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Why Isabel dos Santos is famous in the world

Isabel dos Santos serves a vital role in the African community. In Africa, a continent where women rarely get the chance to get an education and work in high positions, the trained technology expert is making all the difference. The entrepreneur uses her prominent position in the community to promote literacy in all areas. The continent lags in development matters because high-quality education is not available. A successful individuals in the continent, including Isabel dos Santos, got their education oversees. If all African students can get similar opportunities at home, then there would be growth in all areas. Spreading education is not easy on the African continent.

While countries abroad have the best facilities to make their lives better, something needs to change so that Africans can improve their lives. A business leader knows that access to the right knowledge and skills can create employment opportunities for the people at home. Scholarships need to be available for girls and boys who have the potential to do well in their careers. Isabel dos Santos has used her prominent role so well. Her investment wealth has helped thousands of children in African to get an education. Giving back to the African community is something the business executive loves doing. The leader has started many programs in Africa so that education is cheap and available.

For Isabel dos Santos, education is an essential item, and every time she is in Africa, she speaks in many forums, asking governments to empower the education industry. Technology makes businesses thrive. Influential counties in the business world have invested heavily in technology, and their returns are excellent. In Africa, things are different. Many companies in this part of the world have not yet introduced technology in their operations, and this explains why the continent is not prosperous. Africans need to learn and accept that they can never get to the top if they are not willing to embrace technology. Africans believe that technology is a method of reducing employment opportunities, but experts have a different opinion. This is the best way of increasing productivity and dealing with competition in the global market. An Angolan entrepreneurs have hope of getting better with advanced technology.


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Isabel Dos Santos Continues To Stand Up For The Working Rights Of Women All Over The World

Isabel dos Santos is an African businesswoman who continues to work hard to make the changes in the world she wants to see. She is daughter of the former president of Angola and has worked with UNITEL for many years as a member of its board of directors. A lot of her work today involves helping women to find their voices and to become a driving force in the workplace. She has also helped many women to find employment opportunities by encouraging them to educate themselves. She has focused a lot of her efforts on helping women in Africa, but she believes women from all over the world can benefit from her message of equality.

Isabel dos Santos recently commented that when you create employment opportunities for women, you are betting on the success of the communities they live in. Most working women invest into their family’s well being, and this means that everyone benefits when women are successful. In Africa, many women are having a difficult time because of the male-dominated economy in the country. Dos Santos has struggled with this, herself, many times and recently revealed that she is often asked what her husband does at parties because of how successful she appears. She talked further about the matter by explaining how all of her decisions are questioned as soon as she presents them because she is a woman.

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Isabel dos Santos believes that one of the biggest challenges that progress in the area faces is dealing with the issue on a global level. It is difficult for women to even speak about matters related to the topic because it puts them at risk for being singled out and punished for it. Many women have challenged the status quo and found themselves without a job soon after. Isabel dos Santos feels that most women have to work very hard to present their ideas in a way where they are accepted. What is even more challenging for women is the fact that they don’t receive nearly the same amount of funding in the earlier stages of their enterprises that men do.

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Education Reform

Betsy DeVos Continues To Support The Expansion Of Charter Schools In The USA

Betsy DeVos is a hard working American businesswoman who wants to see an improved educational system in the United States. She has been focused on supporting the expansion of charter schools in Michigan and many other U.S. states for years and believes they are a good alternative to a failing public school system. DeVos has been very clear that she doesn’t want to shut America’s public school system down but that she just wants to give families in the country more educational choices. For over three decades, she has been a leader in the school choice movement and has started up multiple political action committees and educational organizations that fight for equal educational opportunities for families in her nation.


Betsy DeVos served as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for six years. She also supported her husband’s political campaign when he ran to serve as the governor of Michigan. Unfortunately, he lost his political bid to Jennifer Granholm, the Democrat incumbent at the time. Today, DeVos works with the Windquest Group as its chairman. The company is in business to invest in clean energy, manufacturing, and the technology sector. She has also been working with her own charitable foundation the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation for many years. The foundation has donated millions of dollars to various charities over the years including many charitable causes that focus on educational reform.


Betsy DeVos studied at a private Christian high school in Holland, Michigan and went on to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics at Calvin College. Her interest in politics grew greatly while she studied at the college, and she began to serve in various political positions in Michigan after she received her degree. Today, DeVos is serving with Kids Hope USA, the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, and the American Federation for Children in various positions.


Betsy DeVos believes that the school system in the United States has a lot of room to grow. It is her hope that she can help to pass legislation that will benefit some of the nation’s poorest families. She has already succeeded at doing so in Michigan and has supported a movement in Louisiana that was also successful. As a nation of laws, she believes the best chance for change starts with approving of educational measures that help to cover the costs of tuition into charter and private schools.


Betsy DeVos recently stepped outside of her comfort zone when she traveled to Florida to make a public appearance with the rapper Pitbull. She visited one of the three charter schools he founded in the state to show her support. While DeVos definitely doesn’t approve of Pitbull’s rap music, she does believe in working with others who believe in the benefits of charter schools.


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Unroll Me makes it Easier for Customers to have Control of their Email Accounts

More email services are trying to come up with the solution to email overload, Unroll Me is one of such services which helps you to organize your inbox. The service guarantees to tidy your email by allowing you to allow and block some subscription. The service is a free beta that is edgy for your mail inbox. 

Unroll Me works with services such as Gmail, Yahoo, and other Google apps. In the future, the company hopes at adding more support for AOL and other email services. To get the Unroll Me you subscribe freely form their online platform and will work automatically for most devices. For instance, it will take Unroll Me a few minutes to scan an account with more than 10,000 messages. 

It then classifies the messages according to the subscription options and notifies you to select a few that will be displayed on your inbox according to your preference. By default, Unroll Me will place all emails in a roll-up that is a digestive overview of the subscription. You, therefore, will have full control on the email roll-up, making it easy to tell Unroll Me the emails you want to be delivered to your mail. 

Moreover, you can also choose the time to have the messages delivered to your mail. All your mail are delivered to the Unroll Me so that if you have to view the messages before the time, you visit the site which appears on the mobile device and any browsers that can view your account.

Unroll Me allows you to have separate roll-up for different accounts. When you have two mail accounts such as Gmail and Yahoo, that you could love to monitor with Unroll Me then you will have to sign into these accounts separately. Unroll Me does not create a blended roll-up for both accounts; instead, it creates for the accounts independently. It could be nice if you could have the information roll-up in one blended roll-up to make it stress-free for consumers to view their emails. 

The kind of flexibility offered by Unroll Me ensures that you rarely get attack by viruses and other malware as you have full control of the messages that will be delivered into your inbox.

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Isabel dos Santos: Beginning With A Road

Isabel dos Santos has literally made roads in Africa. She is an Angolan educated at King in the UK. Graduating with a degree in engineering has shaped a world around dos Santos that is very diverse. At first, she partnered with her family, where she used her engineering background to be the project manager on a roadway project in Luanda. Isabel did more than take on building and repairs, but she improved the workflow. One feature she added to the business was walkie-talkies, so the ground crew and drivers could freely communicate. This time-saving device streamlined and made work faster and more efficient. Her roadway project helped create more convenient transportation in Luanda. Isabel dos Santos was able to envision greatness now that things were moving.

She became involved in building a nightclub on a small strip of unused land. The club was fashioned after popular bars in Florida. The space is set on the beach line and opens to the sea breezes. It pulls from the populations of nearby urban areas. The beach club is the first significant business for the community, and it all came about from wanting to improve transportation. Many years after the nightclub, Isabel dos Santos shares about her business involvement with a company in Angola that produced an award-winning beer. Angola has the potential to offer women and other entrepreneur’s outlets for wealth, and as Isabel dos Santos proves, with wealth comes charity. She has given back to her country, women, and children. Isabel uses herself as an example of how anyone, male or female, can reach their fullest potential in any field, including predominately-male sectors.

Today, dos Santos is still heavily involved in investing in Africa, but she spends time in Portugal too. In Portugal, she owns a stake in a retail outlet, which is being brought to Angola. This endeavor should bring construction jobs, shopping, and more employment to the country. It will also need a way to bring the goods in, which will add to transportation work. Isabel dos Santos has broadened her expertise skills and horizon, and she tries to bring a piece back home continually. Often it meant giving time to talk with girls about the future. Other times, it meant having business discussions with entrepreneurs, who struggle, but she remains true to her roots. Click here.


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Fomos de norte ao sul do país em busca das nossas estrelas e agora cada uma tem a sua oportunidade de brilhar 🌟 Estes são os jovens talentos que Angola tinha escondida. Muitos mais há por aí e a nossa missão é mostrá-los ao mundo. Porque Angola tem tanto potencial, somos feitos de tanta gente inspiradora e capaz, brilhante! Esse nosso programa Unitel Estrelas ao Palco mostra tudo isso. Mostra do que são feitos os sonhos e como juntos conseguimos alcançá-los. Parabéns a todos os que participaram! Vocês são uma inspiração. E bem-haja à minha incrível equipa Zap por conseguir encontrar essas talentosas estrelas angolanas 🇦🇴🙏🏾 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Zap #ZapViva #UnitelEstrelasaoPalco #Talento #Angola We went from north to south of the country in search of our stars and now each one of them has its opportunity to shine 🌟 These are the young talents that Angola had hidden. Many more are out there and our mission is to show them to the world. Because we know Angola has so much potential, we are made up of so many inspiring, brilliant and capable people! Our “Unitel Estrelas ao Palco” program shows all of this. It shows what dreams are made of and how together we can achieve them. Congratulations to all those who participated! You are an inspiration. And thanks to my amazing Zap team for finding such talented Angolan stars 🇦🇴🙏🏾

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Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Patients Love Her and Her Work

When it comes to Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews, you don’t have to look very far. This board-certified plastic surgeon has numerous, positive reviews that can be found on well-trusted websites. Foursquare, Rate MDs and others have a plethora of positive reviews that come from a vast range of patients. Dr. Walden is a well-respected plastic surgeon, and she owns a fully-licensed medical practice in Austin, Texas. This practice is known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, and it provides a wide array of services, such as:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Cheek Implants
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Otoplasty
  • Chemical peel
  • Breast Reduction

Here are a few of her past reviews. “I’ve had a life-changing moment thanks to Dr. Jennifer Walden. Vaginal rejuvenation has worked wonders for me, and I’m grateful that this particular surgeon provided the services that I truly needed. I could go on and on about how great she truly is,” said source G. In March 2018, an anonymous reviewer posted “I trusted Dr. Walden because I’ve heard many great things about her in the past. She is very knowledgeable and very skilled. Dr. Walden has literally given me more confidence to achieve greater things in life because I now have the confidence that I’ve been lacking.”

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s reviews go even farther. “To simply state it, Dr. Walden and her staff made me feel right at home thanks to their confidence, acknowledgment, and caring nature. The amount of attention to detail that I received was unreal, which has led to superior results. Dr. Walden and her staff get two thumbs up, ” said an anonymous source.

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5 Ways Your Business Can Gain from IP Geolocation

The uses of IP addresses extend beyond device identification. LocationSmart provides your business with a platform to utilize IP geolocation for improved customer communication and support business activities.

An IP address is a unique address assigned to a device when it connects to a network. In a professional model, IP geolocation is essential for your business in the following ways.

Ensuring Compliance with Regulations

Industries such as online gambling and gaming are heavily regulated. The rules vary depending on the location of the user. For instance, it is not uncommon to find that gambling is illegal in some places but allowed in others.

By accessing IP geolocation, your business can identify the boundaries that restrain business activities and avoid ensuing lawsuits. By identifying user location, your business can also block users within restricted zones.

Manage the Risk Associated with Online Fraud

The global permeation of the internet has also given rise to online fraud. IP geolocation will help you identify when a user is attempting to conceal their device and location. In cases where a user attempts to access services from a concealed device or location, your business may undertake several protocols to identify the user. Read more: LocationSmart | Crunchbase  and LocationSmart | Capterra

This identification protocol will prevent unverified users from accessing your services. Having an identification protocol, be it a security question or a phone call to the nearest customer service center, will improve the trust between your business and your clients.

Geo-Specific Advertising and Real-Time communication

Excellent advertising should meet customers’ needs. Your clients will differ culturally and identifying their location will help your business communicate with the client in real-time and provide geo-targeted advertising.

You can share information on discounts, offers, working hours, and pricing depending on the location of the client.

Securing Your Network and Assets

Assessing IP locations in real-time will help your business identify and deal with hacking attempts as soon as possible. You can achieve this by identifying unknown devices and immediately initiating measures to mitigate malicious activities against your business.

In addition to providing security for your networks, IP geolocation also enables you to identify and track your devices.

For example, if you assign an accessory to a moving vehicle, you have not only access to that device but also the location of the car and the employee. This idea will help your business combat theft and avoid misuse of business assets.

Protecting Copyrights and Digital Data

To ensure that your business profits from business content, you need to regulate users that have access. By identifying the IP addresses of users with active subscriptions, you can prevent pirates from distributing your content.

It will not only ensure that you generate revenue from your digital data, but also protect your brand.

IP geolocation has multiple benefits for businesses. By subscribing to LocationSmart, you have access to numerous location-as-a-service products, which includes compliance, verification, asset tracking, cybersecurity, among other services.

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OSI Group’s Keys to Business Success

OSI Group is an American based company that provides food and seasoning products to restaurants and grocery stores. As a leading food supplier, OSI Group has established itself as one of the most trusted sources of inventory for any business in the food industry. Over the course of the company’s existence, it has been able to attain lots of success due to a number of reasons. OSI Group has formed partnerships with leading companies in the food businesses, expanded and grown on a steady basis and also offers some of the top food products in the world.

One of the ways in which OSI Group has become the successful company that it is has been its association with McDonalds. Several decades ago OSI Group formed an important partnership with McDonalds. With the OSI Group McDonalds partnership, OSI Group would supply hamburgers to McDonalds for it to sell to customers. Therefore, the OSI Group McDonalds partnership was vital for the supply chain of McDonalds. Over the past several decades, the OSI Group McDonalds partnership has remained as one of the longest alliances in the food industry. Today, the OSI Group McDonalds partnership has been recognized for its longevity and impact for both companies.

During the past century, OSI Group has looked to grow and expand. It has expanded a lot during the past few decades. Beginning in the 1990’s the company expanded to China and is therefore one of the leading food suppliers in that country. It has also expanded to many other countries throughout the world. OSI Group now has locations in 17 countries along with 70 facilities in these same countries. With its steady growth, OSI Group has been in position to acquire other food supply and distribution companies.

In recent years, OSI Group has completed a successful acquisition with one of the top European food distribution companies. It acquired Baho Food which is the leading food supply and distribution company in the Netherlands. Baho Food has been a key food supplier in the Netherlands as well as other parts of Europe. With OSI Group acquiring the company, it will now be in position to expand into several European markets. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

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Brian Torchin: Hiring People That Can Make A Difference

When you hire people to work in the medical field, you want a team that will make a difference in the lives of the patients. The process should be strict because you want only the best person for the job. Of course, there are tips you can follow that will help you through everything. One of them is that you can call on HCRC Staffing for help in finding people for your medical practice or hospital setting. This is run by Brian Torchin. He believes in screening potential medical field employees so that they will get the jobs that only need the right people.

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Brian Torchin does all of the work for you with his staffing agency. That way when you call on him for help and tell him what you need, he knows just who to send. Having the right staff makes all the difference in the world. You need positive people around the patients that can bring hope to them concerning their situation and be professional when being honest about their health. Health personnel should remain diligent in their quest to serve every patient under their care. So it’s crucial that you get people on your staff that know how to do their jobs with honesty and integrity.

Let HCRC Staffing help you get your dream staff together or send that one person that has what it takes to keep the workplace positive. Brian Torchin knows that doing an interview where you are face to face with a person will let you know right then whether they are to be part of what you have going on or not. It never hurts to keep the interviews the old-fashioned way. You can keep yourself from dealing with a lot of headaches if you get your personnel from HCRC Staffing.

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Now Nitin Khanna Became An Entrepreneur In Portland, Oregon

Nitin Khanna is a Portland, Oregon-based entrepreneur. He was born in Himachal Pradesh, India which is in the mountainous, northern part of that country. His father served in the military while many of his extended family members owned their own businesses. By being around these businesses he absorbed a lot of information about what it takes to run your own company.

He was sent to a boarding school in Sanawar, India when he was 8 years old. This is one of India’s best boarding schools. For his college education, he emigrated to the United States and became a student at Purdue University. He earned both a BS and an MS in industrial engineering. He thought about earning a Ph.D. in robotics but dropped that idea and started working instead.

He found a job at International Paper where he was entered into their management trainee program. Nitin Khanna managed one of their cardboard box plants for a few years but wasn’t really satisfied with his career. He also worked for Oracle before joining up with his brother, who had also moved to the United States, to establish their own company.

The two brothers established Saber Software in 1999. This company developed software for government including voting, DMVs, Health & Human Resources, and more. When they sold this company in 2008 it had over $300 million in annual revenues. Nitin Khanna used his share to start investing in companies in Portland, Oregon.

His investment firm is MergerTech and he is the chief executive officer. In addition to investing in other companies, Nitin Khanna also serves as a financier who connects entrepreneurs to financial and strategic partners. He also served as the CEO of Cura Cannabis for a period of time which is a company in the burgeoning marijuana industry.

He says that he enjoys working in industries that feature a lot of competition, something that is going on in the marijuana industry. Nitin Khanna says that it all comes down to execution and who does the best at that will come out on top. Competing against other entrepreneurs is something he very much enjoys.

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