Nicolas Krafft & L’Oreal Hit The French Seine A Second Time

Under the leadership of L’Oreal’s VP of Global Development, Nicolas Krafft, L’Oreal held its second annual fashion show in France. This took place on the Seine river in Paris, under the title: “Le Defile L’Oreal Paris”. The selection of Paris is in no way a coincidence as not only is France a center for fashion, beauty, and the arts, Paris was the inspiration for L’Oreal itself.

Nicolas Krafft spared nothing by ensuring the biggest names in modeling, television, and Paralympics were present to strut a specially decked out floating runway on the river Seine. Behind all of the celebrities were several renowned business partners of L’Oreal, watching the models show off their latest styles and products. Aside from the professionals, the event was attended by anyone who wished to accept the open invite.

Diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility were the desired themes of the event. Diversity and inclusivity have been hot issues in recent years. Accessibility has always been an ongoing issue for many people of all populations. L’Oreal felt it important to make an attempt to face these issues in a positive way at LeDefile L’Oreal. All of these themes were strutted by the diverse models that took to the runway in various approaches to show what beauty can be. As one extra step in the goal of accessibility, the show was broadcast to several large screens around the event so that passerby’s of all kinds could enjoy the event for free.

All of this is a part of Nicolas Krafft and L’Oreal’s goal to bring beauty to the entire world. With Global Development at the helm, L’Oreal strives to make beauty and fashion more accessible to every inch of the globe. “LeDefile L’Oreal on the Seine” is a culmination of diversity, inclusivity, accessibility all powered by a strong Global Development team, moving toward a world of beauty.

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Flavio Maluf Advises Young Entrepreneurs

Flavio Maluf holds a profession in mechanical engineering. He is a well-experienced engineer with diverse skills in engineering disciplines. From his young age, Flavio Maluf had desire and interest in the business. For this reason, he enrolled in a business course alongside engineering. He gained various business skills and knowledge which he came to use late to run his family based business.

Flavio’s father was a very rich politician in his home country, and also he owned and operated various businesses. Flavio had an opportunity to study what he felt good for him because his father was very supportive and money was available. He worked hard both in school and after school. Due to his hard work, Flavio was able to develop and establish businesses for himself and emerge richer just like his father. See more on Wikipedia.

Flavio Maluf currently plays a big role in giving business advice for young people who wish to join the business world. He claims to be a successful businessman; one has to work hard, be innovative and choose wisely various strategies to implement in the business. Caution is also a very useful tool in business. To proceed in business one has to evaluate various risks as well as potential benefits which comes from the business. Balancing both risks and benefits in a business generates a potential report on what business should achieve.

According to Flavio Maluf, business management requires devotion as well as spending much time in monitoring its operations. Many people think that they will only need to sit down, work for fewer hours then earn big cash in the business. It is different in running a business as all your effort will be required in evaluating various business processes. Also, to remain in business one should develop creative measures to implement in business for smooth running.

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Shervin Pishevar Courts Controversy in His Legendary Tweet Storm

The top executives in the tech industry don’t usually see one of their own deliver public criticisms. Shervin Pishevar, a famous Silicon Valley investor, took the technology industry to task in a tweet storm. An irony exists over Pishevar’s use of Twitter to sound alarms about a concentration of power among the top tech companies. Pishevar made the shocking recommendation that the government should break the top tech companies up. Shervin Pishevar believes invoking antitrust suits makes sense considering the current “all too powerful” state of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Google.

The tweets come from someone of prominence. Shervin Pishevar runs an Investment company , a company that manages $650 million in assets. He’s a significant player in the tech world thanks to his significant venture capital endeavors. Currently, he spends a great deal of time trying to make the Virgin Hyperloop One a success. If successful, Hyperloop One could revolutionize transportation.

Most would expect Pishevar to play “go along to get along” with others in the technology industry. Such is not the case as he sees too many inherent problems with an all-powerful Silicon Valley. He brings forth an insider’s perspective of concern. Whether government regulators listen to his concerns is unknown.

The 21-hour tweet storm presented a basket of controversy with the tech industry-centric tweets alone. Shervin Pishevar, however, did delve into other intriguing opinion pieces.

Probably the most incredible statement is Pishevar’s contention the stock market can’t avoid a collapse. He expresses the belief that the stock market could face a loss of 6,000 points. Even though more than a year has passed since he made the initial prediction, Pishevar’s opinions about the market have not become optimistic.

The financial imagery painted in the tweet storm heralds many warnings. Pishevar suggests both Bitcoin and the bond market will experience much pain. He does suggest the gold market could spike, but inflation becomes a possibility as well.

Shervin Pishevar’s tweet storm remains something worth revisiting. Staying on top of his current tweets could be worthwhile as well. Pishevar does follow through on themes mentioned previously.

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A look at Bhanu Choudhrie’s Professional Life

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in 1978 and is an Indian native. Choudhrie spent his early childhood years in India and went to local Indian schools until he graduated from high school. Choudhrie excelled in his high school education and decided to leave for the United States to pursue a degree in International Business and Marketing.

Choudhrie got accepted into the University of Boston, and after his years of study at the institution, he graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in the field of International Business and Marketing. Landing a job right after graduating can be a challenging task, but Choudhrie was fortunate to establish his firm C&C Alpha Group right after completing his internship at JP Morgan.

Currently, Bhanu Choudhrie serves as the Founder and Executive Director of (CCAG) C&C Alpha Group, a firm that has been in operation since 2002. Choudhrie has been serving as CCAG’s Executive Director since the firm’s establishment in 2002. Like most enterprises, C&C Alpha Group has a diversified investment portfolio that comprises if several luxurious and high-end spas that continue to win various awards. Join for more info about Bhanu Choudhrie.

C&C Alpha Group has several high-end luxury facilities in India and Mauritius; it should be noted CCAG has care homes and facilities in the United Kingdom. Bhanu Choudhrie is not only a renowned and peer-respected business mogul and executive but is also a philanthropist who enjoys giving. There are numerous charities and charitable causes that have and enjoy the backing of Choudhrie.

Choudhrie and his brother have created a great working partnership that allows the brothers and other executives (both junior and senior) to provide top-notch consultation services to its clients comprising of venture capital investors. Sourcing for lucrative deals in emerging markets is not the task for a faint-hearted individual since it is a draining task.

Bhanu Choudhrie through C&C Alpha Group helps its clients find great investment deals in emerging markets around the globe. Other than offering consultation services Bhanu Choudhrie is involves in the development of various cutting-edge solutions while also offering advertising and marketing services in agriculture, aviation, healthcare, and utility services.


Business, Online Marketing Is Providing Popular Imports To Their Customers has been making significant efforts to import many different types of food and beverage items for their online and offline customers to purchase. Among some of the most popular items that have been recently made available are sweet wines from Hungary and fresh produce such as kiwifruit and apples from New Zealand. These days, the customers of Jingdong are trying to make sure that what they eat is healthier for their bodies and they are enjoying the benefits and taste of the fresh, high-quality fruit that they are able to purchase from the retailer on their site and their 7FRESH stores. While order fresh food online is not something a lot of people would have considered doing just a decade ago, the advanced technology behind their platform and logistics systems allows for to be able to get orders to customers quickly, sometimes even on the same day that they placed their order.

Imported wines are going up in popularity in China and Jingdong is one of the major retailers that are making them available to the consumers in the country. On just the first 24 hours after the launch of the Hungarian sweet wine grand Grand Tojak on Jingdong, they already had more than 400,000 followers. In just the first 10 hours, they were able to sell 1,000 bottles of their signature wine. Numbers like these are quickly proving that is importing products that their hundreds of millions of customers are excited about.

The produce efforts that Jingdong is making have already been a hit among the customers as well. The company is able to import the produce from New Zealand keep it fresh until it gets to its customers. There has been an increase in demand for fresh fruit as people are trying to take better care of their health and is considering even more ways to match the demand. While they are currently only offering New Zealand apples and kiwifruit, they are already in talks with their partners in the country to expand to other fruits and vegetables after many requests from their customers.

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OSI Industries: Towards Becoming a Respected Global Food Provider

Since 1970 when Sheldon Lavin joined the company, OSI Industries has been focusing on international expansion. The business leader started as a finance executive in charge of controlling the allocation of monetary resources. He fuelled the growth of the firm from its initial boutique size business to the recent global expansion. OSI Group was established in 1909. It is centrally located in Aurora, Illinois. The international brand deals with the production and sale of meat-based products. It has several retail outlets that serve different consumer sectors across the world. The company is also considered one of the state’s top 100 food providers since it records an annual sale of over 6 billion dollars. Aside from that, OSI Industries also provides employment opportunities to over 10,000 workers. Because it has been operational for more than a century, OSI Industries has also implemented key business strategies to help the management in providing world-class customer experience.

Background Information

OSI Industries has successfully cemented itself as a business leader in the sector because of its stellar reputation. The food producer is present in North American and Asia. With more than 65 manufacturing facilities, it has taken over a significant share of the food production sector. OSI tailors its products to suit client needs. It recently bought Tyson Food Plant, Flagship Europe, as well as BAHO Foods in its quest to grow the client base. Using its production plants, OSI has managed to expand its network to the global scene. It produces and brands its products in private label packs.

Becoming a Renowned Food Provider

OSI pays close attention to the needs of its consumers. The management implements policies that can help employees to assess the market’s needs. Thereafter, the team will meet these needs in the process of upholding high production standards. OSI has successfully standardized all its management and production processes to fit into the environmental needs of the population. Standardization helps to ensure that the company has met all its safety standards across the production plants. In 2016, the company received recognition from the British Safety Council based on its commitment as well as excellent management of the environment during production processes.

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HGGC Has Just Attained A Majority Stake In An Exciting Company

HGGC has recently been experiencing the busiest period in a company history that goes back to the 2007 calendar year and things continue to remain busy. Officials from the Palo Alto, California-based private equity company recently announced that they have acquired the controlling stake in HelpSystems. While HGGC takes over the majority stake in HelpSystems, Split Rock Capital along with HIG Capital will continue to retain a minority of the shares with the IT infrastructure software development operation. This innovative software is currently used by 13 thousand-plus customers on various operating systems. These operating systems that the HelpSystems software is utilized on including Windows and IBM i. This major deal is just one of a number of critical acquisitions that HGGC has made over this busy period that the private equity firm has been experiencing.

Help System’s roots go back to the company’s 1982 founding date. The firm assists the business world to align with IT in order to give them an edge in today’s highly competitive business world. The software that is produced by the team at HelpSystem provides monitoring services for the business world as well as helping with data security and encryption services. The company also deals with the automation of processes and has built up an impressive customer base around the globe that has made HelpSystem a very attractive company for big investors like HGGC. The teams at both organizations are looking forward to what the future holds as the world side by side with each other in order to grow the HelpSystems business model.

Since its 2007 founding, HGGC has worked hard to build up a robust portfolio of diverse companies. With an emphasis on the middle market and growing tech sector companies, HGGC has attained a great deal of success in the private equity market by taking an active role in working with the management teams of its diverse portfolio companies. There are currently some 60 thousand employees globally that are involved in work with the Palo Alto, California-based private equity firm’s portfolio companies.

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Stream Energy Cares More Than Ever

The energy company Stream Energy is so committed to its charity work that it has set up its own philanthropic wing. The new part of the company is called Stream Cares. Stream Energy is a company that sells to its affiliates who then go on to sell to residential and corporate customers. Stream Energy has been involved with charity work for years, but Hurricane Harvey that affected Houston was something that inspired Stream Energy to tackle issues around Dallas and Texas full time.

While Stream Cares gives to charities across the country, it focuses its efforts on issues around Texas and in particular Dallas. Stream Cares has worked with some of the biggest charity organizations including Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross. It has recently partnered with fellow Dallas organization Hope Supply Co. Homelessness is an issues that has become worse in the last few years, and the way it affects children is particularly concerning.

Hope Supply Co has been raising money and items for children, and it has donated products as varied as diapers and school supplies. Stream Cares has used it partnership to organize various activities for those children who are homeless. One such event was a trip to a local water park. Stream Cares paid for the entire event, and it was the first time many of these children had been on a trip like it.

Stream Cares donated more than just money. The employees were also excited to volunteer their time. It was a way for them to show how much they care about their communities. They were pleased to be able to spend time with the children. It was not the only day out that the company has organized. There was also recently a lunch for veterans and their families. Stream cares will continue to raise money and awareness for a variety of charities, and now it has a way to do that full time.

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Jojo Hedaya Revolutionizes How We Access To Email

Jojo Hedaya is one of the founders of an email subscription company called Unrollme. The inspiration behind his idea to create this company was because of frustration. The frustration was caused by the junk of emails that pile up. A lot of time is wasted looking for important emails and going through all your subscription. This junk ends up filling up the phone’s memory.

He decided to come up with an application that could organize all your emails. It classifies them into subscriptions you have applied to. This system makes going through your phone quite easily. Subscriptions you no longer use or need can be selected and deleted quite easily. This is because they are all piled up under one section, the Rollup. This tool is very helpful in keeping emails that need immediate attention and feedback at sight. Jojo Hedaya was sending a lot of emails to his co-founder, Josh Rosewald. This is because he could gain access to them. This application saves a lot of time, friendships and commitments.

It is an easy free application to sign up to. At the end of the day, it leaves your email organized and under control. Over the recent period, millions of users have benefited from this development. Jojo Hedaya evaluated his strength and weaknesses before venturing into this business. There is no sure formula to success, so he assessed what he could do and achieve. Hedaya is very eager in creating a positive culture in the workplace. Open communication and motivating the employees contribute to the success of his company.

Jojo Hedaya and his management team take feedback very important. It is one of the ways they can fix and change certain things. This will improve its service providing techniques. His team of workers is equipped with the necessary skills, ethics and competence to produce the required results. He recognizes the importance of hiring people who share the same innovative mind and know exactly what they are doing. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosewald recognize the technological world has a lot of competition. The secret is to recognize then, find a gap to fill in the market and not let your competition intimidate you.

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Michael Nierenberg, a Star of New Residential Investment

Michael Nierenberg has utilized investment strategies which seek to generate strong risk-adjusted returns. To do this, he invests in assets that create steady long-term cash flows that use conservative capital structures. This is a bold strategy that has earned him not only titles, but also prestigious posts and positions. Mike Nierenberg mainly aims to generate returns throughout different interest environments. This, he has so far succeeded in doing and with these successes, come the need to ensure that everything done is left done with the perfection it deserves to avoid future blow-backs.

Michael Nierenberg has greatly changed the investment landscape by enabling people to investment in new products in the publicly listed Real Estate Investment Trust, New Residential Investment Corp which he leads.

Michael Nierenberg has been a pioneer in investing in Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights. This is the excess balance that remains after the mortgage servicer is paid its basic fee. Michael Nierenberg also invests in serving advances. Mike Nierenberg agrees to pay the mortgage originators defaulted mortgage payment in exchange for a fee and retains the mortgage payment when they are paid or the money paid from forfeiture.

In addition to all these, Michael Nierenberg invests in residential mortgage-backed securities and their associated call rights. New Residential buys various residential loans like non-performing, performing, reperforming and reverse mortgage loans.

Finally, Michael Nierenberg invests in consumer loans. New Residential with other investors purchased 30% equity of a consumer loan with an unpaid principal balance of US$4.2 billion for US$3billion from HSBC.

A man can be great and successful in many ways. Mike Nierenberg chose a slightly different path by doing something he feels in a way impacts on a lot of things especially in the world we’re leaving in. His investments have neither failed him nor been in vain.