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An Interesting Interview With Omeed Malik

Omeed Malik recently became the Founder and CEO of his own merchant bank called Farvahar Partners. Even though the company is still fairly new, the ‘buffet style’ of financing that the company specializes in has made a buzz in the finance world. Not only is Farvahar Partners willing to work with companies of all sizes, they are also able to pick and choose the services that they want.

Before starting his own merchant bank, Malik used the skills that he earned from jobs, such as public speaking and extensive research to create the best merchant bank firm that he can. Because of his hard work and dedication, a website called decided to interview him to get his insight on what is happening in the financial world today.

The interviewer starts off asking him questions about how Farvahar Partners started, his work schedule, and how he brings the ideas for his company to life. One of the more interesting points of the interview is when he is asked about advice that he would give to his younger self. Omeeed Malik answers the question by saying he wish he would have known in school that although good grades are important, the end mind with investments were the ultimate goal. He also wanted to tell his younger self that in the finacial world A does not always lead to B and so forth. Sometimes there is never a set plan on how a compnay should work.

Since Omeed Malik is also a businessman, it is only natural that the interviewer asks Malik about how he has grown his business. He thinks what sets his company apart is that he ‘has structured the business…allowing for growth and success.’ In addtion to that, he also knows that his company has alot of growing to do and he personally does what it takes to grow from every experience.

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Clement Perrette using modern media to create a global awareness for ocean conservation

Global communication has experienced tremendous changes in recent years. All this thanks to technological advancements that have increased the availability of media ventures everywhere, including the most remote places. The rise of modern media has had something to do with this. The physical borders appear to diminish with each passing as far as relaying global messages is concerned. As such, the present global atmosphere has become more conducive than ever when it comes to supporting media with a message, as well as accumulating systemic change through philanthropic efforts.

The coming of social media, access to televisions and films all over the world, and the widespread access to worldwide web have permitted issues that were initially just local to be heard on a global scale. Consequently, there is a better chance of these issues getting the needed attention for the world population to act accordingly.

The ocean conservationist and experienced financier, clement Perrette, has since embraced media in his endeavors. He sees it as a tool for stimulating systemic change within his philanthropic works. His devotion to ocean conservation has reached a global audience thanks to his willingness to embrace multimedia platforms.

Only 2% of the philanthropic endeavors in the world are inclined toward ocean conservation. As such, the spreading of messages through efforts such as “Ocean Souls” and “Call of the Blue” are among the best things that can happen as far as gaining global awareness and causing systemic changes, in the long run, is concerned.

Clement Perrete spent 25 years of his life working in the capital markets. Today, he balances his time between ocean preservation causes and the Fixed Income Fund Management sector. So far he has come up with two major ocean conservation projects namely Call of the Blue, in 208, and 2019, Ocean Souls. As one of the co-producers of Call of the Blue, Clement Perrette, and his partners aim at raising awareness and helping people commit their life to ocean preservation projects.

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Now Nitin Khanna Became An Entrepreneur In Portland, Oregon

Nitin Khanna is a Portland, Oregon-based entrepreneur. He was born in Himachal Pradesh, India which is in the mountainous, northern part of that country. His father served in the military while many of his extended family members owned their own businesses. By being around these businesses he absorbed a lot of information about what it takes to run your own company.

He was sent to a boarding school in Sanawar, India when he was 8 years old. This is one of India’s best boarding schools. For his college education, he emigrated to the United States and became a student at Purdue University. He earned both a BS and an MS in industrial engineering. He thought about earning a Ph.D. in robotics but dropped that idea and started working instead.

He found a job at International Paper where he was entered into their management trainee program. Nitin Khanna managed one of their cardboard box plants for a few years but wasn’t really satisfied with his career. He also worked for Oracle before joining up with his brother, who had also moved to the United States, to establish their own company.

The two brothers established Saber Software in 1999. This company developed software for government including voting, DMVs, Health & Human Resources, and more. When they sold this company in 2008 it had over $300 million in annual revenues. Nitin Khanna used his share to start investing in companies in Portland, Oregon.

His investment firm is MergerTech and he is the chief executive officer. In addition to investing in other companies, Nitin Khanna also serves as a financier who connects entrepreneurs to financial and strategic partners. He also served as the CEO of Cura Cannabis for a period of time which is a company in the burgeoning marijuana industry.

He says that he enjoys working in industries that feature a lot of competition, something that is going on in the marijuana industry. Nitin Khanna says that it all comes down to execution and who does the best at that will come out on top. Competing against other entrepreneurs is something he very much enjoys.

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Mark Holyoake and Oakvest Holdings: A Business Model and Life

Mark Holyoake opened Oakvest Holdings after his time spent working in the food industry and property development. He credits his previous work and education as part of how he came to form Oakvest Holdings. The initial focus was on real estate and business holdings in the UK, but he has now expanded out to Iceland.

Holyoake has invested in an Icelandic seafood corporation that supplies products to restaurants and shops around the globe. When he first entered into the deal, Iceland’s seafood industry was not robust due to the country’s and world income. Since then, the business has regained its footing and has acquired smaller companies to help keep up with the supply.

Some methods Mark Holyoake uses to keep his investment skills sharp include taking care of some business early in the day and continuing education. Tasks that he recommends handling first thing and without interruption, if possible, are emails, reading, and studying. The rest of the day can be filled with business obligations, communicating with team members, and travel.

Life is not all work for Mr. Holyoake. He enjoys spending time with his children as well as working out. Most business people are goal orientated, and Mark is no different. His recent personal goals involved improving his health. To show how serious he was about the new project, he hired a professional fitness trainer. The money was well spent from his point of view because he knows when to reach out for help.

Surrounding yourself with a vibrant team is one way to keep your business healthy too. Holyoake practices what he preaches and consults with people in his industry along with people outside of it. It is one way to stay grounded and well informed about what is going on around you because it can and will have an impact. For business purposes, though, Mark Holyoake employs people with the same visions and ones that he feels he can trust.

Business and investing are based on knowledge, people, and trust. Oakvest Holdings operates with that understanding, and Mark Holyoake runs his life by that very model too.

Mark Holyoake’s Twitter.

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James Reese-From a Disabled Veteran to Being an Outstanding CEO

After 25 years of dedicated service as a commissioned and non-commissioned officer, James Reese finally retired from the US military in 2007. During his tenure as a commander, he became a distinguished combat leader and was consequently dubbed one of the best special operators in the history of the American military.

 As CEO of Tigerswan, a private security firm, Jim Reese has demonstrated a go-getter mentality and a knack for professional leadership. His company has over 300 employees and it operates in more than 50 nations worldwide. He admits that running a veteran-owned business is much similar to being a baby that wakes up crying after every two hours. He further acknowledges that being responsible for the lives of many people can be such a huge burden. Also, James Reese notes that there is plenty of liability and risk involved with running a veteran-owned business. On a positive note, the retired military personnel notes that running his business gives him a great feeling of freedom. It further allows him to create something that keeps on growing.

James Reese developed the idea of starting Tigerswan on his last rotation in Iraq. After returning home from Iraq, he talked with his friend about starting a business one morning as they were having coffee in his friend’s kitchen. Despite being a veteran with 80% disability, this didn’t stop him from starting Tigerswan. James Reese was always eager to start a company of his own to put his fellow veterans to work. Unlike when he was given some of the best soldiers to work with him when he was in the military, running Tigerswan means that the veteran must pick his team. Today, James Reese has a cohesive and effective workforce, something that has consistently propelled his firm to greater heights.

About James Reese

James Reese is the CEO as well as the founder of Tigerswan, which is global crisis management and privately owned security firm. He is a disabled veteran who served in the military for 25 years and retired in 2007 after a decorated career with the military. He started Tigerswan with his fellow disabled veterans. Tigerswan has operations in over 50 nations worldwide.

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Sharon Prince and Grace Farms: A New Kind of Community Center

Combining the power of space with the power of a community to contribute to serious causes and a pursuit of justice, Grace Farms is on a level of it’s own. Bringing people together to advance common causes has long been the success of a community center and with it’s top notch activities, state of the art buildings and staggeringly beautiful landscapes, Grace Farms seems to make many things very possible to achieve.

Assimilating art, faith, nature, justice and community has been the overall vision of the CEO/President of grace Farms, Sharon Prince Grace Farms. Six days a week, the Grace Farms center is open to the public. There is no fee required in order to take advantage of all the unique opportunities that Grace Farms has to offer. Interacting with people from diverse backgrounds allows for crucial understandings and connections.

Not only is Grace Farms open to the public, their base also new when it is available for use, privately. Private usage enables the facilities of Grace Farms and the river buildings for various activities, including workshops, trainings,roundtables and convenings. Grace Farms is a nonprofit group that is financed by Grace Farms Foundation.

Sharon Prince
Grace Farms CEO and President, Sharon Prince was formerly educated at the University of Tulsa, where she received her BA/BS and MBA. Prior to becoming the visionary behind Grace Farms, Sharon was president of 66North, a technical outerwear clothing brand that was sold in North America.

Since opening Grace Farms, she has garnered global recognition for her efforts to stop child endangerment and exploitation, human trafficking and violence against women. She has won several awards and also serves on the board of Next Generation Nepal, which is a chastity designed help reunite victims of child exploitation and their families.

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Sharon Prince Emphasis on why you should Exercise your Voice

Sharon Prince has had a remarkable career, and during that time, she has always exercised her voice at the moment. She has always wanted to improve gender parity and always seeks to confront power structures while trying her best to make the world a better place. Sharon Prince believes that our voice is much powerful than we think and everyone deserves to be heard.

As for Sharon, she exercises her voice regularly using a different approach of boots-on-the-ground tactic. She has always questioned sexism and believes that our voice plays a significant role in creating or breaking down gender barriers.

In today’s world, language plays a significant role in the sexism and gender discrimination topics. It is how power is channelled in the society bringing about the favour of men and social roles, always creating a rift between what’s right and wrong.

In as much as sexism has declined in the last few years, it is still persistent in our society. It brings the importance of how everyone out to exercise their voices at the moment. It doesn’t matter how uncomfortable or risky it is. The right to be heard should not be based on one’s gender, and even if you are the only woman around, exercising your voice shouldn’t have any barriers.

According to Sharon Prince, it’s essential that we start exercising our voices and driving for change. She, for instance, has raised thousands of questions on issues related to lack of gender parity and sexism. Prince does not hesitate to point out the importance of exercising our voices at the moment. It’s the only way we can be concise, sincere, and smart.

Gender parity is something that everyone ought to take seriously. Sharon Prince Grace Farms has done the best she can in making the world a better place for both genders by encouraging everyone to exercise their voice at the moment.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms’s: Youtube.

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Omeed Malik – The Man Who Revitalized The Hedge Fund Industry

Omeed Malik is a Muslim American executive and also the founder of the Farvahar Partners. He possesses wild knowledge about financial services and law pertaining to it. He served as the Senior Vice President at MF Global where he worked on enhancing their corporate customer relationships amongst the other duties he performed, successfully. He, then, offered his abilities as the Managing Director and Global Head of the Hedge Fund Advisory at the Bank of America before quitting to open up his own merchant bank, known as Farvahar Partners.

Farvahar Partners is an organization that focuses on providing hedge funds to financial institutions, also offering assistance to its clients regarding investment and capital raising. It also acts as a broker, providing liquidity on behalf of their partner businesses. Hedge funds, although quite unpopular in the corporate world, have benefits that did not escape Malik’s sharp and intelligent eye. Omeed Malik believes that such funds help bring liquidity in the private sector, especially with regards to the new structure of financial institutions laid by the government.

His pre-IPO theory seems promising and, as claimed by him, has the potential of garnering profits for private companies. He explains that people no longer have to wait for a company to achieve IPO before they could start buying and selling shares; the new hedge fund influenced private market gives an opportunity for more fruitful collaborations. Malik calls this the ‘secondary market’ for private companies where they can trade through an authorized broker firm before they go public. He believes that generating liquidity being a private firm can help upscale the company’s business processes before they go public, and holds that this is, definitely, where the hedge fund industry is heading towards.

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The Lifecycle of Alastair Borthwick

One of the remembered broadcaster, journalist and author of Scotland is Alastair Borthwick. He was particularly known for two of his books, which excelled above others on the same field. Alastair Borthwick was born in 1913, Rutherglen and his soul rested in 2003. He became a truant when 16 years of age from Glasgow High School and took work at Glasgow Herald. He started with a low position in the area of work but later he was chosen the editor of the company. He managed to get more experience through Glasgow and his involvement in papers helped him foster with articles majoring on the employed class of people.

The opportunity fell at the hands of Alastair in 1935 where he got a job at Daily Mirror. This was a major achievement in his career in journalism. Unfortunately, the London lifestyle refused to appeal and within a period of months, he got back to Glasgow. There he worked as a BBC correspondent.

During the Second World War, Alastair was ordered to be an intelligence officer in Sutherland. As the war continued, the Seaforth Highlanders saw action in various countries around the world like Italy, Belgium, Germany, and many others. In all this Alastair Borthwick was involved. When everything had cooled down, he was requested to write a story about Battalion. In 1946, the story got published and since then it has been in the print often.

Apparently, he continued with the BBC broadcasting even after moving to Jura from Glasgow with his wife. There was a lot of shifting in the life of this man. Furthermore, he moved to Islay in 1952 and assisted in the contribution to a festival in Britain before going back to Glasgow. His lifecycle did not cease there because he worked with Grampian TV and produced for them 150 programs catering across a wide range of topics. Before his death in 2003, he moved to Beith for five years.

In conclusion, the lifecycle of Alastair Borthwick is quite interesting and full of achievements. His willingness to work helped him make a difference. For all this, he will be remembered and can be a role model for many others.