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Blake Mallen Finds Success As Entrepreneur

Blake Mallen was studying at the University of California, San Diego, when he had an epiphany. He had always worked hard in school and was making his way toward a law degree when he realized he was only on this path because others had told him it was the only way to make something of himself. He didn’t want to be a lawyer or follow the conventional career path. He finished a degree in political science in 2002 and then went into business for himself.

He had discovered direct marketing one day while still a college student. He worked for a telecommunications company, The Free Network, LLC, up through when they went out of business in 2005. Blake Mallen had built a large sales team and didn’t want to lose that so he co-founded his own direct sales company, ViSalus Sciences.

His company manufactures weight management nutritional products. These are now sold by independent distributors in the United States, Canada, Italy, and the United Kingdom. It has headquarters in both Los Angeles, CA, and Venice, Italy. The two best selling products are Vi Trim Clear Control Drink Mix and Vi Go Instant Energy.

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He co-founded another company in January 2017, Liv Global. This company has an app that lets people know about extraordinary experiences they can be a part of. Paid members get access to exclusive events and daily promotions. Blake Mallen is the President of this company. He handles business planning, marketing, and communications.

Blake Mallen also has an investment firm, HashTagOne, which is also based in Los Angeles. He invests in technology startups. One company he invested in is Heal. This company produces an app that provides primary healthcare to adults and children. He also invested in Saucey which is an app that people can use to order food for delivery.

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The rise of Isabel dos Santos disrupts the wealth gap

The world’s population can be put into three wealth brackets. We have people surviving with less than a dollar a day, the middle-class people, and the uppermost bracket that belongs to the world’s dollar billionaires. Individuals in the uppermost bracket do not only stand far from the rest of the population, but also most people look up to them for inspiration and guidance.

For many years, white males have dominated the list of world billionaires. However, this pattern has been changing slowly over the years, and we see new faces in the billionaires’ list. Isabel dos Santos, a celebrated African entrepreneur, is among the latest entrants into the record. She is among the 11 black billionaires, of the 2,043 billionaires in the world. Visit Isabel Dos Santos on her youtube channel.

How does the rise of black billionaires affect wealth gap?

History, people who reside close to influential people, tend to benefit from the trappings of power than others. Money is a powerful tool that can be used to transform people and societies. So, as more black entrepreneurs rise to become billionaires, it is only natural that people in their households and communities will begin benefiting from their success. Such a situation can help to create more successful entrepreneurs from underdeveloped countries.

This is precisely what Isabel dos Santos and other successful entrepreneurs are doing in Africa. As a leader in the African business community, Isabel dos Santos strives to take opportunities to her motherland. She is a frequent speaker in many economic forums around the globe, and her message revolves around promoting development in Africa and empowering the underprivileged.

Isabel believes that taking development to Africa can help to solve the various problems facing the continent, including poor infrastructure and poor telecommunications. Isabel also believes that taking technological development to Africa can increase economic opportunities just like in wealthy nations.

Isabel dos Santos doesn’t just talk; she has stepped her foot on the ground to ensure that she walks the talk. She is the biggest shareholder in Unitel, Angola’s largest telecommunication company. Unitel has revolutionized communication in Angola and also contributed to infrastructure upgrade across the country. Unitel is also one of the biggest employers in Angola with over 50,000 employees. Read more:

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Isabel Dos Santos, the Richest Woman From Angola

Isabel Dos Santos is a highly prolific Businesswoman in the world and among the richest and most influential ladies in the world. She was born in Africa, Angola in the year 1973, 20th of April. Isabel is a daughter of a very prominent person in Angola, Eduardo Dos Santos who is the former president of the country. She was named the richest woman in Africa by Forbes with the net worth of 3 billion US dollars. Isabel generated her wealth from her investment back in her country’s companies and corporates though she has other businesses outside Africa. Isabel was recognized as one of the most influential women in the world that was in the year 2005.

Isabel studied in the United Kingdom since her primary level to her higher education. She is an alumnus of Cobham Hall Girls Boarding School, and afterward, she joined the King’s College in London where she pursued her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. After she was through with her studies, Isabel dos Santos started working with some engineering companies. She has been working in some of the top-ranked European companies in the world assuming the top leadership positions.

In1997, Isabel Dos Santos started her in business, the trucking business and that was the beginning of her entrepreneurship journey. In the same year, she opened another business, the Miami Beach Club, and it was the first night club and restaurant to be set up in Luanda Island. She also started some businesses back at her original homeland. In2016, Isabel Dos Santos was appointed the President of an Angolan Oil Company known as Sonangol Company.

Isabel Dos Santos is also an investor who has ventured in the telecommunication industry. She partnered with Portugal Telecom and launched the Unite Telecom. Moreover, she has a partnership with a satellite TV operator known as ZAP.

Isabel is a role model to the society especially, the women from Africa. She works hard to ensure that women prosper and get inspired as they are important persons in contributing to the vast world economy. She always speaks at conferences emphasising on empowering the girl child.

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The Value of Purpose According to Vijay Eswaran

Purpose is one of the more talked about topics when it comes to life in general. People who are happier and more fulfilled are more likely to be living their purpose. Vijay Eswaran himself recognizes the value of purpose. This is one of the reasons that he is so successful. There are also plenty of people who are walking throughout life aimlessly. Often times, they are not as happy as the purpose-filled individual. In some cases, the misery that comes with a lack of purpose can be very agonizing to the individual. This is why it is important for people to find a purpose.

One thing that Vijay Eswaran states is that a life without purpose is a life that is not lived. In order to gain a burning desire, one must have a purpose. One of the benefits to having a purpose is that it cultivates a sense of urgency. People are inspired to work harder because they know that if they don’t, their purpose won’t come to pass. This also brings about an eagerness to work that propels people. People who live by purpose are less likely to drag their feet than those who are aimless about their lives.

One good thing about purpose is that it makes certain aspects of life easier. For instance, when one has a purpose, it is easier for him to make sacrifices. This is one example of the value of purpose. Vijay Eswaran has cultivated a sense of purpose. He is also able to help people develop a sense of purpose for their own lives. His business is built around helping people live their lives to the fullest. He can also help people go beyond what they thought they can do. Vijay has built a good career on helping others and uplifting them.