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Bhanu Choudhrie Contribution to the Success of the Indian Airline Sector

Bhanu Choudhrie, one of the leading entrepreneurs in London who was named as an entrepreneur of the year in 2018, is an investor and a philanthropist in the private equity sector. He notes that one of his growing business is the Alpha Aviation Group that continues to offer airline pilot training in the Philippines. The institution provides a high-qualified expert team with modern facilities and a state-of-art comprehensive programs for pilots. The company has seen several acquisitions in the aviation sector, which include Indian Air Decan. Under the acquisition, the company grew to be India’s powerhouse with about 200 flights daily.

Taking Risks As an Investor

Although pursuing his ambitions in the Indian airline was a great risk, Choudhrie says it was worth it made him learn many lessons that have gone a long way in his career. At first, the price of fuel rose, and the profit margins reduced, leading him to go at a loss. Bhanu Choudhrie investment in the aviation sector, however, resulted in growth in the Indian aviation sector and allowed investors to support a variety of business in the sector.

The Ability to Solve Problems

According to Choudhrie, one of his achievements was the ability to solve problems in the aviation sector, which included finding qualified aviation pilots. He did this by partnering with Prescient System and Technologies that made it possible to train pilots effectively. The qualified pilots were one of the biggest problems in the industry even more than the prices of oil and other economic factors. The existing infrastructure in training of pilots in India was weak before the investment by Bhanu Choudhrie. Once trained, the pilots showed proven track records that enabled the sector to flourish that lead to growth opportunities for Indian airlines.

Bhanu Choudhrie Final Advice for the Investors

Choudhrie’s company has formed relationships with various commercial airlines in India. Through the relationships, the sector has flourished, leading to the Asian-Pacific region is a leading hub of development. Choudhrie advice businesspeople to develop respect for hard work and recognize the value for money. The secret to success, according to Bhanu Choudhrie, is developing the ability to support and work with other teams as this can result in achieving more success in business.