Betsy Devos on the Issues

Betsy Devos is the Secretary of the Board of Education appointed by President Trump in 2016 as one of the first significant changes in his new presidency. Trump saw this as a positive strategic appointment because of the history of Ms. Devos’ career with the educational system in Grands Rapids, Michigan. Since the beginning of her public career, Betsy and her husband Dick have been involved in philanthropy for the Republican Party both at the state level and national level, and Betsy Devos has earned a very prestigious name as one of the forerunners for Charter schools in the public education system of Michigan. When she moved to Washington, DC, she brought along all of the improved strategies so that the national educational system could be improved also.


The Devos family is well-known as major contributors as well as a family that takes positive action for their causes. Betsy and Dick Devos are the founders of the charter school founded at the Grand Rapids airport that has a curriculum designed especially for those students interested in a career in the airport industry. The school is located right on the airport property and offers a well-devised program for graduation.


Richard Devos, Dick’s father, is known as the founder of the international direct sales company, Amway. Dick Devos served as CEO for a decade while his companies were growing to the influence they have today. Dick and Betsy have served side by side for 40 years in the Grand Rapids area renewing corporate and educational laws to keep the city and state updated. They have promoted laws that benefit the registered citizens of the area to improve the economy.


Ms. Devos carries her professionalism in every area of her new career in the White House office. When President Trump was about to make a significant announcement about the change of policy with respect to transgender use of the restrooms, Ms. Devos quietly discussed this with the other leaders, ahead of time, so it would not be a surprise to them. She is known to be extremely polite and considerate publicly but is also determined, driven and a very effective public fighter. She uses the amassed fortunes to support her conservative promotions, which agree with the national Republican attitude. She is very effective in her position, and the national schools are beginning to show progress because of her work.


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