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Career and professional outlook of Stratford shields Quick recap

Stratford shields are the current Managing Director of Loop capital markets. The Chicago-based firm is at the public finance investment-banking group industry and has its major clients from the northeast and middle west. Before his current position, he worked as a president of the state controlling board. Stratford has also held a deputy director position for Ohio office of management and budget.

School life

Stanford studied at Ohio state university where he has a B.A in history. He is also a graduate of Columbia University with an MA and MBA from the same university. In an interview, Stratford shields relate his success to following his clients’ ideas and paying attention to small details. He also supports the privatization of university and health care systems.


Stratford shields have been an industry leader with over 20 years of presence in the municipal finance industry. At the industry, he served as a treasurer, deputy chair and as chairperson of the security industry financial markets association (SIMFA). During his time at the division, he led an effort for placing a voluntary ban on the security firms against financially funding bond ballots election- Doing so he believes it would help safeguard the country’s elections from interference by elites.

Stratford also boasts of experience in the investment banking and privatization industries. Major transactions he undertook to include the $480 million deal with Ohio State University for a 50-year parking system concession. At the peak of his career, he oversaw transactions worth more than $30 billion for different clients such as hospital systems, airports, states, cities and sewer entities. He assisted these clients with the management of their credit.

Stratford has also served as a head of public finance in two major Wall Street firms: Morgan Stanley (5 years and Loop Capital markets (currently). During his time, he improved the ranking of the firm from #10 to #4.

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