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OSI Group (McDonalds Supplier) + Impossible Foods

There has been a lot of news lately about new “vegetarian meat products” and its getting more and more attention! News is developing around a new deal that should disrupt and grow the market significantly for plant based meat.

OSI Group, founded in Chicago, is a supplier of meat to McDonalds and they have been working on a deal with Impossible foods! Impossible foods will enable OSI Group McDonalds to give McDonalds plant based “meat!” If you don’t know already – Impossible foods is a maker of plant based protein. Similar to Beyond Meat – Impossible Foods has been on the rise for a couple years now. This new development should raise awareness to plant based meat products. A lot of stocks have raised drastically in this market. McDonalds is one of the biggest fast food chains in the world…and this trend seems to only be getting more popular! Vegetarian diets have been all the rage…but a lot of people do not want to give up their tasty meat! Luckily advanced in science and highly motivated companies like Impossible Foods are making miracles happen! Impossible Foods has been struggling to keep up with competitor “Beyond Meat” for some time now. Luckily, the OSI Group deal is not the only good news! Impossible Foods recently got approval from the FDA for a new product.

I can’t wait to try this new burger from Chicago! It could be a good idea to watch the stock market. With lots of companies reaching maturity before their IPOs…Vegetarian / Plant-based Meat products have been trending for quite some time. If you’re smart you might be able to make some money. Unfortunately for us, there’s a lot of competitors coming into this market. Lets see if this new OSI Group deal can really develop better options for consumers.

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Jose AuriemoNeto source of Income and contributions to JHSF

Jose AuriemoNeto has excelled in the fashion line of work as the CEO and chairperson of JHSF. He is entrusted with the principal responsibility to increase the company logistics and make a legacy of the business in the fashion sector. People have various tastes and preferences when it comes to fashion. Jose AuriemoNeto is innovative, creative, and determined to make a difference in the fashion industry. Through JHSF, he can provide high standard products and serve millions of customers.


Jose AuriemoNeto Efforts in the fashion career line has been acknowledged in various ways, and he was among the top candidate in the Business Fashion Gala of the BoF 500. The 2018 event contained many prominent people from different parts of the world. He has close connections with other famous people in the same career line sharing various ideas to implement in his company.

Jose AuriemoNeto was also honored in New York by the English Publication, who had organized a dinner event to acknowledge his skills and experience. He is focused on implementing new ideas in the fashion sector, providing new unique styles that fit people’s interests.


Ten years ago, Jose AuriemoNeto opened the CidadeJardim mall. This mall was designed by experts and was the first open-air mall creating more business opportunities and ensuring that JGSF gains fame. The mall provided international brands including Pucci, Cuccinelli, Brunello, Rene Caovilla, and Valentino, among others. All products are of high quality and made in various designs giving the customers a variety of options to select.

Jose AuriemoNeto has set a legacy in Brazil as a leader, philanthropist, and devoted entrepreneur. He has shown tremendous leadership skills in promoting teamwork among JHSF employees. Over the years, Jose AuriemoNeto has contributed to the development and growth in the real estate sector. He is the founder of Hermes and Jimmy Choo to enhance the Country’s economic growth.

In addition to Jose AuriemoNeto’s contribution to the fashion sector, he has also made extensive changes in the real estate focusing on the residential and commercial properties within Brazil.

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Marteen De Jeu Offers Investment Advice to Small Investors

Maarten de Jeu is well known within the finance sector. He is the founder of SVM Business Advisory, a firm he founded in 2012. He has worked in finance for most of his adult life and currently known as a strategic business advisor in financial circles around the world. He has built a successful reputation in international business, financial services and commercial real estate investments. 

Maarten De Jeu is a respected advisor to senior executives of Fortune 100 companies. He is well respected and sought after by his clients because of his mix of technical skills, industry knowledge and extensive international experience in business in North America, Asia and Europe. 

In a recent interview Maarten De Jeu offered small investors some advice and insight on how to use commercial real estate investments to improve financial goals. He explains that adding commercial real estate to a financial portfolio is a noble goal for everyone including the small investor. 

He mentioned that commercial real estate investment opportunities are now accessible to everyone, including the private average investor, where just a few decades ago they were out of range for the smaller investor. Maarten de Jeu believes commercial real estate investments are something everyone should try to achieve, and the smaller investor can do just that by joining forces, combining financial interests, to purchase these more expensive properties. 

What is Commercial Real Estate Investing About?

Commercial real estate refers to commercial properties like office buildings, warehouses, apartment buildings and any other type of property which produces income. This type of property is much larger and more expensive than single family homes.It is the reason this type of investment is a bit harder to purchase for small investors as it can be hard to find the capital for this type of opportunity.

Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act 2012

A game changer to the real estate investment world happened in 2012 when the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act went into effect. This law eased the restrictions on small businesses and permitted investors to crowdfund to find the necessary capital to invest in commercial property. 

Now, Non-accredited investors can put in as little as $5,000 in commercial real estate properties and with their associated investors, earn a share in the income the property produces. 


The Advantages 

Owning commercial property is different than purchasing stocks and bonds. Property offers a more secure investment and does not depend on the fluctuations of the financial market. Properties are protected against volatile markets and this is the primary reason investors choose this type of investment as a foundation on which to build other investments. 

Protection Against Inflation

Traditional stocks and bonds are often affected by inflation, and they may not appreciate as expected. Savvy investors can avoid this issue by investing in commercial real estate. Property usually appreciates in value and holding onto this type of investment can be a low-risk investment. In addition, commercial property is often associated with monthly rent which produces revenue, and this rent escalates over the years, making it more profitable than other types of investments. 

Property is a Hard Asset

Investing in property offers an investor a hard asset and maximizes the value of the investment and helps investors make revenue on the asset through rent, something that traditional stocks and bonds cannot always offer. An additional benefit to a hard asset (i.e. building) is that this type of investment can be insured. This protects the asset in a way that an investor cannot protect stocks and bonds. Learn more:

All About Diversification

Maarten de Jeu says that investing is about diversification and commercial real estate Investments offer another diversification option for investors. It is a sound type of investment because real estate does not fluctuate in price as stocks do. Plus, once an investor has this type of investment, he can start to receive monthly returns. He need not be as concerned about a dip in the stock market as you might be without commercial property Investments.

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Omar Boraie Of Boraie Development Explains His Vision For The Rebirth Of Newark

Omar Boraie is the patriarch of the Boraie family. He owns and operates Boraie Development. His company builds and manages residential towers in New Jersey’s urban areas. His sons, Wasseem and Sam, are leaders at his company. The Boraie family recently celebrated the completion of their latest project. This is 50 Rector Park in Newark. It is a 22-story residential tower with 170 units. Residents have access to first-class amenities. It took over 10 years to complete this project. Omar Boraie stated they exercised patience and waited for the right time to get started on this construction. Omar Boraie built a residential tower in New Brunswick which led to the rebirth of that city.

It attracted people, which led to people on the streets. This led to restaurants and shops opening nearby. He has a similar vision for Newark. Several years ago, he was called crazy for wanting to build in Newark. He told people he believes in Newark and what it can become. Four months after opening, 55% of the units in 50 Rector Park are now occupied. Omar Boraie says his company didn’t accomplish this alone. He gave credit to his partners and government officials. He noted, in particular, how the New Jersey Economic Development Authority helped get this project built. The CEO of the New Jersey Development Authority, Leslie Anderson, said she loved working with the Boraie family on the project. She said they really care about the quality of their work because they have concern for the people who will live in one of their towers.


Secrets of Enhancing Brain Activity with Prevagen

The ninety-year-old athlete who runs marathon is an amusement. Such super- seniors are a reminder of how the human body can age well.

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Unexpectedly, the brain is among the parts of the body with extraordinary aging. Nevertheless, according to research, good nutrition and physical exercise are key to good aging.

Prevagen is a nutritional supplement that is also a promising brain enhancer. Besides, the supplement has is clinically shown to be of great assistance when it comes to cases of mild memory loss related to aging.

Prevagen improved some characteristics of cognitive functions within ninety days duration. This report is according to a computer-assessed, placebo-controlled and double-blinded clinic study. Besides, a group of aged people with a mild age-related impairment who take just a single Prevagen daily within a duration of ninety days show great improvement in their memory.

Moreover, a report by researchers shows that improving memory and health support is gained through the supplement. Apart from that, a healthy brain functioning, sharp mind, as well as clear thinking is benefitted. The most interesting part is that Prevagen contains apoaequorin, which is an ingredient found in jellyfish.

Out of energy? Instead of thinking of a cup of coffee, consider a stair walk for just ten minutes. According to recent studies, spurts of exercises can help more with energy compared to caffeine. Just begin stepping up and get to see the outcomes.

Moreover, several studies have reconnoitered the relation between mental and physical aptness. Thus, this inspires people to become more active. Physical activities are excellent ways of preparing for exams, creative projects or even interviews, according to a study. What is more, exercises help prevent cognitive changes to the aged.

Hippocampus is a brain part that responds strongly to aerobic exercise. According to studies conducted to all aged people including children, the elderly and adults show that brain grows with fitness. Thus, since the hippocampus is a base when it comes to learning and memory systems of the brain, the link with cardiovascular system is likely to function.

Nevertheless, while exercises slowly improve brain wiring, another immediate impact on the formation of memory exists. For example, walking and cycling during learning programs assisted volunteers to understand foreign language vocabularies according to German researchers.

Moreover, exercising can aid in focusing on a task at hand. School studies from children are examples for everyone. The attention of the students improved when they had twenty minutes bouts of aerobic exercise interspersed with their lessons. The other research was about the effects of after-school sports conducted daily for an entire year.

Children were less distracted and gained better fitness. Besides, multi-tasking with the information they remembered was another recorded gain. You may think it was tough exercises. No, just ten minutes of bouncing two balls.

Cognitive preservation requires moderate workouts. Just forty-five minutes to half an hour brisk walking thrice a week is enough. According to research impact on brain structure was clear with a group of German elderly people who indulged in exercises to improve balance and coordination.

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The group gained from weightlifting sessions conducted twice a week. Moreover, dancing can help in restoring aging brains. Just within six months, an hour dance is enough on a daily basis according to the study.

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Under the leadership of Smita Shah, organized 5th Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon became special when the mayor, Lori Lightfoot, with the CEO of World Business Chicago, Andrea Zopp, joined the event. The mayor, Lori Lightfoot, with putting light on the inspiring life of Mahatma Gandhi and Indian-American relationships in past issued a proclamation stating October 2nd a Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago and made Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birthday anniversary memorable in Chicago. First Lady Amy Eshleman and Senator Dick Durbin also became the part of this event.


Smita Shah, the president and CEO of SPANN Tech, is a chairman of the Delhi Committee of the Chicago Sister City International. The Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi luncheon was initiated by Ms. Shah in 2014. Ms. Shah is a professional engineer (P.E.) and LEED AP BD+C in her qualifications and in her achievements she has earned and created a streak of titles for her. While the American Society of Civil Engineers titled her as the Young Civil Engineer of the year the American Consulting Engineers Council of Illinois titled her as the Community Leader of the Year. She was claimed as the 19th most connected person in Chicago by Crain’s Chicago Business and Inc. Magazine recognized her business as one of the fastest-growing private companies in Chicago. She has been recognized by many communities, whether business or social, in every step she is taken. 


About Proclamation Issued


The mayor, Lori, issued a proclamation naming 2nd October a Mahatma Gandhi Day in Chicago with mentioning many inspiring facts about Mahatma Gandhi and about the Indian American community contributing to their economy. 


Proclamation issued acknowledged the fact that Mahatma Gandhi was an inspiring public figure across the world and was the most important public figure in the 20th century. Proclamation also stating the fact that Mahatma Gandhi had close relations with many Americans and got inspired by people like David Thoreau and also became an inspiration for many African American leaders. In that proclamation, the name of Swami Vivekanand, an Indian philosopher, was also mentioned for playing a huge role to begin Indian and Americans friendship history. The contribution of the Indian American community in the development of Chicago was also highlighted in the proclamation. 


Proclamation considered the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon was a great initiative taken by the Delhi Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International under the leadership of Smita Shah to spread the inspiration through the examples left by Mahatma Gandhi. It also elaborates that the Chicago Sister Cities International was a great initiative of World Business Chicago to create understanding, respect, and cooperation between the citizens of different cultures. Learn more:


In honoring all these facts about Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian American community mayor Lori Lightfoot issued this proclamation, dated September 20th, 2019.


About Delhi Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International


The division named Chicago Sister Cities International was initiated by World Business Chicago to create and promote the business, education, tourism, government exchange, and cross-culture arts internationally. 

Delhi Committee is a part of Chicago Sister Cities International, which is committed to the goals set by Chicago Sister Cities International. Smita Shah, being the chairman of the Delhi Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International, committed and believes in creating a united culture between different communities in Chicago.

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Alexis Kennedy Continues To Find New Ways To Compete In A Crowded Gaming Industry

Alexis Kennedy is an entrepreneur who has many years of experience serving in the gaming sector. While many entrepreneurs in the industry have a hard time coming back from mistakes they have made, he looks at mistakes as learning lessons. This has allowed him to thrive where others have failed. Before today, Kennedy founded Failbetter Games, and in 2016, he put together Weather Factory. He created a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the creation of the Cultist Simulator, which has created quite a of wealth for him.

Alexis Kennedy once served as a software consultant before becoming an indie games developer. He decided to take a chance to strike out on his own before his kid was born, and this really paid off for him in the long run. Today, he works as part of a remote team who works hard to create hit titles. Kennedy ends up doing many different tasks during a regular day at work, but he doesn’t mind this part of his job because it makes him feel challenged and stimulated. He recently admitted that one of the biggest challenges he faces as an indie developer is to keep people’s attention while helping them to understand the eccentricities of the games his team creates.

Alexis Kennedy recently took part in an interview and was asked how he would define success. In reply, he commented that he feels a person is successful if they are doing the kind of work they love while getting paid a decent rate. He would not sacrifice the fun part of his job for making more money if it came down to that. He feels that mobile game enterprises can succeed if they create many different games. The reason for this is that it is often difficult to compete with bigger gaming studios who often take over certain sections of the gaming market.


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James Reese on the challenges of Tigerswan

James Reese, a former commander with the U.S. Army’s Delta Force, who served 25 years with the Army and, sustained combat wounds, retired as a Lt.Col and since 2008, the founder and CEO of TigerSwan, a global security and protection firm for high-value clients is a man who has had to transition from the rigid demands of the military to the perhaps even more rigid demands of private business.

Reese, who was once described as one described by the commanding general in charge of the coalition forces for both Iraq and Afghanistan as “as one of the finest special operators in the modern military,” Admits that there were many new challenges to master when he formed Tigerswan in 2008.

He reflects that under the structure of the military, and in particular the Delta Forces, commanders are relatively free from worry about getting the best-qualified troops, nor concerns about how they will be paid or taken “It’s more difficult on the business side. Because now you have to take into account the financial apparatus.”

Reese explains that in the private sector, costs are an issue, and you can’t always afford to recruit every rock star you’d like to have on your team, and have to prioritize how to recruit talent. He mentions in particular, a Vice President at the company who started out as a lowly intern but was kept on because he seemed to have real potential, which in fact, was born out over time.

James Reese is particularly thankful for the set aside for companies that have majority ownership in a company run by a disabled veteran.

Qualifying with an 80 percent disability rating by the VA, Reese and his company TigerSwan, was awarded part of a major defense contract to supply translators for the Department of Defense.

Reese reinvested the profits from this contract into the business, and as a consequence, Tigerswan grew to become a 120 plus security force dedicated to protecting both military and civilian executives, on a 24-hour-per-day, 365 days a week basis.

For more about Tigerswan, go to  TigerSwan


Sergey Petrossov Creates a Private Flying App


Sergey Petrossov is one of the youngest and most successful business leaders in the history of the sector. He is the founder and CEO of a young company called JetSmarter. Even though he is new to the world of business, he is not naïve. He has already taken the private travel industry by storm. With his guidance, JetSmarter has turned the world of private jet travel on its head. He has received investments from a large number of highly successful investors and he has put their capital to work, quickly expanding his company into one of the main names in the world of travel. Sergey Petrossov has designed an app that has completely changed the way people book a private flight.

The days of having to call someone up to book a seat on a private plane are over. His app does all of this work instead. By downloading the JetSmarter app, people can become a member and see all of the different private flights that are available and still have seats open. Then, people can take a look at the prices of each of these flights. With the push of a button, people are able to book a seat on any of these planes, making the process a breeze. If someone has their own plane, they can even create a slot with a new flight from a new airport if they desire. This has already changed the way so many people book a flight on a private plane. The company is poised to grow in the future.


Sergey Petrossov has already enjoyed success that has not been seen so quickly in this sector. His company is worth more than $1 billion. Even though he is already a major success, Sergey Petrossov is not done yet. He wants his company to continue to grow so that more people than ever before can have access to the world of private jet travel.



Your brain is your computer. It works hard as the key control system for your body. It does so many jobs which function in your life. The most challenging thing about the brain – is to keep it going! Keep the brain healthy!

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Keep the brain high functioning as we age! There is no magic cure for immortality. The next best thing we can do is to stimulate the brain, and follow beneficial guidelines for a long and cognitive life. Moreover, you will want to give your brain a gift, namely Prevagen.

Do you know about this wonderful dietary supplement that has come out for your brain? Yes, Prevagen is remarkable. It is made with an amazing substance found in jellyfish: Apoaequorin!

This product has been found helpful in brain function, memory loss, sharpens the mind, and helps improve clearer thinking. This is exactly what the aging population needs!

Yes, it is so important to exercise. You’ve probably heard of those seniors who are aged 90 years old and running marathons. They model good lifestyle habits. They teach us that it is indeed good to be physically fit at any age, and to develop a stance on aging slowly. It can be done.

Studies have taught us, that a wee bit of exercise can do you worlds of good. A small amount of exercise is better than having a morning cup of coffee. It aids the body better than caffeine consumption!

So get moving and live longer! Feel better! Believe it or not, exercise especially aerobic exercise, improves brain function. The hippocampus is that part of the brain which connects cardiovascular fitness and cognition!

Another important thing is to live in a stress free environment. Take yoga classes and learn meditation. Your brain will thank you for this added strategy to good health and memory.

Additionally, some people wonder if brain games really do help in preserving your memory. The fact is when you play brain games it stimulates the brain into a preservation mode for processing, reasoning, sharpness, and prevents memory loss.

If you do some of these things it will definitely help you to live a more enriched life. Naturally, you will want to supplement your health with taking Prevagen.

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There have been clinical trials and studies which corroborate this better brain functioning result. Some trials included adults with mild cognitive impairment.

It has been noted that by taking just one Prevagen a day for over 90 days, improved memory loss!

If you want to be a super senior take Prevagen, and combine it with a health lifestyle of nutrition, and exercise. Pamper your brain, and it will remain high functioning! So, just take one a day, and keep memory loss at bay.

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