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Blake Mallen Finds Success As Entrepreneur

Blake Mallen was studying at the University of California, San Diego, when he had an epiphany. He had always worked hard in school and was making his way toward a law degree when he realized he was only on this path because others had told him it was the only way to make something of himself. He didn’t want to be a lawyer or follow the conventional career path. He finished a degree in political science in 2002 and then went into business for himself.

He had discovered direct marketing one day while still a college student. He worked for a telecommunications company, The Free Network, LLC, up through when they went out of business in 2005. Blake Mallen had built a large sales team and didn’t want to lose that so he co-founded his own direct sales company, ViSalus Sciences.

His company manufactures weight management nutritional products. These are now sold by independent distributors in the United States, Canada, Italy, and the United Kingdom. It has headquarters in both Los Angeles, CA, and Venice, Italy. The two best selling products are Vi Trim Clear Control Drink Mix and Vi Go Instant Energy.

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He co-founded another company in January 2017, Liv Global. This company has an app that lets people know about extraordinary experiences they can be a part of. Paid members get access to exclusive events and daily promotions. Blake Mallen is the President of this company. He handles business planning, marketing, and communications.

Blake Mallen also has an investment firm, HashTagOne, which is also based in Los Angeles. He invests in technology startups. One company he invested in is Heal. This company produces an app that provides primary healthcare to adults and children. He also invested in Saucey which is an app that people can use to order food for delivery.

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An Interesting Interview With Omeed Malik

Omeed Malik recently became the Founder and CEO of his own merchant bank called Farvahar Partners. Even though the company is still fairly new, the ‘buffet style’ of financing that the company specializes in has made a buzz in the finance world. Not only is Farvahar Partners willing to work with companies of all sizes, they are also able to pick and choose the services that they want.

Before starting his own merchant bank, Malik used the skills that he earned from jobs, such as public speaking and extensive research to create the best merchant bank firm that he can. Because of his hard work and dedication, a website called decided to interview him to get his insight on what is happening in the financial world today.

The interviewer starts off asking him questions about how Farvahar Partners started, his work schedule, and how he brings the ideas for his company to life. One of the more interesting points of the interview is when he is asked about advice that he would give to his younger self. Omeeed Malik answers the question by saying he wish he would have known in school that although good grades are important, the end mind with investments were the ultimate goal. He also wanted to tell his younger self that in the finacial world A does not always lead to B and so forth. Sometimes there is never a set plan on how a compnay should work.

Since Omeed Malik is also a businessman, it is only natural that the interviewer asks Malik about how he has grown his business. He thinks what sets his company apart is that he ‘has structured the business…allowing for growth and success.’ In addtion to that, he also knows that his company has alot of growing to do and he personally does what it takes to grow from every experience.

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The rise of Isabel dos Santos disrupts the wealth gap

The world’s population can be put into three wealth brackets. We have people surviving with less than a dollar a day, the middle-class people, and the uppermost bracket that belongs to the world’s dollar billionaires. Individuals in the uppermost bracket do not only stand far from the rest of the population, but also most people look up to them for inspiration and guidance.

For many years, white males have dominated the list of world billionaires. However, this pattern has been changing slowly over the years, and we see new faces in the billionaires’ list. Isabel dos Santos, a celebrated African entrepreneur, is among the latest entrants into the record. She is among the 11 black billionaires, of the 2,043 billionaires in the world. Visit Isabel Dos Santos on her youtube channel.

How does the rise of black billionaires affect wealth gap?

History, people who reside close to influential people, tend to benefit from the trappings of power than others. Money is a powerful tool that can be used to transform people and societies. So, as more black entrepreneurs rise to become billionaires, it is only natural that people in their households and communities will begin benefiting from their success. Such a situation can help to create more successful entrepreneurs from underdeveloped countries.

This is precisely what Isabel dos Santos and other successful entrepreneurs are doing in Africa. As a leader in the African business community, Isabel dos Santos strives to take opportunities to her motherland. She is a frequent speaker in many economic forums around the globe, and her message revolves around promoting development in Africa and empowering the underprivileged.

Isabel believes that taking development to Africa can help to solve the various problems facing the continent, including poor infrastructure and poor telecommunications. Isabel also believes that taking technological development to Africa can increase economic opportunities just like in wealthy nations.

Isabel dos Santos doesn’t just talk; she has stepped her foot on the ground to ensure that she walks the talk. She is the biggest shareholder in Unitel, Angola’s largest telecommunication company. Unitel has revolutionized communication in Angola and also contributed to infrastructure upgrade across the country. Unitel is also one of the biggest employers in Angola with over 50,000 employees. Read more:

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Blake Mallen: It’s Time To Write A New Script For Success

There are a lot of things that society tells us that you are supposed to be doing and some of these seem to be constants throughout the world. Entrepreneur and co-founder of ViSalus Blake Mallen recently gave a TEDx Talk about the “prescription for success”, or Script, that almost everyone in the world is told they have to follow in order to be happy with their lives. During this talk, he mentioned facts like one of the most common regrets that people have before they died is that they were not living true to themselves. He wants people to start living a life that may be different than what is expected of them. Instead, he wants people to live lives that make them happy by completing shifting the script away from what is expected of them.

One of the most important things that Blake Mallen, the ViSalus co-founder, wants people to understand is that they must accept that they are living by a script in order to start making the changes that are needed to shift it to something else. If the script that you are currently living by is working, the entrepreneur with a Political Science degree from the University of Califonia insists that you are more than you should, by all means, consider sticking to it. If you realize that it isn’t working, you Blake Mallen suggests finding the path that works for you and potentially creating your own,

ViSalus is a lifestyle brand that is marketed through direct sales. The company was one of the first direct sales companies to use the power of social media to market their products through a challenge format. This format proved extremely popular and Blake Mallen documented his experiences with flipping the script through an online blog that became quite popular as the lifestyle brand took off. Now, ViSalus does business in several countries throughout the globe and it is constantly expanding. If you are not happy with the life that you are currently living, it’s important to ask what you can do to change things to create a better now and a better future.

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Nitin Khanna the Tech Mogul

Nitin Khanna is a well – known business mogul in the technological sector, having started his ambition from a young age. His love for education was unstoppable. He moved to the United States where he joined Purdue University specializing in Industrial Engineering, a field he had passion for. This saw him also earn a master’s degree from the same discipline.

Nitin Khanna’s hard work saw him work with Major Corporation where he held various positions. After completing his studies, he joined International Paper as a trainee where he was entitled to different positions. Getting this job was a stepping stone to his career as it prepared him for the outside world. He, later on, joined a cardboard box plant as a manager.

Having a soft spot for technology, Nitin Khanna moved to Oracle a company known to produce some of the most sought after software. Working at Oracle motivated him. He quit working for this firm and started his technology firm together with his young brother in 1998, which was named Saber Software. This saw the company major in providing state technological solutions.

For Nitin Khanna, it was all about investment; he decided to sell his company and form a merger with various companies. This saw him invest in more than 45 companies within a short period with the funds he got from the sale of his company. This move gave birth to Mergertech, an investment bank that Nitin Khanna attributes has made a great impact on society. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of this firm which began offering its services in 2009.

Investment opportunities have seen Nitin Khanna cross borders; this company has been involved in investing in other countries. It helps startups and technological entrepreneurs find the right financial and strategic partners. Nitin Khanna loves mentoring people to realize their full potential and explore business opportunities. For Nitin Khanna, success is determined by the people who work around you and how you treat them. Nitin Khanna believes that to be a good investor; you have to be forthcoming and open to ideas you feel are worth putting your money on.

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Maarten De Jeu Gives 8 Tips for Succeeding in The International Business

Maarten de Jeu is the founder and managing director of SVM Advisory. SVM Advisory is a boutique business consulting company with an international reach. SVM Advisory taps a unique kind of strength from its ability to guide people during the creation of partnerships. Through the firm, Maarten helps people to develop sustainable solutions that deliver results. He uses the platform to advise his clients on highly complicated aspects associated with international business. Learn more:


Maarten boasts of expertise in investment and acquisition, strategy, business improvement, as well as entrepreneurship. This expertise gives the competitors of his clients a competitive edge in the complex international marketplace. Maarten de Jeu has previously served in the capacity of the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development within Aviva’s London office. 


With these experiences and expertise, De Jeu has the authority to offer insightful advice on how to succeed in international business. 


Here are some of the tips that he has offered so far. 


  1. Maarten insists on the importance of international business owners remaining consistency as far as quality is concerned. It should be easy for a client to tell that you are committed to delivering quality at all times. 


  1. Venturing into international markets demands a lot of capital. Without enough cash, it will be impossible for you to succeed. As such, Maarten de Jeu advises international business owners to consider external funding, such as reaching out to investors and shareholders. 


  1. Be prepared to deal with cultural differences. The most important thing for you is to exhibit an appreciation and respect for the culture of the international market, you are venturing. 


  1. Flexibility is a fundamental virtue in international markets. Be open to change as things will not always remain the same. Understand that market trends keep shifting, and so does the culture. Be ready to adapt to these changes if you want to succeed. 


  1. Pay attention to the import rules and regulations of the country you are operating your business. While it might prove challenging to pursue in-depth knowledge of the same, the advice of a local counsel will come in handy to help you ensure compliance. 


  1. Before venturing into an international market, determine product suitability. The absence of a product or service in a market doesn’t always mean there is a gap. Try and find out why the product is not in that market. At times, it usually has to do with the lack of profitability. If you have competitors, find out how far they can go as far as reducing the prices of the products is concerned and then establish if you can match that. 


  1. Let your partners and clients know that you intend to remain there for the longest time to come. You can achieve this by the way you handle long term commitments.


  1. Whatever you do, never underestimate the role that a business plan plays. As such, besides having one in place, make sure that it takes into account all the necessary aspects of your international business.

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Tim Ioannides Reflects On His Achievements

Not many people can say they went from being a med student to having their own thriving practice in just a few short years but Tim Ioannides is one of the few who can. Many people are wondering how he managed to attain such a level of success but he assures them it didn’t happen overnight. From a young age, he knew he wanted to go into the field of dermatology so, when he was accepted into the University of Miami med school, that was his area of focus. He was offered a challenging but prestigious internship which he accepted and eventually went on to graduate with honors. Afterwards, he stayed at the university for a few years so he could complete his residency.

Upon the completion of his academic career, he accepted his first postdoc position working in the private sector for a dermatology practice. He did clerical work in the front office and helped the doctors tend to the patients so he could get a feel for it. Soon after, however, he quickly realized their corporate greed was interfering with their ability to properly treat the patients and he left so he could open his own business where the patients are met with kindness and compassion. They do this by having all of the employees take notes by hand so they can concentrate on the patients rather than their screens. Dr. Tim also makes it a point to personally see each and every person who comes through his practice to discuss the best treatments.

For those looking to get into entrepreneurship, he recommends they read the book how to win friends and influence people as he thinks it has valuable insight into how to run your own business. He also hopes to one day discover a cancer cure.

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The Futuristic Fortress Investment Group

The phenomenal Fortress Investment Group has secured a £20 million investment deal with iPass. This company is a leader when it comes to the provision of global connectivity options. The iPass CEO and President welcomed this financing since it was going to play a significant role in bringing profitability in the company.

The Ingenious Behind the Deal

Using patents to secure the loan, this ensures the credibility for the iPass Veri-Fi product families and SmartConnect. Riley Financial Inc. was responsible for brokering this deal between iPass and Fortress Investment Group. It is an investment bank that has excellent experience in putting up such agreements. It has generated enough expertise in, auction and liquidation, valuation, capital markets, and principal investment. Therefore, it is undoubtedly clear to conclude that this company is among the best in equity search.

Fortress Supports iPass

Fortress Investment Group supports reliable industries a reason why it invested in iPass. Technology is among the hottest market; currently, iPass operates and holds the largest WI-FI network which has enabled its consumer such as businesses to access millions of Wi-Fi hotspots locations globally. This hotspot can be located in hotels, airports, convention centers, entertainment arenas, restaurants, and train stations. It is essential to get a grip on the value it brings to its consumers. That is why Fortress Investment Group chose to invest in the company. This deal will help the company grow its hotspots and cover more places and businesses and grow its Wi-Fi technology.

This valuable agreement gave iPass direct access to $10 million immediately. Fortress has always challenged itself by taking such significant risks. Through this investment, the firm will join the top companies in this field, such as Microsoft and HP aiming for the same vision. Fortress has indicated its support for other business, and its confidence in reaching the top. A 2018 analysis from an independent third-party firm known as Maravedis, predicted $340 million hotspots in the world through this deal.

About Fortress

This remarkable firm was founded back in the year 1998. It made its mark in the financial world by being the first private equity investment group in the NYSE trade. It has created employment for more than 900 people. Its impact shall always inspire other firms to take a risk and take the initiative to grow.



Dick Devos – Entrepreneur

In 1991 a plan was being formed to construct a sports and convention arena north of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dick DeVos was quick to oppose this construction project, reasoning that the arena would be bad for Grand Rapid’s downtown district. Similar structures, like the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills, had had a negative effect on the local economy. DeVos believed that the arena should instead be constructed in Grand Rapid’s central business district.


DeVos’s opposition to the project led to the creation of Grand Action. Formed by local Detroit business leaders, Grand Action led to the completion of construction projects like the DeVos Performance Hall, the Van Andel Arena, the medical school at Michigan State University, and Grand Rapids City Market.


Dick DeVos was destined to be a businessman from birth. He was born to Helen and Richard DeVos. His father, along with Jay Van Andel, founded the multi-level marketing company Amway. As a child, Dick was involved with the family business, often acting as a host during Amway’s yearly conventions.


Dick DeVos attended Northwood University in Midland, Michigan. It was here that he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He also holds honorary doctorate degrees from Grove City College and Central Michigan University.


In 1974, DeVos began working for Amway Corporation. He held a number of positions in departments such as research and development, sales, marketing, and manufacturing. In 1984, DeVos was made vice president of Amway. In this position, DeVos oversaw operations in 18 different countries. He is credited with tripling the company’s foreign sales.


In 1993, Dick DeVos succeeded his father as President of Amway. During this time, DeVos was able to expand Amway’s business to more than 50 countries. In 2000, DeVos instigated a corporate restructuring, which led to the creation of Alticor. Alticor is now the parent company of Amway, along with several other business ventures. In 2002, Dick DeVos retired from Alticor and became president of the investment management firm Windquest Group.


DeVos has long been active in politics and philanthropy. DeVos and his wife Betsy have advocated for school vouchers and the rights for families to choose an educational institution for their children. They have also rallied for vouchers and tuition tax credits for private education.


Dick DeVos is also president of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, an organization that has donated millions of dollars to educational and artistic programs in the Grand Rapids area. In 2008 the Dick and Betsy DeVos Scholarship was established. This scholarship provides funds for students at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. DeVos has also given generously to environmental studies. He contributed money to fund an 18-month study of the pollution sources in Lake Macatawa.


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Nick Sarnicola has a new role in ViSalus

ViSalus boasts for having control over the global healthy lifestyle market. When it started its operations in 2005, the company brought the most competent professionals in leadership. Ryan Blair won many hearts, and he was the most preferred candidate for the role of CEO. Twelve years later, Blair wants to handle the leadership of the company he has built for more than a decade to a different figure. Blair has walked the journey of leadership with the help of several other co-founders, and he is excited to handle other roles in the company. The professional taking on the most prestigious position in ViSalus is Nick Sarnicola. People who use nutritional products from the company say that the position has landed in the best hands. With a new leader, everyone is looking forward to getting better healthcare products. Customers who have weight issues will get better products that will work perfectly. Fitness is a problem for many people in the world. ViSalus, however, is working day and night to address the issue. By having the right individuals to create and bring innovation, every customer will be content. Check out Nick Sarnicola on his youtube channel.

Nick Sarnicola new role will mostly deal with the long-term vision of ViSalus. Nick Sarnicola will now identify and develop new products for his company, and he will look for growth opportunities in the global market. Launching a new nutrition product in the global market comes with its share of challenges. Nick Sarnicola past career life has prepared him for the journey ahead. Nick Sarnicola relates well with all the other individuals holding top position in the company, and he will rely on their advice to make the best decisions for the growing company. The businessperson is taking the post of CEO after the special announcement. The former leader, on the other hand, will serve in other crucial areas in ViSalus. Ryan Blair will retain a special role of advising his board, and he will guide his successor to take the company to higher heights. Blair announced the changes made to the organization just recently, saying that it was time for a new executive to lead and show others the way.

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