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Kisling, Nestico & Redick Get Webby for Best Legal Website

Kisling Nestico & Redick

Whether you have a story of personal injury or not, Ohioans are familiar with the names Kisling, Nestico & Redick. This is a law firm that’s gone far to make its name visible in small communities and larger cities across the states. That means everything from catchy lines to ads stretched on the sides of buses. Now they can add award-winning website to that list.

For about the last decade or so, businesses, governments, and creatives alike have been scrutinized by the Webby Awards. It’s the “highest honor” the internet can bestow, according to the New York Times.

Kisling Nestico & Redick – Attorneys Donate Food to Children in Need During Spring Break 

The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences has been getting thousands of technical and creative minds together since 1996 to place all the internet has to offer under a magnifying lens and place the best stuff on a pedestal. Everything from video to music, games to podcasts, and traditional websites are looked at for accessibility, creativity, and usefulness of content. Of the thousands of entrants who submit, only about 20% receive awards.

Kisling Nestico & Redick – Law Firm Sponsors Scholarship Competition 

According to Rob Nestico, the Webby Award is a sign that the firm is making good first impressions. As a Managing Partner at Kisling, Nestico, & Redick, Nestico says their site prioritizes sought-after information, addressing common concerns following a personal injury, then pointing those visitors in the right direction should they need representation. Be being user friendly, Nestico sees the site as making life a little easier for someone dealing with a lot at the moment.

Claire Graves has seen her share of submissions as the Executive Director of the Webby Awards. with 13,000 submissions coming in for the 23rd annual awards, she said that Kisling, Nestico & Redick achieved a feat by simply being noticed.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick specializes in personal injury representation claims throughout the state of Ohio. Based in the city of Akron, this firm has been guiding clients through the insurance industry and disputing their claims since 2005. In that time, what was once a humble law office now spans 11 locations and is staffed with nearly 40 attorneys, yet more than a hundred members of their support staff makes sure they retain a community appeal.


Gino Pozzo is a person most talked about in European sports for a reason.

Gino Pozzo

Watford Football Club Gino Pozzo has a great reputation regarding his sports club ownership in football. His father and other family members were involved in football clubs as well. He has been passionate about football his entire life. Gino’s father bought Udinese in 2012 when they were having difficulties financially. After just three seasons, Gianpaolo brought them to the Champions League. Pozzo’s passion for football seems to be in the family genes. The family remains loyal to the Udinese club.

Living up to the legacy

Gino Pozzo lived in the United States and attended Harvard University. He earned his Master’s degree then moved to Spain when he married his wife, a Catalan. He lived there for twenty years before moving to London.There he could be closer to his football club. Since Udinese’s success, the Pozzo family has become globally renowned. They have new ideas and a different approach to sports clubs. When the family obtained the Granada F.C. it was €12m in debt and only in the third division. Gino turned things around. He brought them from where they were to Primera Liga.

The Watford Club was purchased by the family in 2012. The Pozzo family now owned three football clubs. The Club was in debt and struggling. It was in the fourth division. Gino made it a priority. He had turned clubs around before,and knew it could be successful. He packed up his family and moved to London.

The Winning Approach

Gino has taken the long-term approach, focusing on the Premier League. He runs his football clubs with a scout driven mindset. Players are traded freely between the Pozzo families clubs so that both parties benefit. He has changed the rules of trading and recruitment.

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James Reese-From a Disabled Veteran to Being an Outstanding CEO

After 25 years of dedicated service as a commissioned and non-commissioned officer, James Reese finally retired from the US military in 2007. During his tenure as a commander, he became a distinguished combat leader and was consequently dubbed one of the best special operators in the history of the American military.

 As CEO of Tigerswan, a private security firm, Jim Reese has demonstrated a go-getter mentality and a knack for professional leadership. His company has over 300 employees and it operates in more than 50 nations worldwide. He admits that running a veteran-owned business is much similar to being a baby that wakes up crying after every two hours. He further acknowledges that being responsible for the lives of many people can be such a huge burden. Also, James Reese notes that there is plenty of liability and risk involved with running a veteran-owned business. On a positive note, the retired military personnel notes that running his business gives him a great feeling of freedom. It further allows him to create something that keeps on growing.

James Reese developed the idea of starting Tigerswan on his last rotation in Iraq. After returning home from Iraq, he talked with his friend about starting a business one morning as they were having coffee in his friend’s kitchen. Despite being a veteran with 80% disability, this didn’t stop him from starting Tigerswan. James Reese was always eager to start a company of his own to put his fellow veterans to work. Unlike when he was given some of the best soldiers to work with him when he was in the military, running Tigerswan means that the veteran must pick his team. Today, James Reese has a cohesive and effective workforce, something that has consistently propelled his firm to greater heights.

About James Reese

James Reese is the CEO as well as the founder of Tigerswan, which is global crisis management and privately owned security firm. He is a disabled veteran who served in the military for 25 years and retired in 2007 after a decorated career with the military. He started Tigerswan with his fellow disabled veterans. Tigerswan has operations in over 50 nations worldwide.

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Isabel dos Santos Evaluates the Declining Agricultural Sector in Africa and the Necessary Actions for Change

Being a business person, Isabel dos Santos has traveled the world and is an avid policymaker who has been able to push his companies to the highest levels. She has seen the United States, Asia, and Europe. This explains why she is so focused on giving her recent interviews and television shows on how African countries can maximize agricultural production to move forward. She knows that agriculture is the backbone of most African countries. According to Isabel dos Santos, more than 70% of the African countries have agriculture as their source of income and essential economic pillar. Therefore, food shortage should not be an issue in a continent that prides itself as a food producer. However, over the last few years, some countries in Africa have been faced with extreme food shortages, which have led to death and malnutrition among many families.

Isabel dos says that the government needs to inject huge funds in the agriculture sector if it wants the industry to thrive. Unfortunately, most of the governments allocate less than 10% of their budgets to agriculture and agriculture related issues. Some governments are allocating less than 5% to agriculture, which is an issue of concern. To reverse the current trends, the government needs to inject more. Research should be another significant issue that should be incorporated in the agricultural sector. According to Isabel dos Santos, most of the African countries continue to depend on the traditional seeds and tubers for food generation.

Climatic conditions and soil composition has significantly changed, which has led to a significant decline in production. Continued investment in research will bring other plants that are adaptable to the changing soil composition and climate. Agriculture in Africa cannot yield substantial results without mechanization. Complete mechanization is the only solution to the declining agriculture sector. Over-dependence on human labor is retrogressive and something that cannot bring changes in the industry. Innovation needs to be at the center of agricultural production. There should exist huge machines and other equipment that can be used in the entire production process to make everything easier and to increase production as well.

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Igor Cornelsen’s Success in Finance

Igor Cornelsen was born in the city of Curitiba, Brazil. He graduated from Parana University and was a highly demanded job candidate who before technology, could perform calculations that were compound, off-head. He chose to work at Multibanco as a banker of investments and later rose to be a member of the company’s board. His contribution and impact in Multibanco, made him CEO two years later, this being just six years after graduating.

Multibanco was sold out to Bank of America, resulting in Igor Cornelsen working at Unibanco, an investment firm for seven years. He later joined Libra Bank in London and ventured into investing in companies of America. For the first time, he was dealing with United States Stock market, which became a gateway to great opportunities and wealth.

His next achievement was joining Standard Chartered, as a representative of Brazil to the bank. Igor Cornelsen also worked in the directors’ board. After years of working to build successes for other people’s businesses, he decided to found his own company, giving him the chance to practice the knowledge and skills acquired from college and in his roles as a professional at different capacities. He now had direct contact with his clients and could help them through the ways he believed were appropriate.

Igor’s triumphs in his career and marketplace stem from his habit of following news on investment and making market studies. He, however, has a great interest in economies that are developing as they provide opportunities for selling high, after buying low. Igor Cornelsen also uses information that is non-partisan to make decisions and avoids seeking tips from other investors and friends. He believes that at times, their advice may be faulted by experience and prejudices.

Igor Cornelsen follows each tiny detail about finance but ensures he does not get lost in the weeds of the economy. He focuses on the worldwide marketplace as a whole which has helped him think outside the box. He also believes in learning about new trends and their effect on the market in the long run.

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Smita Shah is a Highly Successful Entrepreneur and Engineer

Smita Shah is a trailblazer and a champion of women empowerment. For decades Shah has been a source of strength and inspiration to many women who aspires to venture into entrepreneurship. She is an entrepreneur and the founder of an engineering firm SPAAN Tech Inc. Shah is quite an influential female entrepreneur and is a high profile keynote speaker of issues affecting women in the society. Shah has been widely sought and quoted by both local national and international media. Women empowerment is a matter that is dear to Shah, and she takes every opportunity to advocate for women’s rights in the business world. Shah in this article shares some best practices for women empowerment.

Exerting a strong presence in the business world or the workplace is critical for any ambitious woman. To succeed and be influential in entrepreneurship, women must present themselves respectively and professionally. Smita Shah says how you present yourself in the office matters, and that is what will determine how other people will perceive you in the workplace. If a woman carries herself with respect and decorum and shows confidence in all, she does then other people, including the male colleagues, will treat her as a professional. However, Shah says if a woman flaunts her womanly charm and does not professionally conduct herself, then she will not be able to command respect in the workplace. Learn more:

Exerting presence in the workplace, according to Smita Shah, requires a woman to adopt traditional business appearance where she dresses professionally in business attire, and she looks mellow and neutral. Women who do not wear appropriate professional clothing at the workplace will inconvenience male colleagues. The men, instead of concentrating on their work they will just be gazing at them and will not listen to whatever they are saying. Shah adds that attire is not the only thing that gives a woman a professional look but also her body posture. The way she sits, walks and talks say a lot about her says, Shah. Women should at all times present themselves in such a way that they exert strong presence and communicate to everyone that it is them that are in charge at the office.

Taking cultural factors into account is the other important success factor that has helped Smita Shah succeeds in her career. Shah says the role of women in different communities differ; however, what is common in all cultures is that women serve the subservient roles. Women are always considered to be under men, and many people view them as people who cannot provide leadership or succeed in business. Shah parents are Indian immigrants and observe Indian culture. The Indian culture and how women are treated is quite different between her motherland and the US. Shah says in India it is quite a daunting task for a woman to get recognition, let alone succeed in business. Female entrepreneurs in any culture have to work harder to succeed in business.

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Ted Bauman: A Business Planner That Helps In Communities

Business can be defined as having an understanding of how economics works. If you have ever wanted to know more about becoming free from debt, you may want to listen to some of the lectures from Ted Bauman. You will be surprised as to how many lectures that he’s done to help different communities. Bauman is proud to be a graduate of the University of Cape Town. Ted concentrated on his academics while focusing on history and economics. He wanted to know about the importance others know about business and economics.

Check out to know more about Ted Bauman

Currently, Bauman is known for writing The Bauman Letter. Within this newsletter, he informs students and colleagues about business. Most importantly, he gives advice about how to buy a franchise. Most individuals struggle financially because of not having a plan to save cash. Ted Bauman helps those individuals that are looking to start a business save money at their own pace.

Ted Bauman is great at teaching financial planning. Throughout his career, Bauman has learned about opening business accounts. This has helped him gain interest through banks. In fact, he’s decided to focus more on learning how to write. Ted Bauman has always continued to update software. He wants others to learn how to run the software so that they can promote their own business. Banyan Hill Publishing has been proud to include Ted Bauman as a writer.

Bauman wants to continue pursuing writing in hopes of gaining a book deal. Bauman feels that it’s important to help society with business planning. This will help their future. In actuality, there are families that can start working together to promote their own family business. Quite naturally, there are many students that want to learn about business and economics. Bauman feels that you need to have confidence in order to achieve any goals.


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Sharon Prince and Grace Farms: A New Kind of Community Center

Combining the power of space with the power of a community to contribute to serious causes and a pursuit of justice, Grace Farms is on a level of it’s own. Bringing people together to advance common causes has long been the success of a community center and with it’s top notch activities, state of the art buildings and staggeringly beautiful landscapes, Grace Farms seems to make many things very possible to achieve.

Assimilating art, faith, nature, justice and community has been the overall vision of the CEO/President of grace Farms, Sharon Prince Grace Farms. Six days a week, the Grace Farms center is open to the public. There is no fee required in order to take advantage of all the unique opportunities that Grace Farms has to offer. Interacting with people from diverse backgrounds allows for crucial understandings and connections.

Not only is Grace Farms open to the public, their base also new when it is available for use, privately. Private usage enables the facilities of Grace Farms and the river buildings for various activities, including workshops, trainings,roundtables and convenings. Grace Farms is a nonprofit group that is financed by Grace Farms Foundation.

Sharon Prince
Grace Farms CEO and President, Sharon Prince was formerly educated at the University of Tulsa, where she received her BA/BS and MBA. Prior to becoming the visionary behind Grace Farms, Sharon was president of 66North, a technical outerwear clothing brand that was sold in North America.

Since opening Grace Farms, she has garnered global recognition for her efforts to stop child endangerment and exploitation, human trafficking and violence against women. She has won several awards and also serves on the board of Next Generation Nepal, which is a chastity designed help reunite victims of child exploitation and their families.

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Looking Into the Success Journey of Richard Liu

The success journey of entrepreneurs such as Richard Liu is admirable. His success story showcases the importance of focusing on one business and career. Dedication is paramount in this case. Also, you must possess the necessary knowledge needed to enhance the progress of your business endeavors. After completing his high school studies, Richard Liu went ahead to study dentistry. He went ahead to seek employment opportunities whereby he would work as a dentist. Some of the dental practices that Richard Liu performed include restorative dentistry, dental implants, crown restorations, and veneers. Liu offered his services as a dentist for about five years before he saw it fit to focus on business. He later focused on his passion, although his career as a dentist was flourishing. On the onset of his entrepreneurship career, Richard Liu began by investing in small start-up firms.

Richard Liu would then focus on ensuring that he would become an entrepreneur on a full-time basis. Eventually, he gave into his passion. As an investor, Richard Liu could shed some light on the significance of quality education. Since Richard Liu was determined to become a prominent businessman, he enrolled at MIT where he undertook an MBA (master’s degree in business administration). He had focused on mastering the different skills that would ensure that he could achieve his long term goals as an investor. After completing his master’s degree, he got an opportunity to work as an analyst. During his employment period, he was able to ensure that he had attained the necessary skills that would propel his success story as an entrepreneur.

Richard Liu managed to launch Morningside Venture Capital- a private equity investment firm. The company would then focus on investing in firms in the following fields- media, technology, artificial intelligence, and consumer services. Richard Liu  said that Morningside Venture Capital would work with talented individuals whose experience in the private equity field was admirable. The private equity firm was able to grow progressively, and at the moment, it is worth $1.7 billion. Richard Liu always oversees the daily operations of the corporation. The ability to alter his career trajectory was admirable, and that is why Richard Liu can serve as a perfect example of an individual who is self-motivated and he has a personal drive that has played a crucial role in their success.

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American Addiction Centers Releases Drunk Driving Statistics in the US

A recent survey conducted by the American Addiction Centers has revealed some shocking statistics on drivers driving under the influence of alcohol. The frightening report shows that there are many people out there who are still driving in a blackout state.

There are many dangers of driving while totally drunk the number one being causing accidents on the roads. What alcohol does to the brain when drunk is that it distorts the memory and impairs judgment as well as vision.

From the American Addiction Center survey, it was discovered that many Americans engage in binge drinking, especially during the holidays. The survey comes at a time when the nation is about to celebrate Independence Day. This is one of the holidays that from history, and research is known to be the day that many Americans engage in heavy drinking.

The report was released before the Independence Day celebration by AAC to caution many Americans from engaging in drinking and driving habits and also to encourage those addicted to seeking assistance.

From the survey sample size, 57 percent of the responded admitted to binge drinking on the 4th of July. That is just but a tip in the iceberg as there are many more shocking revelations coming from the survey. Also, from the report, 36 percent of the people who participated in the interview admitted having driven at least once in a blackout state. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Rehabs  and American Addiction Centers Reality Blackout Drunk Driving | Gazetteday

A blackout state for those that do not know what it means is a state where the long term memory is distorted, and the short term memory is partially functioning. It is a state when a person can engage in risky behaviors and cannot completely remember afterward.

The blackout state is also characterized by difficulties in walking, speech as well as standing. A person driving in this state cannot be able to make a proper judgment on the road. Also, in most cases, cannot be able to see clear as vision gets impaired.

Also, from the report, AAC found out that 10 percent of the people who took part in the survey said they were fine to drive even when drunk. The 10 percent were found out to have a history of driving under the influence. Twenty-six percent of the respondent said that the rideshare apps could not make them not drive home when drunk.

Also half of the survey participants said that they at one time boarded a car that was driven by a drunk driver. They research concluded by reporting that more than ten percent of the participant said they were in fit to drive after having a couple of beers for beer takers and a couple of wine glasses for those that take wine.

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