American Addiction Centers Releases Drunk Driving Statistics in the US

A recent survey conducted by the American Addiction Centers has revealed some shocking statistics on drivers driving under the influence of alcohol. The frightening report shows that there are many people out there who are still driving in a blackout state.

There are many dangers of driving while totally drunk the number one being causing accidents on the roads. What alcohol does to the brain when drunk is that it distorts the memory and impairs judgment as well as vision.

From the American Addiction Center survey, it was discovered that many Americans engage in binge drinking, especially during the holidays. The survey comes at a time when the nation is about to celebrate Independence Day. This is one of the holidays that from history, and research is known to be the day that many Americans engage in heavy drinking.

The report was released before the Independence Day celebration by AAC to caution many Americans from engaging in drinking and driving habits and also to encourage those addicted to seeking assistance.

From the survey sample size, 57 percent of the responded admitted to binge drinking on the 4th of July. That is just but a tip in the iceberg as there are many more shocking revelations coming from the survey. Also, from the report, 36 percent of the people who participated in the interview admitted having driven at least once in a blackout state. Read more: American Addiction Centers | RehabsĀ  and American Addiction Centers Reality Blackout Drunk Driving | Gazetteday

A blackout state for those that do not know what it means is a state where the long term memory is distorted, and the short term memory is partially functioning. It is a state when a person can engage in risky behaviors and cannot completely remember afterward.

The blackout state is also characterized by difficulties in walking, speech as well as standing. A person driving in this state cannot be able to make a proper judgment on the road. Also, in most cases, cannot be able to see clear as vision gets impaired.

Also, from the report, AAC found out that 10 percent of the people who took part in the survey said they were fine to drive even when drunk. The 10 percent were found out to have a history of driving under the influence. Twenty-six percent of the respondent said that the rideshare apps could not make them not drive home when drunk.

Also half of the survey participants said that they at one time boarded a car that was driven by a drunk driver. They research concluded by reporting that more than ten percent of the participant said they were in fit to drive after having a couple of beers for beer takers and a couple of wine glasses for those that take wine.

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