Sergey Petrossov Creates a Private Flying App


Sergey Petrossov is one of the youngest and most successful business leaders in the history of the sector. He is the founder and CEO of a young company called JetSmarter. Even though he is new to the world of business, he is not naïve. He has already taken the private travel industry by storm. With his guidance, JetSmarter has turned the world of private jet travel on its head. He has received investments from a large number of highly successful investors and he has put their capital to work, quickly expanding his company into one of the main names in the world of travel. Sergey Petrossov has designed an app that has completely changed the way people book a private flight.

The days of having to call someone up to book a seat on a private plane are over. His app does all of this work instead. By downloading the JetSmarter app, people can become a member and see all of the different private flights that are available and still have seats open. Then, people can take a look at the prices of each of these flights. With the push of a button, people are able to book a seat on any of these planes, making the process a breeze. If someone has their own plane, they can even create a slot with a new flight from a new airport if they desire. This has already changed the way so many people book a flight on a private plane. The company is poised to grow in the future.


Sergey Petrossov has already enjoyed success that has not been seen so quickly in this sector. His company is worth more than $1 billion. Even though he is already a major success, Sergey Petrossov is not done yet. He wants his company to continue to grow so that more people than ever before can have access to the world of private jet travel. 



Your brain is your computer. It works hard as the key control system for your body. It does so many jobs which function in your life. The most challenging thing about the brain – is to keep it going! Keep the brain healthy!

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Keep the brain high functioning as we age! There is no magic cure for immortality. The next best thing we can do is to stimulate the brain, and follow beneficial guidelines for a long and cognitive life. Moreover, you will want to give your brain a gift, namely Prevagen.

Do you know about this wonderful dietary supplement that has come out for your brain? Yes, Prevagen is remarkable. It is made with an amazing substance found in jellyfish: Apoaequorin!

This product has been found helpful in brain function, memory loss, sharpens the mind, and helps improve clearer thinking. This is exactly what the aging population needs!

Yes, it is so important to exercise. You’ve probably heard of those seniors who are aged 90 years old and running marathons. They model good lifestyle habits. They teach us that it is indeed good to be physically fit at any age, and to develop a stance on aging slowly. It can be done.

Studies have taught us, that a wee bit of exercise can do you worlds of good. A small amount of exercise is better than having a morning cup of coffee. It aids the body better than caffeine consumption!

So get moving and live longer! Feel better! Believe it or not, exercise especially aerobic exercise, improves brain function. The hippocampus is that part of the brain which connects cardiovascular fitness and cognition!

Another important thing is to live in a stress free environment. Take yoga classes and learn meditation. Your brain will thank you for this added strategy to good health and memory.

Additionally, some people wonder if brain games really do help in preserving your memory. The fact is when you play brain games it stimulates the brain into a preservation mode for processing, reasoning, sharpness, and prevents memory loss.

If you do some of these things it will definitely help you to live a more enriched life. Naturally, you will want to supplement your health with taking Prevagen.

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There have been clinical trials and studies which corroborate this better brain functioning result. Some trials included adults with mild cognitive impairment.

It has been noted that by taking just one Prevagen a day for over 90 days, improved memory loss!

If you want to be a super senior take Prevagen, and combine it with a health lifestyle of nutrition, and exercise. Pamper your brain, and it will remain high functioning! So, just take one a day, and keep memory loss at bay.

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Maarten De Jeu Compares The Benefits Of Commercial Property To Stocks & Bonds

Drawing on several decades of experience in the sector, Maarten De Jeu is an accomplished business strategy advisor who has worked with a variety of firms during his career. Throughout this time, he has developed a significant amount of expertise in the niche, which has allowed him to offer a wealth of high-quality services to each of his clients.


For much of his career, De Jeu has advised a large number of his clients to invest in commercial real estate property, which he claims can offer a variety of benefits. Though he admits that there will be a significant amount of capital needed to take advantage of the niche initially, the entrepreneur notes that this investment can provide a considerable return, with this being seen quite quickly.


The primary reason for this is that rent from the property should start coming in almost immediately, which will mean that investors will start making their money back in the weeks following the purchase. While this may start small, Maarten De Jeu highlights that this can be quite significant over the long-term. Coupled with this is that there are a variety of regulatory allowances that enable investors to increase rent over time. Learn more:


As a result of this, he notes that the return on investment that commercial real estate owners will see should increase significantly the longer they own the property. This is something that he highlights can be considerably more than the returns that the majority of investors will see with stocks and bonds. One of the more negative aspects of the niche has traditionally been the fees that are associated with property management and maintenance.


However, Maarten De Jeu highlights that these have been reduced drastically over the past few years, with this being driven by a variety of advancements in the niche. As a result, he notes that online access to a portfolio allows investors to manage their assets in a much more cost- and time-effective manner, which could be quite an attractive benefit for a considerable number of people.


Alongside this, the strategic business advisor has claimed that there can be significantly more advantages to the niche, although many of these will be seen long-term. Perhaps the most notable of these is that commercial real estate property can provide a considerable amount of protection against inflation. The largest reason for this is that the value of a property can often increase much faster than goods and services.


As a result, Maarten De Jeu has claimed that this appreciation could ensure that investors will be able to reap a significant number of dividends over time. While the value of a property will rise and fall over time, he notes that there is typically an upward trend over the long-term.


These benefits are coupled with the fact that commercial real estate property is a hard asset, which contrasts it quite significantly with stocks and bonds. This should mean that there is a much greater potential for making a long-term profit with the niche than other investments.

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Peter Harris Pushes CBL Corporation Limited to its Initial Public Offer (IPO)

Every startup company envisions the day it will issue its shares to the members of the public through Initial Public Offering (IPO). It is the success of the company that determines whether it will ever reach such stages in its life. However, other companies reach this stage within two years of operations, which is a clear demonstration of success and professional management. CBL Corporation Limited, a specialty insurance company operating in New Zealand and Australia, had the vision of offering its stock to the members of the public.

However, without professional guidance and management of Peter Harris, the whole vision would not have been realized. As a knowledgeable and experienced business expert, Harris has played a key role in the issuance of the first stocks in the IPO. He helped the company to structure the number of shares that will be traded in the stock market. Coming up with such structures is not a simple undertaking, and it calls for much knowledge and skills.

By helping CBL insurance to sell its stocks to the members of the public, Peter Harris helped the organization to generate sufficient amount that it has been using in its operations. Traditionally, thousands of companies have been raising funds for operational purposes through the stock exchange. Using IPO to raise funds for operational purposes is, therefore, a considerable achievement in the life of any company. It would be very hard to sustain the operations of any company without sourcing funds from the stock market.

Another advantage that Peter Harris brought to the CBL insurance company is enhancing its industrial reputation and the overall image of the company. Most of the companies that operate in the stock market are held in high regard in the market. Customers will always be interested in working with companies that operate in the stock market because they are professionally managed and are controlled by various government and private bodies.

About Peter Harris

Peter Harris is an experienced financial expert who has background in accountancy and marketing. He understands the financials of any company and can make sound financial structures for the benefit and progress of any company.

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Sujit Choudry Edits Collection Of Constitutional Essays

Sujit Choudry is an expert in the field of constitutional law. He served as a constitutional law scholar for a number of years at prestigious educational institutions that included the University of Toronto and the University of California at Berkeley. Mr. Choudry holds degrees from both Oxford and Harvard. He has had the privilege of arguing cases before the Supreme Court of Canada.

Recently, Sujit Choudry and George Anderson have co-edited a collection of essays entitled “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions.” This collection contains 17 different case studies that highlight the difficulties that arise in drafting constitutions in those nations that are having conflicts over territory. The case studies include information regarding constitutional challenges is both large and small nations. Cases are also presented regarding challenges in nations that are ethnically diverse and nations that are segmented into a number of different regions each with its own agenda. In these case studies, some of the countries whose situations were considered are Cyprus, Nigeria, Nepal, Ukraine, Spain and Sri Lanka.

With each essay in the collection, the author provides a set of recommendations as to how the constitutional problem might be overcome. At the end of the collection, there is an essay that attempts to draw all of the information in the collection into a cogent whole.

In addition to the release of this collection of essays, Sujit Choudry and George Anderson have released a policy paper providing their insights on how territorial challenges can be resolved in the constitutional process.

The collection of essays and the policy paper are recommended for those who have an interest in constitutional law and policy making. The collection has been highly recommended by Nicholas Haysom who worked for the United Nations and by Nancy Bermeo who is a scholar at both Princeton University and Oxford University.

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How Chicago Encourages People To Work Together

Smita Shah is responsible for the creation of Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon in 2014. She was able to create the event due to her involvement in the Chicago Sister Cities International Delhi Committee (CSCIDC). CSCIDC was created from an initiative of the World Business Chicago. The declaration of Mahatma Gandhi Day on October 2, 2019, was made by the Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot at the Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon. CSCIDC is one of many boards of directors Shah is a member. Smita Shah Chicago created SPANN Tech (SPN Tech) in 1998. Shah’s leadership of the company led to her receiving many awards such as Best of Business in Chicago Engineering Services offered by the Small Business Commerce Association.


Smita Shah Chicago led SPN Tech to partner with A. Epstein & Sons International Inc to work on a $6.6 billion project for all O’Hara’s airports. Shah’s partners understood Shah did not believe in mediocrity. Shah believed SPN Tech struggled in the beginning because she was an Indian-American woman who worked in construction and engineering. SPN Tech has been able to work on projects such as making improvements worth $510 million to the Chicago Transit Authority’s Blue Line. Shah has been able to work and still be able to participate in galas and other political events. Shah is familiar with politics as she was the Vice-Chairperson of the Rules Committee at the Democratic National Convention.


The proclamation of Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago shows the city recognizes Gandhi’s impact on the world with his philosophy of nonviolence. Gandhi help changed education and economic opportunities. Chicago also uses Mahatma Gandhi Day to honor the Indian culture that exists in the city. Shah’s work as an engineer has not gone unnoticed as she has won an award called American Consulting Engineers Council of Illinois Community Leader of the Year. Shah’s guidance of SP Tech created growth that landed the company on 1,821st on the list of Inc. magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies. Learn more:


Shah has been a part of the Rules Committee that would decide to reinstate Florida’s or Michigan’s delegates when the states broke party rules. The party rules were broken when Florida and Michigan would hold their primaries too early prior to February 5. Shah has worked as an intern for President Bill Clinton. Shah has also been a part of trade missions to India. Shah has shown she is a role model whose professional career can be influential to any entrepreneur. She attended Northwestern University, Oxford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Shah believes people should work together. Shah has been a strategic advisor for organizations involved in public policy. She has worked with a few White House Administrations.


Shah would like to see more growth in small businesses that operate in emerging industries. Shah has served as the United States’ delegate for the APEC Women and the Economy Forum (WEF). Some of Shah’s works assists the White House Advance Team. Shah has reached a few professional milestones while helping SPC Tech generate over $9 million in revenue.

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American Addiction Centers Are the Cure to Your Addiction

The American Centers wants everyone to become more knowledgeable about the dangers of Benzodiazepines (benzos). As these prescriptions are becoming more prevalent in our society they are creating a large number of patients to become addicted. These benzos, also more popularly known as Ambien, Klonopin, Ativan, Xanax, and Valium, are usually prescribed to treat medical conditions such as seizures and anxiety. However, they can be dangerously addictive.

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Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, the Chief Medical Officer, at American Addiction Centers recently joined other professionals in a recent article discussing the benzo addiction. Dr. Weinstein cautions that your first treatment option should not be a benzo for most patients. They should be considered as a second or third line of defense. If prescribed there should be a clear end date to prevent addiction.

He also suggests, if a benzo is prescribed, that you have a major discussion with your prescribing physician. This should include a thorough discussion of the side effects and signs of increased tolerance leading to addiction.

Dr. Weinstein believes that education is a key to knowing and understanding your prescription. Above all, everyone needs to understand that there is a strong likelihood of addiction for any patient prescribed a benzo on a long-term treatment basis.

People using benzodiazepines continues to increase. According to Weinstein, a 2018 study discovered that one in eight adults have used benzos during the last year. Of those numbers, 17% were abusing the drug.

This indicates that the increased usage leads to an increased number of patients suffering from benzo addiction. This does not mean that the abuse is intentional. Weinstein cautioned that it can take a few months, or less, to become addicted.

As previously mentioned, Dr. Weinstein believes that benzos should not be your first line of defense. He believes your condition should be treated with lower-risk drugs or through non-pharmacological interventions. For example, he suggests the use of SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) which offer a much less likelihood of abuse.

Though SSRIs are more often used to treat depression they are also a good choice for people suffering from chronic anxiety. If drugs are not prescribed there are strong interventions such as therapy and relaxation techniques. They result in being the safest option. They are very effective in the management of anxiety.

If you or someone you know might be suffering from Benzodiazepine abuse there are symptoms to be aware of which include: difficulty breathing, a lack of coordination, dizziness, mood changes blurred vision, weakness, slurred speech, drowsiness, or poor judgment and decision making.

Usually, an addiction can be observed as the abuser shows an increasing amount of time looking for and then abusing benzos. S/he will also exhibit uncharacteristic behaviors.

There are many behaviors such as withdrawal from friends, a shift in moods, engaging in risk-taking behaviors, stealing or borrowing money are just a few. Also, you may find prescriptions from several different doctors. Or, the same type of benzo prescribed from different pharmacies all during the same period. Benzos are also available from friends, drug dealers, and so forth.

If a person becomes a chronic abuser of Benzodiazepines there can be grave consequences which can result in death, coma, anxiety, headaches, tremors, memory issues, anorexia, and insomnia. Death is rare unless the user is mixing benzos with opioids or alcohol.

Before you, a friend, or family member reaches this crisis point it is imperative to contact American Addiction Centers.

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They have many locations and they will offer you a medical detox. This will be followed by intensive therapy and continued aftercare. They know how to help addicts and they are always there to help you.

Learn more about American Addiction Centers:


Factors That Made James Dondero Such A Substantial Force In Financial Services

Learning about people who have managed to make it big in business encourages people to chase their dreams by going further in their pursuit of higher education, relevant certifications, or going above and beyond in whatever commercial, occupational, or other capacities that are helpful for improving our likelihoods of doing well in life.

One of these people is Jim Dondero, an American businessman who is widely considered as one of the domestic leaders in alternative investment management. Everything referenced below regarding Mr. Dondero’s career in business, pursuit of educational attainments, and extensive activity as a philanthropist is entirely true – while his experience obviously isn’t to be expected in people’s own lives, it certainly serves as a powerful motivating force.

Before Highland Capital Management, Dondero racked up exceptional prior financial services experience

Jim Dondero went to the University of Virginia, where he double-majored in Finance and Accounting. Mr. Dondero was also an active member of the school’s Beta Gamma Sigma chapter, its leading academic honor society.

Dondero initially was hired by JP Morgan following his attainment of two highly-valuable bachelor’s degrees, which he primarily pursued to satisfy requirements of popular certifications chosen by financial services professionals, such as that of Certified Public Accountant.

Shortly after being hired by JP Morgan, just over a year into his tenure there, Dondero was able to sit for various high-level certification exams for financial pros, securing each of the following distinctions: Certified Management Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst, and Certified Public Accountant.

Before Highland was founded, Dondero also worked for American Express in alternative investment management, as well as Protective Life, a major domestic insurance policy and financial services provider, as an executive of its powerful GIC subsidiary.

Philanthropy is both a hobby and passion of James Dondero’s

Jim Dondero formed the Highland Dallas Foundation as a spinoff of Highland Capital Management. The firm helps Dondero and Highland Capital Management alike stay on top of their philanthropic goals, as Foundation CEO Mary Jalonick oversees the delegation of substantial donations to deserving causes throughout Dallas.

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Marc Beer

Why Marc Beer Founded Renovia?

Of the many successful enterprises under Marc Beer’s belt, he’s most associated with Renovia. Currently, Beer serves as the company’s CEO and Chairman, but he’s also a co-founder. He founded the company alongside Dr. Ray Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie. Renovia, a med-tech based in Boston, develops therapeutic and diagnostic devices for women living with pelvic floor disorders.

Their goal is to provide effective, first-line diagnosis and treatment, something desperately needed by nearly 25 percent of women in the United States today. Pelvic floor disorders can lead to several conditions, including urinary and fecal incontinence is among the least problematic conditions.

Dr. Iglesias starting thinking about an idea like Renovia ten years before co-founding the company. Dr. Iglesias is a gynecologist who spent the first 35 years of his career performing life-saving pelvic floor surgeries. With the number of surgeries he was performing, he wondered why no one was trying to develop a line of products to help women avoid the surgical necessity.

After getting a phone call from Dr. Iglesias asking for his help, Marc Beer did some research and found some staggering statistics related to pelvic floor disorders. He not only found the outrageous number of women suffering from these disorders, but he found that the ambulatory costs that these women paid between 2005 and 2006 were nearly $300 million; $298 million to be exact.

The beer left the details of the product to line to Dr. Iglesias and Lorie, but he knew he could affect the costs women faced. Beer also took charge of the direction the company went in, as he intended to develop innovative and proprietary sensor technologies. He also wanted Renovia to be the first to develop a digital health platform.

Renovia was founded in 2016, and in 2018, the company surpassed its first milestone. In April of 2018, the FDA approved the first Renovia-developed product called Leva. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, that same year, Beer landed a round of Series B funding, totaling $32 million for future technologies. They also had access to the additional $10 million from venture funding. Learn more:

Though releasing their first FDA-approved product was huge; getting the Series B funding was unexpected. Beer talked about his and the company’s excitement in a brief interview after the announcement was made. Having that kind of support behind what they’re trying to do is inspiring and only makes them want to achieve their goal that much faster.

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Sudhir Choudhrie: The Business Leader Behind Alpha C&C Group

Sudhir Choudhrie is someone who has had a large impact on the healthcare, aviation and arms trade industries owing to the numerous positive endeavors that he has carried out. He has been the leader behind some of the top biggest companies in India and the UK and is someone who believes in working hard to achieve a high amount of success. Sudhir Choudhrie was born in Delhi and was raised by his mother following the death of his father. He looks up to his mother as his inspiration and the person who he deems to be a role model. He was always interested in being an entrepreneur and decided that he would go on to learn more about the business.

He decided that economics would be the best route for him to pursue and attended the University of Delhi and attained a degree in economics there. He always knew that he wanted to one day lead his own company and worked hard to achieve that goal.  At the time of graduating, Sudhir Choudhrie had an uncle who owned his own aerospace and defense company. The prospect of this intrigued him and motivated him to take on his own ventures. Soon after graduating he decided to not join the family business that his grandfather had started and instead choose to start up his own company. He started a new business that would bring televisions into India from the UK.

This was done at a time when televisions weren’t as commonly available in India and people were just starting to buy them from their homes. He entered into a deal with the Indian Government to supply televisions to them for their own needs, and this helped his company grow stronger than ever.  After seeing a good amount of success within this industry, he decided that he would extend to other ventures. This led him to establish his trading company known as Magnum Trading Company. This was a company that mainly operated within the area of exports. The next company that Sudhir Choudhrie founded was Alpha C&C Group. This was a company that mainly focused on investing in new ventures and new companies that seemed to have good prospects. Click here.