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Blake Mallen: It’s Time To Write A New Script For Success

There are a lot of things that society tells us that you are supposed to be doing and some of these seem to be constants throughout the world. Entrepreneur and co-founder of ViSalus Blake Mallen recently gave a TEDx Talk about the “prescription for success”, or Script, that almost everyone in the world is told they have to follow in order to be happy with their lives. During this talk, he mentioned facts like one of the most common regrets that people have before they died is that they were not living true to themselves. He wants people to start living a life that may be different than what is expected of them. Instead, he wants people to live lives that make them happy by completing shifting the script away from what is expected of them.

One of the most important things that Blake Mallen, the ViSalus co-founder, wants people to understand is that they must accept that they are living by a script in order to start making the changes that are needed to shift it to something else. If the script that you are currently living by is working, the entrepreneur with a Political Science degree from the University of Califonia insists that you are more than you should, by all means, consider sticking to it. If you realize that it isn’t working, you Blake Mallen suggests finding the path that works for you and potentially creating your own,

ViSalus is a lifestyle brand that is marketed through direct sales. The company was one of the first direct sales companies to use the power of social media to market their products through a challenge format. This format proved extremely popular and Blake Mallen documented his experiences with flipping the script through an online blog that became quite popular as the lifestyle brand took off. Now, ViSalus does business in several countries throughout the globe and it is constantly expanding. If you are not happy with the life that you are currently living, it’s important to ask what you can do to change things to create a better now and a better future.

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