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Omeed Malik – The Man Who Revitalized The Hedge Fund Industry

Omeed Malik is a Muslim American executive and also the founder of the Farvahar Partners. He possesses wild knowledge about financial services and law pertaining to it. He served as the Senior Vice President at MF Global where he worked on enhancing their corporate customer relationships amongst the other duties he performed, successfully. He, then, offered his abilities as the Managing Director and Global Head of the Hedge Fund Advisory at the Bank of America before quitting to open up his own merchant bank, known as Farvahar Partners.

Farvahar Partners is an organization that focuses on providing hedge funds to financial institutions, also offering assistance to its clients regarding investment and capital raising. It also acts as a broker, providing liquidity on behalf of their partner businesses. Hedge funds, although quite unpopular in the corporate world, have benefits that did not escape Malik’s sharp and intelligent eye. Omeed Malik believes that such funds help bring liquidity in the private sector, especially with regards to the new structure of financial institutions laid by the government.

His pre-IPO theory seems promising and, as claimed by him, has the potential of garnering profits for private companies. He explains that people no longer have to wait for a company to achieve IPO before they could start buying and selling shares; the new hedge fund influenced private market gives an opportunity for more fruitful collaborations. Malik calls this the ‘secondary market’ for private companies where they can trade through an authorized broker firm before they go public. He believes that generating liquidity being a private firm can help upscale the company’s business processes before they go public, and holds that this is, definitely, where the hedge fund industry is heading towards.

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The Lifecycle of Alastair Borthwick

One of the remembered broadcaster, journalist and author of Scotland is Alastair Borthwick. He was particularly known for two of his books, which excelled above others on the same field. Alastair Borthwick was born in 1913, Rutherglen and his soul rested in 2003. He became a truant when 16 years of age from Glasgow High School and took work at Glasgow Herald. He started with a low position in the area of work but later he was chosen the editor of the company. He managed to get more experience through Glasgow and his involvement in papers helped him foster with articles majoring on the employed class of people.

The opportunity fell at the hands of Alastair in 1935 where he got a job at Daily Mirror. This was a major achievement in his career in journalism. Unfortunately, the London lifestyle refused to appeal and within a period of months, he got back to Glasgow. There he worked as a BBC correspondent.

During the Second World War, Alastair was ordered to be an intelligence officer in Sutherland. As the war continued, the Seaforth Highlanders saw action in various countries around the world like Italy, Belgium, Germany, and many others. In all this Alastair Borthwick was involved. When everything had cooled down, he was requested to write a story about Battalion. In 1946, the story got published and since then it has been in the print often.

Apparently, he continued with the BBC broadcasting even after moving to Jura from Glasgow with his wife. There was a lot of shifting in the life of this man. Furthermore, he moved to Islay in 1952 and assisted in the contribution to a festival in Britain before going back to Glasgow. His lifecycle did not cease there because he worked with Grampian TV and produced for them 150 programs catering across a wide range of topics. Before his death in 2003, he moved to Beith for five years.

In conclusion, the lifecycle of Alastair Borthwick is quite interesting and full of achievements. His willingness to work helped him make a difference. For all this, he will be remembered and can be a role model for many others.