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Looking Into the Success Journey of Richard Liu

The success journey of entrepreneurs such as Richard Liu is admirable. His success story showcases the importance of focusing on one business and career. Dedication is paramount in this case. Also, you must possess the necessary knowledge needed to enhance the progress of your business endeavors. After completing his high school studies, Richard Liu went ahead to study dentistry. He went ahead to seek employment opportunities whereby he would work as a dentist. Some of the dental practices that Richard Liu performed include restorative dentistry, dental implants, crown restorations, and veneers. Liu offered his services as a dentist for about five years before he saw it fit to focus on business. He later focused on his passion, although his career as a dentist was flourishing. On the onset of his entrepreneurship career, Richard Liu began by investing in small start-up firms.

Richard Liu would then focus on ensuring that he would become an entrepreneur on a full-time basis. Eventually, he gave into his passion. As an investor, Richard Liu could shed some light on the significance of quality education. Since Richard Liu was determined to become a prominent businessman, he enrolled at MIT where he undertook an MBA (master’s degree in business administration). He had focused on mastering the different skills that would ensure that he could achieve his long term goals as an investor. After completing his master’s degree, he got an opportunity to work as an analyst. During his employment period, he was able to ensure that he had attained the necessary skills that would propel his success story as an entrepreneur.

Richard Liu managed to launch Morningside Venture Capital- a private equity investment firm. The company would then focus on investing in firms in the following fields- media, technology, artificial intelligence, and consumer services. Richard Liu  said that Morningside Venture Capital would work with talented individuals whose experience in the private equity field was admirable. The private equity firm was able to grow progressively, and at the moment, it is worth $1.7 billion. Richard Liu always oversees the daily operations of the corporation. The ability to alter his career trajectory was admirable, and that is why Richard Liu can serve as a perfect example of an individual who is self-motivated and he has a personal drive that has played a crucial role in their success.

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American Addiction Centers Releases Drunk Driving Statistics in the US

A recent survey conducted by the American Addiction Centers has revealed some shocking statistics on drivers driving under the influence of alcohol. The frightening report shows that there are many people out there who are still driving in a blackout state.

There are many dangers of driving while totally drunk the number one being causing accidents on the roads. What alcohol does to the brain when drunk is that it distorts the memory and impairs judgment as well as vision.

From the American Addiction Center survey, it was discovered that many Americans engage in binge drinking, especially during the holidays. The survey comes at a time when the nation is about to celebrate Independence Day. This is one of the holidays that from history, and research is known to be the day that many Americans engage in heavy drinking.

The report was released before the Independence Day celebration by AAC to caution many Americans from engaging in drinking and driving habits and also to encourage those addicted to seeking assistance.

From the survey sample size, 57 percent of the responded admitted to binge drinking on the 4th of July. That is just but a tip in the iceberg as there are many more shocking revelations coming from the survey. Also, from the report, 36 percent of the people who participated in the interview admitted having driven at least once in a blackout state. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Rehabs  and American Addiction Centers Reality Blackout Drunk Driving | Gazetteday

A blackout state for those that do not know what it means is a state where the long term memory is distorted, and the short term memory is partially functioning. It is a state when a person can engage in risky behaviors and cannot completely remember afterward.

The blackout state is also characterized by difficulties in walking, speech as well as standing. A person driving in this state cannot be able to make a proper judgment on the road. Also, in most cases, cannot be able to see clear as vision gets impaired.

Also, from the report, AAC found out that 10 percent of the people who took part in the survey said they were fine to drive even when drunk. The 10 percent were found out to have a history of driving under the influence. Twenty-six percent of the respondent said that the rideshare apps could not make them not drive home when drunk.

Also half of the survey participants said that they at one time boarded a car that was driven by a drunk driver. They research concluded by reporting that more than ten percent of the participant said they were in fit to drive after having a couple of beers for beer takers and a couple of wine glasses for those that take wine.

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Kevin Plank Has Been Entrepreneurial Since His Days In College

The career of Kevin Plank has led him to earn a reputation and both an outstanding businessman and a dedicated philanthropist. He is well known in business circles for his involvement as the Chief Executive Officer at the Under Armour Company. He is also the distinguished founder of the renowned manufacturer of top quality sportswear. It has been under the watchful guidance that Kevin Plank has provided that Under Armour has experienced an impressive pattern of growth. Kevin Plank got his business career going while he was busy studying at the University of Maryland. It was during that time that he kicked off the company known as Cupid’s Valentine. This is a business that operated around the time of Valentine’s Day by selling roses. The money that he obtained from this venture ended up being utilized as the startup capital for his company Under Armour.

While attending the University of Maryland, Kevin Plank played for the football team. It was this experience that gave him the idea for the business concept behind Under Armour. The fact that Kevin found himself sweating through the t-shirts that he wore under his jersey led him to want to come up with a solution. The creation of Under Armour was based on Kevin Plank’s desire to find a way to keep athletes dry even while they are working hard.

Kevin Plank is notable for his business accomplishments but he is also notable for his dedicated commitment to philanthropy. He has routinely been a generous donor to his alma mater of the University of Maryland. He recently made yet another major donation to the school. This was in the amount of $25 million and it was given to be utilized to fund research as well as complex for the athletics complex. This is yet another example of the generosity that Kevin Plank has demonstrated throughout his business career. Find out more about Kevin Plank:


Angela Koch: Leading U.S. Money Reserve As CEO

As the only female chief executive officer in the precious metals, Angela Koch knows what it is like to be different amongst many. She does not mind being the only female in an industry that is overpopulated with men.

In fact, she embraces it. She is a symbol. She is an inspiration. Females around the world can look to her and see what it is like to be a woman that can rise to the top of an industry that historically has been run by men for generations.

Angela Koch does not take her role lightly. She is an executive. SHe is a businesswoman. She is a leader. She is determined and destined to leave a mark on the industry that for so long has ignored women’s ability to lead it. Read more: US Money Reserve INC | BBB and US Money Reserve | BizJournals

She wants U.S. Money Reserve to continue being the successful and strong company it has been for years. She has the business acumen, leadership skills, innovative techniques and grand vision to lead this organization to lucrative heights.


U.S. Money Reserve is a maker of precious metals. They sell platinum, gold and silver products. Their headquarters is in Austin, Texas. The company is known amongst many people who like to invest in precious metals.

Precious metals tend to appreciate over time. Thus, people are attracted to purchase them as a way to make money over time. Angela Koch is aware of why so many people want to purchase products from this maker of mints.

Angela Koch has the secret that has been able to enable U.S. Money Reserve to be the outstanding company it is. She has worked diligently to create a company that is made up of a staff that truly cares about the customer. Caring about the customer is the key to success.

Customer service is vital to the company being successful. Her staff has been expertly trained to treat the customer correctly and build a strong relationship with them.

The sales representatives from U.S. Money Reserve are more focused on getting to know the customer, building a relationship with them, describing the precious metal products available and driving sales for the company. Angela Koch wants all customers to know their wants and needs are a priority to U.S. Money Reserve.

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Jin Oh’s Inspirations

Jin Oh is the President of Publish at popular Riot Games – the developer that made League of Legends in 2009. While this, obviously, is a busy job and workplace, Jin Oh is focused on work-life balance. He recently discussed what he does for fun as well as his professional inspirations.

For an early riser like Jin Oh, he usually starts the day well before six with some form of exercise. This is a great start to the day and sets a productive precedent for the rest of the day. He will also try to get some work done on the weekends, before his family wakes up. This allows him to stay on top of his working career, while still spending time with his children, whom are important to him.

Jin Oh is inspired by CEOs that rose up the ranks of their company from essentially nowhere. He discusses the character of these people and how they understand what it is like to be on the bottom. This creates a more honest leadership style. The higher that you rise through the ranks in any company, the more people are shooting at you. According to Jin Oh emphasizes the choice of leadership and the responsibility that comes with it.


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Talkspace CEO Oren Frank

Talkspace was founded by CEO and Co-Founder, Oren Frank. It is an affordable online and mobile psychotherapy therapy service available to people across the nation. It provides a space for people seeking to improve their mental health and well being. It has helped more than 1,000,000 clients connect with licensed therapist. Oren founded Talkspace with his wife in 2012 with a vision to having therapy for all, after experiencing the benefits in their own couples therapy early in their marriage. They believed that everyone have access to the support of a therapist and that it would benefit a person mental health.

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Before Talksapce Oren was a successful senior marketing and advertising executive. Talkspace usually comes across a number of mental health issues. It is getting more common for people to discuss their issues and problems openly, we are slowly breaking the stigma. Talkspace works with clients at some of the lowest points in their live, just having that support from a therapist readily available and intimately understanding the pain others experience is important. With Talkspace, they bring great awareness in the issues surrounding suicide and provide information to therapist who can hopefully help decrease the pain of those who are struggling with suicidal thoughts.

It’s important to know the signs so that we’re able to find help for those people and with Talkspace it is possible. With Talkspace the couple wanted to make sure it was affordable for the billions of people who needed the help around the world. Oren and his wife enjoyed the therapy that in turn helped save their marriage at one point. But they enjoyed their experience being able to see a therapist that they wanted to help provide that same benefit to people in need. Talkspace has changed the lives of people for the better.

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ClassDojo: Promoting Mindfulness

ClassDojo, a popular teacher app, has yet again created features to further enhance the culture in the classroom. Mindfulness has been one feature that ClassDojo has brought into their app. With student stress on the rise, mindfulness has become a popular strategy to help students deal with the stress of school and life.

On May 10, 2019, ClassDojo and their partner schools teamed up to promote mindfulness day. The 15 minute training gave students mindfulness skills in what ClassDojo called “The World’s Most Mindful Moment.” The goal of mindfulness is to reduce stress and help children to understand their emotions. The point of mindfulness is to stay in the present and understand how you feel without judging yourself for it. ClassDojo partnered with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and Beyond Shame to create this curriculum to enhance culture in the classroom.

This six day program covers topics that include: mindful listening, focused feet, and mindful breathing. Bonus lessons are available for teachers to extend the mindfulness through mindful drawing and other resources that can be found on the website. In a world where children are facing increased stress and anxiety, mindfulness may be the tool to help them succeed.

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Admirable Career of Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is the founder of Real Wealth Strategists, a newsletter he created in 2017 together with Banyan Hill. He acknowledges his good friend who introduced him to finance in 2004 and gave him the ideas of devising strategies to help average entrepreneurs. Matt Badiali had a wide range of experience in science and geology, which acted as essential tools for investment advice. Matt Badiali has an outstanding combination of education and skills that helps him in truly serving his clients. Matt had watched his father struggle his way up in investment, and this gave him the ideas that to succeed in investment, one had to embrace challenges and work hard in all phases of the investment.

Matt Badiali is popularly known for the approach he uses in carrying out his work, the “Boots on the Ground Approach.” Matt has managed to travel to many countries where he has visited diverse companies in search of more investment ideas. Whenever he requires advice from an expert, he makes sure to go where the expert is based. This way, Badiali has been able to garner many different investment opinions. He focuses on ideas on natural resources investment to help investors working on natural resources such as oil and minerals.

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Giving people more than what they expect is a strategy that has enabled him to remain productive in his work. Matt Badiali over-delivers to his clients by publishing free e-letters where he writes an article with great investment ideas once in every week. Through free e-letters, he can create a positive relationship with his clients. Clients get to know that Matt Badiali is a reliable investment strategist and can be trusted.

Matt Badiali admits to making some mistakes in the investment journey. He did not allow his mistakes to act as a barrier to his success. Matt viewed the mistakes as an opportunity to make wiser investment decisions. One should work on the errors to eliminate them and move on to the next phases of the investment. Matt believes that how an entrepreneur handles the challenges determines their ability to succeed in any field. He advises investors always to face difficulties with courage and act on them with confidence.


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OSI Groups Business Endeavors That Have Kept It Growing Bigger

OSI Group is a leading premier provider of quality products and custom solutions for the food industry. OSI Group McDonalds followed the same trajectory of growth starting in the 1950s to date. OSI is now generating annual revenues of $6.1 billion with Sheldon Levin at the helm. The company started in 1909 as a neighborhood butcher shop and it grew gradually to what it is today. It boasts more than 65 facilities in 17 countries with more than 20,000 employees.

OSI Group McDonalds leveraged partnerships, joint ventures and acquisitions to expand their market horizons as well as their product portfolio. Together, OSI Group McDonalds expanded into new markets establishing a strong presence through Europe, America and Philippines. OSI was initially called Otto & Sons but it was renamed into OSI Group in 1975, when Sheldon Lavin came on board to help the company to expand globally.

Between 2016 and 2017, the company closed major acquisition deals which saw it not only increase its footprint in Europe and other regions, but also expand its product portfolio. It acquired a Dutch manufacturer called Baho Food. The manufacturer specialized in convenience foods, snacks as well as deli meats. With the acquisition, OSI Group has established a greater presence in Europe and its capabilities have been enhanced. The company is dedicated to serving the ever-evolving needs of consumers. Another significant acquisition the company made is Flagship Europe. The company also acquired a former Tyson Food plant in Chicago which was in the verge of closure.

As a result of the company’s successes in the food industry, it has been recognized widely with various awards and honors. In 2016, OSI Food Solutions UK was awarded Globe of Honour Award for 2016 by the British Safety Council for its abilities in managing environmental risks. The company was among the 18 organizations in the world that were honored with the prestigious award. OSI Group McDonalds have been dedicated to embracing environmental-friendly practices throughout their operations. The safety standards of the foods OSI produces are also very high. Since its inception, the company has been striving to make their operations more sustainable. Additionally, it has been named one of America’s Top 100 Food Companies.

OSI Group acquires Baho Food


Keeping Up With The Times With Gustavo Martinez

Any professional that is successful in the marketing and advertising field today means that they have gone through some serious changing and adapting. With traditional marketing methods on their way out, more companies and local businesses are making the switch to what is known as digital marketing. Basically, digital marketing methods are a way to carry out strategies that attract clients online. While traditional marketing and advertising methods still work today, digital marketing has quickly proven to be the most effective and money-saving way to go. Nonetheless, one professional who has managed to keep up with the times is marketing expert Gustavo Martinez. With experience that spans over three and a half decades, he knows how often the industry makes changes and how to change with them. In addition, he has seen first hand what it is like to not adapt and the drawbacks that come with that. For that matter, if it wasn’t for his ability to learn from the mistakes of others, he would be the first one to tell you how he would’ve been out of the industry a long time ago. So, to get a better understanding of how Gustavo Martinez has managed to succeed throughout the years, let’s take a closer look at his career in marketing and advertising.


Succeeding Through Taking New Directions In His Field

In an article on Gustavo Martinez and his career as a marketing and advertising consultant, we first get a glimpse of what it took for him to reach that status. More than anything, what allowed him to reach that status is having diversified working experience. Over the course of his career, he has managed to achieve this by working for a number of large firms, overseeing their marketing and advertising campaigns, and pitching his ideas. Eventually, his work quickly rose him to the top of his field. Now, as far as how he then managed to keep up with his success, that stems from his ability to take new directions within his field. For Gustavo Martinez, this covers a range of factors including taking advice from young professionals, doing his own competitive analysis, and everything else in between. Put simply, he has made sure that he takes the road less traveled with all the goals he set for himself and his company. It is because of this way of thinking that he is as respected by his peers as he is. As we can imagine, they don’t give the role of consultant to just anyone. One has to earn that spot. Overall, it is safe to say that Gustavo Martinez will continue to succeed as long as he continues to take new directions within his field.


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