on the email roll-up, making it easy to tell Unroll Me the emails you want to be delivered to your mail. 

Moreover, you can also choose the time to have the messages delivered to your mail. All your mail are delivered to the Unroll Me so that if you have to view the messages before the time, you visit the site which appears on the mobile device and any browsers that can view your account.

Unroll Me allows you to have separate roll-up for different accounts. When you have two mail accounts such as Gmail and Yahoo, that you could love to monitor with Unroll Me then you will have to sign into these accounts separately. Unroll Me does not create a blended roll-up for both accounts; instead, it creates for the accounts independently. It could be nice if you could have the information roll-up in one blended roll-up to make it stress-free for consumers to view their emails. 

The kind of flexibility offered by Unroll Me ensures that you rarely get attack by viruses and other malware as you have full control of the messages that will be delivered into your inbox.