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Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is formally trained in Cosmetic Surgery. Her main office is in Austin, Texas. Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews are exemplary. The review ratings are submitted by an independent surveying service. The respondents are verified patients of the doctor who have answered survey questions after their procedures. The patients cannot be chosen by the provider of the survey, nor can they censor the results in any way. Dr. Walden has a five out of 5-star rating from her patient reviews. One respondent had this to say following her procedure for breast augmentation: “The experience was so great. Interactions with everyone were very comfortable and professional. Overall, I had a wonderful experience from the first consultation through the recovery process. I am very glad that I chose Dr. Jennifer Walden and could not be more satisfied with the results. The procedure has made me very comfortable in my own skin, and made me feel confident in my everyday life. The surgery has made me feel whole and has provided me with everything I was seeking, when looking into surgery.” The impeccable testimonies continue with stellar reviews for Dr. Walden and her staff. Another patient gave a five out of five-star review for her natural looking, and age appropriate lip enhancement procedure. A plethora of patients continued with the 5-star ratings for Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews with numerous accolades, ranging from cards and specialty cakes, expressing their praise for the doctor and staff. Her approach to cosmetic surgery is to personalize each procedure, not providing a one-size-fits-all method. She has been featured on television shows and was recognized as a Real Self top doctor. This honor is given to a mere 10% of the doctors.

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Doe Deere Article Recap

For those of us who are not morning people, the very idea of waking up and going through our morning routine can be somewhat of a chore. Even just thinking about it makes me feel tired! Nevertheless, there are folks out there who are morning people and they love the entire process of waking up. In fact, nothing makes them feel more rejuvenated or full of joy. It’s their favorite part of the day. Is there a secret to success within a morning routine or is it simply – up to us?


One gal who is successful, beautiful and affluent is someone who is a morning person. Her name is Doe Deere and she is the founder and CEO of the incredibly popular and well known beauty company, Lime Crime. Founded in 2008, Lime Crime was one of the first make up brands to pave the way to full time internet sales as well as paving a new path for pigmented colors in general.


Her journey from discovering her love of make up, to creating a full fledged make up company and brand owner is one that is both wild, and oddly relatable. She’s the type of CEO that is attainable, that gives us hope that we can all make our own way in the world. In fact, she encourages with. The foundation for her companies creation was founded on the idea of freedom of expression and empowering those around you to be the best they can be, by being the you, you can be through honest expression.


Growing up in Russia, a young Doe Deere’s first business was selling temporary tattoos when she was in grade school. While this didn’t exactly propel her successful journey into the make up world, some may agree that the ingredient to success is an efficient morning routine.


8:30 am is the time Doe begins her day. No if’s, and’s or but’s. Even her body refuses to let her wake up late as she says she doesn’t need an alarm clock to rise. After she drinks a glass of water, does some morning stretches and moves on to breakfast where she eats an assortment of grits or yogurt and fruit. After breakfast, she moves on to hair and make up which is a simple combo of foundation, eyebrow filler, blush, and a lip color. All of which is framed with her signature, loose curls. Learn more:


If this morning routine gives you all the feels, go ahead and try it! You may just be the next big thing in make up!