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OSI Group Dares To Create New BUrger Concept

Health is big now. Society is so obsessed with eating the right foods. It is becoming more common for people to place health as a top priority. Everyone’s health needs are different. Some people prefer vegan or non-meat food options as a way to treat illnesses. Some prefer vegan or non-meat food options because they want a diet that is high in vegetables and fruits. Impossible Foods is crafting a burger that is vegan and very healthy. They are in partnership with OSI Group to craft this non-meat burger option for their customers. OSI Group has partnered with many other food brands. OSI only get involved in logical partnerships.

This is a rational partnership because OSI enjoys tapping into new markets. They know that partnering with Impossible Foods is a rational decision from a money making perspective. Together, OSI and Impossible Foods will manufacture a burger that will change the vegan food market. Impossible Foods is choosing to create a vegan burger that will be called the Impossible Burger. This vegan burger will resemble and taste like a beefer burger. Its difference will be in its makeup. The Impossible Burger will be a burger that is created with a substance that resembles meat but is made of a vegan substance. The burger will be healthy.

The burger will allow Impossible Foods to become one of the top makers of vegan food options. The partnership with OSI Group is important to Impossible Foods because they need a reliable company with machinery to produce the Impossible Burger for retail. OSI Group got its start in Chicago, Illinois. They began as a family business. The business was passed from the original founder to his sons. The sons turned their father’s meat market into a regional meat supplier. Eventually, the business bloomed into being multi-national conglomerate that it is today. It is an owner of dozens of factories, offices and other food businesses. It is food maker and transporter. It makes for a fine partner to manufacture a vegan burger. This is one of their very first non-meat burger food concepts they have worked on.

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Capability, Ingenuity & Dedication: OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is a top company that’s based in the US. On the other hand, OSI Food Solutions is a top-100 company that has been ranked by the affluent Forbes Corporation. Back in 2011, OSI was the 136th biggest private company in America, and it brought in over $3 billion in revenue. In 2018, the company had risen in the ranks to being America’s 58th biggest private company while bringing in over $6 billion in revenue.

OSI was also listed as the sixth largest raw meat processor in 2019. Of course, this ranking was registered by Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Magazine. The total amount of facilities and factories that the company owns is rather amazing. In China, OSI Food Solutions has up to 10 advanced facilities. Not to forget that this global food producer has been working in China for over two decades. In the United States, OSI has five advanced facilities in:

  • West Jordan, Utah
  • Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
  • Oakland, Iowa
  • Riverside, California
  • West Chicago, Illinois

In addition to that, the company has worked with some of the most popular brands in the food industry. This includes working with Burger King, Yum, Pizza Hut, PapaJohn’s Pizza, Starbucks and Subway. Ray Kroc, the former CEO of McDonald’s, hired OSI as its main producer of beef patties. Business was so good to where OSI would construct a facility that only produced beef patties for McDonald’s. OSI Food Solutions has definitely been on top of its game. The company is always looking to expand, and it possesses fine leadership. CEO Sheldon Lavin has used his exceptional expertise in finance to enhance the company’s success ever since he took over the role in the 1970s.

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Vijay Eswaran Has Always Advocated For Compassionate Capitalism

Vijay Eswaran is one of the Malaysian business person and an executive chairman of the QI Group of Companies whose headquarters are in Hong Kong. He was born in 1960 in Penang and was once a teacher in Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu and a founder of the Malaysian Hindu Youth Organization. He is one of the hardworking fellows he financed his tertiary education by working as a cab driver in the UK. After graduating in the UK with a degree in socioeconomics, he travelled in Europe in 1984. Over his stay in Europe, he did some odd jobs to earn a living.

It is during this time that he spent over a month in one of the Franciscan monasteries and took a 33-day vow of silence. The experience was critical in the sense that it acted as the core of his first book the Sphere of Silence. Later in the year 1985, he returned to the UK and obtained a professional qualification from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) after studying the binary system of marketing. He later travelled in the US in 1986 and obtained an MBA from the Southern Illinois University. During his studies in the US, he was much involved in multilevel marketing and also worked for systematics, one of the subsidiaries of IBM.

He became the co-founder of the QI group in 1998. The group grew and expanded into e-commerce and based its activities on travel, media, telecommunication as well as training and offering advice to co-operate investments. He has also written several inspirational books. Some of the books he has written include the sphere of silence, in the thinking zone, 18 stepping stones, one of the wings of thoughts as well as the tow minutes from the Abyss. His education, his life story, as well as his working experience, has been the reason behind his great achievements.

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Why Isabel dos Santos is famous in the world

Isabel dos Santos serves a vital role in the African community. In Africa, a continent where women rarely get the chance to get an education and work in high positions, the trained technology expert is making all the difference. The entrepreneur uses her prominent position in the community to promote literacy in all areas. The continent lags in development matters because high-quality education is not available. A successful individuals in the continent, including Isabel dos Santos, got their education oversees. If all African students can get similar opportunities at home, then there would be growth in all areas. Spreading education is not easy on the African continent.

While countries abroad have the best facilities to make their lives better, something needs to change so that Africans can improve their lives. A business leader knows that access to the right knowledge and skills can create employment opportunities for the people at home. Scholarships need to be available for girls and boys who have the potential to do well in their careers. Isabel dos Santos has used her prominent role so well. Her investment wealth has helped thousands of children in African to get an education. Giving back to the African community is something the business executive loves doing. The leader has started many programs in Africa so that education is cheap and available.

For Isabel dos Santos, education is an essential item, and every time she is in Africa, she speaks in many forums, asking governments to empower the education industry. Technology makes businesses thrive. Influential counties in the business world have invested heavily in technology, and their returns are excellent. In Africa, things are different. Many companies in this part of the world have not yet introduced technology in their operations, and this explains why the continent is not prosperous. Africans need to learn and accept that they can never get to the top if they are not willing to embrace technology. Africans believe that technology is a method of reducing employment opportunities, but experts have a different opinion. This is the best way of increasing productivity and dealing with competition in the global market. An Angolan entrepreneurs have hope of getting better with advanced technology.


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Now Nitin Khanna Became An Entrepreneur In Portland, Oregon

Nitin Khanna is a Portland, Oregon-based entrepreneur. He was born in Himachal Pradesh, India which is in the mountainous, northern part of that country. His father served in the military while many of his extended family members owned their own businesses. By being around these businesses he absorbed a lot of information about what it takes to run your own company.

He was sent to a boarding school in Sanawar, India when he was 8 years old. This is one of India’s best boarding schools. For his college education, he emigrated to the United States and became a student at Purdue University. He earned both a BS and an MS in industrial engineering. He thought about earning a Ph.D. in robotics but dropped that idea and started working instead.

He found a job at International Paper where he was entered into their management trainee program. Nitin Khanna managed one of their cardboard box plants for a few years but wasn’t really satisfied with his career. He also worked for Oracle before joining up with his brother, who had also moved to the United States, to establish their own company.

The two brothers established Saber Software in 1999. This company developed software for government including voting, DMVs, Health & Human Resources, and more. When they sold this company in 2008 it had over $300 million in annual revenues. Nitin Khanna used his share to start investing in companies in Portland, Oregon.

His investment firm is MergerTech and he is the chief executive officer. In addition to investing in other companies, Nitin Khanna also serves as a financier who connects entrepreneurs to financial and strategic partners. He also served as the CEO of Cura Cannabis for a period of time which is a company in the burgeoning marijuana industry.

He says that he enjoys working in industries that feature a lot of competition, something that is going on in the marijuana industry. Nitin Khanna says that it all comes down to execution and who does the best at that will come out on top. Competing against other entrepreneurs is something he very much enjoys.

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Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva is a renowned angel investor and an MBA from Oxford. The diversity in his career choices has made him an experienced and mindful individual in the angel industry. His first business venture during his MBA days was successful which acted as a positive sign for his future endeavors. It led to him putting in substantial effort to help young firms and startups with their financial aspects through his brilliant advice.

Riva has his work based across different time zones, so he is habitual of waking up early and starts his day with coffee and plans for the day. He claims that his success factor is self-reflection and meditation. According to him, taking some time out for yourself away from the busy schedule can really help you relax your nerves and prepare you for the grind. He holds that, if given a chance, he would advise his younger self to calm down a bit and take everything with ease.

Planning, organizing and sticking with the schedule is an essential part of Riva and his team’s routine. Moreover, he scrupulously uses Gust along with his team to remain in the loop that shares vital information related to businesses and startup investment plans. He also suggests people read books like Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman to educate yourself about the psychological aspects of the business-related decision-making process.

Riva strongly believes in helping innovation-driven startups to achieve their goals. If a successful venture and a fruitful investment satisfy the consumers and also benefits the society, then there’s no better career choice according to Riva. He is fond of encouraging people and bringing them closer to their dreams while exchanging valuable knowledge. For the companies who refer to him for his expertise, he recommends them to have a rough plan in their mind regarding the type of capital for the startup so that they can proceed accordingly.

Lastly, Riva acknowledges the potential of blockchain technology and how it will benefit the global economy in the years to come.

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Isabel dos Santos Evaluates the Declining Agricultural Sector in Africa and the Necessary Actions for Change

Being a business person, Isabel dos Santos has traveled the world and is an avid policymaker who has been able to push his companies to the highest levels. She has seen the United States, Asia, and Europe. This explains why she is so focused on giving her recent interviews and television shows on how African countries can maximize agricultural production to move forward. She knows that agriculture is the backbone of most African countries. According to Isabel dos Santos, more than 70% of the African countries have agriculture as their source of income and essential economic pillar. Therefore, food shortage should not be an issue in a continent that prides itself as a food producer. However, over the last few years, some countries in Africa have been faced with extreme food shortages, which have led to death and malnutrition among many families.

Isabel dos says that the government needs to inject huge funds in the agriculture sector if it wants the industry to thrive. Unfortunately, most of the governments allocate less than 10% of their budgets to agriculture and agriculture related issues. Some governments are allocating less than 5% to agriculture, which is an issue of concern. To reverse the current trends, the government needs to inject more. Research should be another significant issue that should be incorporated in the agricultural sector. According to Isabel dos Santos, most of the African countries continue to depend on the traditional seeds and tubers for food generation.

Climatic conditions and soil composition has significantly changed, which has led to a significant decline in production. Continued investment in research will bring other plants that are adaptable to the changing soil composition and climate. Agriculture in Africa cannot yield substantial results without mechanization. Complete mechanization is the only solution to the declining agriculture sector. Over-dependence on human labor is retrogressive and something that cannot bring changes in the industry. Innovation needs to be at the center of agricultural production. There should exist huge machines and other equipment that can be used in the entire production process to make everything easier and to increase production as well.

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Igor Cornelsen’s Success in Finance

Igor Cornelsen was born in the city of Curitiba, Brazil. He graduated from Parana University and was a highly demanded job candidate who before technology, could perform calculations that were compound, off-head. He chose to work at Multibanco as a banker of investments and later rose to be a member of the company’s board. His contribution and impact in Multibanco, made him CEO two years later, this being just six years after graduating.

Multibanco was sold out to Bank of America, resulting in Igor Cornelsen working at Unibanco, an investment firm for seven years. He later joined Libra Bank in London and ventured into investing in companies of America. For the first time, he was dealing with United States Stock market, which became a gateway to great opportunities and wealth.

His next achievement was joining Standard Chartered, as a representative of Brazil to the bank. Igor Cornelsen also worked in the directors’ board. After years of working to build successes for other people’s businesses, he decided to found his own company, giving him the chance to practice the knowledge and skills acquired from college and in his roles as a professional at different capacities. He now had direct contact with his clients and could help them through the ways he believed were appropriate.

Igor’s triumphs in his career and marketplace stem from his habit of following news on investment and making market studies. He, however, has a great interest in economies that are developing as they provide opportunities for selling high, after buying low. Igor Cornelsen also uses information that is non-partisan to make decisions and avoids seeking tips from other investors and friends. He believes that at times, their advice may be faulted by experience and prejudices.

Igor Cornelsen follows each tiny detail about finance but ensures he does not get lost in the weeds of the economy. He focuses on the worldwide marketplace as a whole which has helped him think outside the box. He also believes in learning about new trends and their effect on the market in the long run.

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Sharon Prince and Grace Farms: A New Kind of Community Center

Combining the power of space with the power of a community to contribute to serious causes and a pursuit of justice, Grace Farms is on a level of it’s own. Bringing people together to advance common causes has long been the success of a community center and with it’s top notch activities, state of the art buildings and staggeringly beautiful landscapes, Grace Farms seems to make many things very possible to achieve.

Assimilating art, faith, nature, justice and community has been the overall vision of the CEO/President of grace Farms, Sharon Prince Grace Farms. Six days a week, the Grace Farms center is open to the public. There is no fee required in order to take advantage of all the unique opportunities that Grace Farms has to offer. Interacting with people from diverse backgrounds allows for crucial understandings and connections.

Not only is Grace Farms open to the public, their base also new when it is available for use, privately. Private usage enables the facilities of Grace Farms and the river buildings for various activities, including workshops, trainings,roundtables and convenings. Grace Farms is a nonprofit group that is financed by Grace Farms Foundation.

Sharon Prince
Grace Farms CEO and President, Sharon Prince was formerly educated at the University of Tulsa, where she received her BA/BS and MBA. Prior to becoming the visionary behind Grace Farms, Sharon was president of 66North, a technical outerwear clothing brand that was sold in North America.

Since opening Grace Farms, she has garnered global recognition for her efforts to stop child endangerment and exploitation, human trafficking and violence against women. She has won several awards and also serves on the board of Next Generation Nepal, which is a chastity designed help reunite victims of child exploitation and their families.

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Kevin Plank Has Been Entrepreneurial Since His Days In College

The career of Kevin Plank has led him to earn a reputation and both an outstanding businessman and a dedicated philanthropist. He is well known in business circles for his involvement as the Chief Executive Officer at the Under Armour Company. He is also the distinguished founder of the renowned manufacturer of top quality sportswear. It has been under the watchful guidance that Kevin Plank has provided that Under Armour has experienced an impressive pattern of growth. Kevin Plank got his business career going while he was busy studying at the University of Maryland. It was during that time that he kicked off the company known as Cupid’s Valentine. This is a business that operated around the time of Valentine’s Day by selling roses. The money that he obtained from this venture ended up being utilized as the startup capital for his company Under Armour.

While attending the University of Maryland, Kevin Plank played for the football team. It was this experience that gave him the idea for the business concept behind Under Armour. The fact that Kevin found himself sweating through the t-shirts that he wore under his jersey led him to want to come up with a solution. The creation of Under Armour was based on Kevin Plank’s desire to find a way to keep athletes dry even while they are working hard.

Kevin Plank is notable for his business accomplishments but he is also notable for his dedicated commitment to philanthropy. He has routinely been a generous donor to his alma mater of the University of Maryland. He recently made yet another major donation to the school. This was in the amount of $25 million and it was given to be utilized to fund research as well as complex for the athletics complex. This is yet another example of the generosity that Kevin Plank has demonstrated throughout his business career. Find out more about Kevin Plank: