5 Ways Your Business Can Gain from IP Geolocation

The uses of IP addresses extend beyond device identification. LocationSmart provides your business with a platform to utilize IP geolocation for improved customer communication and support business activities.

An IP address is a unique address assigned to a device when it connects to a network. In a professional model, IP geolocation is essential for your business in the following ways.

Ensuring Compliance with Regulations

Industries such as online gambling and gaming are heavily regulated. The rules vary depending on the location of the user. For instance, it is not uncommon to find that gambling is illegal in some places but allowed in others.

By accessing IP geolocation, your business can identify the boundaries that restrain business activities and avoid ensuing lawsuits. By identifying user location, your business can also block users within restricted zones.

Manage the Risk Associated with Online Fraud

The global permeation of the internet has also given rise to online fraud. IP geolocation will help you identify when a user is attempting to conceal their device and location. In cases where a user attempts to access services from a concealed device or location, your business may undertake several protocols to identify the user. Read more: LocationSmart | Crunchbase  and LocationSmart | Capterra

This identification protocol will prevent unverified users from accessing your services. Having an identification protocol, be it a security question or a phone call to the nearest customer service center, will improve the trust between your business and your clients.

Geo-Specific Advertising and Real-Time communication

Excellent advertising should meet customers’ needs. Your clients will differ culturally and identifying their location will help your business communicate with the client in real-time and provide geo-targeted advertising.

You can share information on discounts, offers, working hours, and pricing depending on the location of the client.

Securing Your Network and Assets

Assessing IP locations in real-time will help your business identify and deal with hacking attempts as soon as possible. You can achieve this by identifying unknown devices and immediately initiating measures to mitigate malicious activities against your business.

In addition to providing security for your networks, IP geolocation also enables you to identify and track your devices.

For example, if you assign an accessory to a moving vehicle, you have not only access to that device but also the location of the car and the employee. This idea will help your business combat theft and avoid misuse of business assets.

Protecting Copyrights and Digital Data

To ensure that your business profits from business content, you need to regulate users that have access. By identifying the IP addresses of users with active subscriptions, you can prevent pirates from distributing your content.

It will not only ensure that you generate revenue from your digital data, but also protect your brand.

IP geolocation has multiple benefits for businesses. By subscribing to LocationSmart, you have access to numerous location-as-a-service products, which includes compliance, verification, asset tracking, cybersecurity, among other services.

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Locationsmart Works Closely With Their Clients

An approach that disregards geo-contextual technologies may make a company look like an unprofessional organization. Do not make that mistake. Hence, you should contact LocationSmart today to learn about their advanced hyper-local features.

LocationSmart has also recently further expanded their presence in the Canadian market, which is some excellent news for companies that presently operate in that market. The reason this is good news is that businesses will now be able to take advantage of the full range of excellent hyper-local features that LocationSmart offers for a large variety of different organizations.

Location data is also beneficial for its one of a kind ability to be able to fully bridge the gap that would otherwise exist between the digital and physical worlds.

Companies that work together with LocationSmart are now also able to easily combine all sorts of different types of targeting, such as the use of predefined keywords, to indeed be able to always focus on all of the different users in a specific locale who are most likely to be interested in an organization’s services or products. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

As mentioned earlier, LocationSmart will also assist any businesses that need to be able to review their present approach to hyper-local targeting. LocationSmart will thereby be in a position to help to improve the overall efficiency of the organization through the use of LocationSmart’s set of advanced and impressive geo-contextual technologies.

Improved use of hyper-local features for a software program will often result in the more accurate or more reliable mapping of the users in a specific territory. As a case in point, you could compare the average number of visits to your stores by particular users around the world with the number of visits by these same users on specific days in previous years. Also, LocationSmart will work hand in hand with your organization to make sure that even a great profusion of parameters will not ever subvert the hyper-local data.

LocationSmart works closely with all sorts of different businesses to offer these organizations some results that are ultimately useful. LocationSmart always provides error-free results because their information is based on up to date and verified data. In any case, you’ll be able to see how LocationSmart works if you decide to hire them to assist your organization.

LocationSmart understands how to develop real application projects, and they are always sure to document each of the features that they provide. They are also adequately aware of the right tools to use and know how to use the correct components for each software program.

Moreover, they fully comprehend all of the different proper methods that they should use to end up with a fully functional application for your business.

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