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Wes Edens Is Collaborating With Macalester College To Address World Challenges

Investor Wes Edens has, for a longer period, been involved in supporting some educational fields that are directly focused on aspects that can solve some of the most complex challenges facing people in the world today. He has openly highlighted that he is interested in supporting any education initiative that will help solve some of the disorders that people are facing. Recent trends show that multiple diseases are affecting a considerable number of people and most of them have no cure.

Wes Edens has gone further and invested $2 million in Edens Professorship in Global Health at Macalester College, which is a program that focuses on health and medical geography. Most of the topics covered under this program are some of the most common health conditions that are affecting millions of people around the world. Some of the issues of concern include infectious diseases, environmental factors, health hazards, and health delivery.

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Macalester College is focused on teaching courses and other programs that will help them to deal with most of the challenges that are affecting the world today. This explains why Wes Edens has collaborated with this college in finding the solution to some of these problems. The college teaches liberal arts but gives more attention and focus on the issues facing the world today.

Macalester College, under the guidance and funding from Wes Edens, has been pushing for formulation and development of various policies that are geared towards environmental and health policy changes. Global health is an issue of concern to most governments and private sectors around the world, which explains why more funds and attention should be directed into this area. Some countries are facing extreme effects of lifestyle diseases affecting their citizens.

Wes Edens knows that the current generations of students have a role to play in the road to curing the world. This explains why he has donated huge amounts of money to help the students learn about the health and environmental issues and address these challenges head-on. Working with Macalester College is not the only philanthropic action Edens has shown. He is currently working with several organizations to address current and future challenges.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong – Inspirational Figure for All Entrepreneurs

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s life story is motivating and inspirational, saying the least, and he has built an e-commerce empire from scratch in just over a decade. The company he started is, which is the second-largest e-commerce platform operating in China currently. Richard Liu Qiangdong is blessed with exceptional business skills, which has helped him build an e-commerce company that has annual revenue of over $70 billion. Richard Liu Qiangdong is on the Forbes list of wealthiest Chinese as well and has the net revenue of more than $12 billion.

Richard Liu Qiangdong always wanted to go big, and when his retail shop in Beijing got considerable success, he didn’t take a chance and ensured that he rolled the profits into opening a few more stores across China. In the next few years, the revenue of the company was an all-time high, and his company was getting consumer awareness as well. However, SARS breakout across China stalled his success story, but it didn’t last long as Richard Liu converted his business into an e-commerce company within a year. It went on to compete with some of the biggest e-commerce companies of the time and stands as the largest direct-selling company in China today.

Richard Liu Qiangdong wants to make all of its warehouses automatic so that human-error is entirely zero. It means that his employees will only be required to oversee the entire process. Even though they will be paid much more than what they are being paid and they will have to work much less than what they are doing now.

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Betsy Devos on the Issues

Betsy Devos is the Secretary of the Board of Education appointed by President Trump in 2016 as one of the first significant changes in his new presidency. Trump saw this as a positive strategic appointment because of the history of Ms. Devos’ career with the educational system in Grands Rapids, Michigan. Since the beginning of her public career, Betsy and her husband Dick have been involved in philanthropy for the Republican Party both at the state level and national level, and Betsy Devos has earned a very prestigious name as one of the forerunners for Charter schools in the public education system of Michigan. When she moved to Washington, DC, she brought along all of the improved strategies so that the national educational system could be improved also.


The Devos family is well-known as major contributors as well as a family that takes positive action for their causes. Betsy and Dick Devos are the founders of the charter school founded at the Grand Rapids airport that has a curriculum designed especially for those students interested in a career in the airport industry. The school is located right on the airport property and offers a well-devised program for graduation.


Richard Devos, Dick’s father, is known as the founder of the international direct sales company, Amway. Dick Devos served as CEO for a decade while his companies were growing to the influence they have today. Dick and Betsy have served side by side for 40 years in the Grand Rapids area renewing corporate and educational laws to keep the city and state updated. They have promoted laws that benefit the registered citizens of the area to improve the economy.


Ms. Devos carries her professionalism in every area of her new career in the White House office. When President Trump was about to make a significant announcement about the change of policy with respect to transgender use of the restrooms, Ms. Devos quietly discussed this with the other leaders, ahead of time, so it would not be a surprise to them. She is known to be extremely polite and considerate publicly but is also determined, driven and a very effective public fighter. She uses the amassed fortunes to support her conservative promotions, which agree with the national Republican attitude. She is very effective in her position, and the national schools are beginning to show progress because of her work.


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Dr. Jejurikar For A Better You

Nowadays, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has risen up the medical ranks to become a board certified surgeon in the plastic surgery field. Currently working at the world-renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Texas. With education and degree from University of Michigan Medical School, Dr. Jejurikar has a mass amount of experience in the art of cosmetic plastic surgery for the past 20 years now and is equipped with medical licenses from New York, Michigan, and obviously Texas.

When it comes to his patients, many of them often cite compassion while aiding them during their surgeries as a positive for his work. Plastic surgery is already a stressful procedure on its own and a surgeon like Dr. Jejurikar makes the whole thing much more bearable as his patients will have the knowledge that he’s on their side. All across the board, Jejurikar has been given excellent ratings in all areas such as clear instructions, answering questions, and thorough examinations. His warm demeanor towards his patients is simply the bonus. He was even awarded the 2012 Compassionate Doctor Certification, a patients’ choice award that was granted to him by satisfied clients.

Sameer Jejurikar understands his patients wants and concerns when it comes to plastic surgery. He eases them into the necessary requirements when it comes down it and even provides his clients with good advice and tips on different phases of surgery on Dallas Plastic Surgery’s blog. Showing that he puts them first and works with others that keep their clients in mind as well.


Academy of Arts University MFA Photo Gallery Show Recap

In 2018 Academy of Art University’s MFA Photo Gallery Show featured photographs from four talented artists, including Jennifer Bucheit, Kirsten Belloni, and Jared Fortunato. Through collaboration, these artists created a show called Intersections. These students truly believe that collaborating on this project as well as many others helped them grow and discover more about themselves as artists.

Located in San Fransisco, CA, Academy of Art University is a privately owned art and design school founded by Richard S. Stephens in 1929. Stephens believed that when given the opportunity and necessary resources, any person with a passion for art could succeed as an artist. Academy of Art Education is an open admissions school with a 100% acceptance rate. The over 11,000 students are taught by current industry professionals in the state of the art facilities.

Academy of Art University offers associate, bachelors, and master degree programs in approximately 25 subjects. Certain classes are offered online, creating flexibility for students. Along with the top of the line art education programs offered, Academy of Art University is also an NCAA Divison II school. Their team, the Urban Knights, compete in nine different sports in the Pacific West Conference.

In the video, 2019 MFA Photo Gallery Show, The School of Photography students share how their time as an MFA student at Academy of Art University has impacted them in a positive way. They share how collaborating with one another pushed them to be better artists. They feel pride for one another’s work because they know the impact they have all had on each other is huge.

The School of Photography at Academy of Art Institute offers classes in both traditional and digital photography. The program uses the real world environment to shape the artist and prepare them for a career in the field of photography. Academy of Art Institute is a student-centered school, centered around students with a passion to succeed as an artist.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Contribution to the Success of the Indian Airline Sector

Bhanu Choudhrie, one of the leading entrepreneurs in London who was named as an entrepreneur of the year in 2018, is an investor and a philanthropist in the private equity sector. He notes that one of his growing business is the Alpha Aviation Group that continues to offer airline pilot training in the Philippines. The institution provides a high-qualified expert team with modern facilities and a state-of-art comprehensive programs for pilots. The company has seen several acquisitions in the aviation sector, which include Indian Air Decan. Under the acquisition, the company grew to be India’s powerhouse with about 200 flights daily.

Taking Risks As an Investor

Although pursuing his ambitions in the Indian airline was a great risk, Choudhrie says it was worth it made him learn many lessons that have gone a long way in his career. At first, the price of fuel rose, and the profit margins reduced, leading him to go at a loss. Bhanu Choudhrie investment in the aviation sector, however, resulted in growth in the Indian aviation sector and allowed investors to support a variety of business in the sector.

The Ability to Solve Problems

According to Choudhrie, one of his achievements was the ability to solve problems in the aviation sector, which included finding qualified aviation pilots. He did this by partnering with Prescient System and Technologies that made it possible to train pilots effectively. The qualified pilots were one of the biggest problems in the industry even more than the prices of oil and other economic factors. The existing infrastructure in training of pilots in India was weak before the investment by Bhanu Choudhrie. Once trained, the pilots showed proven track records that enabled the sector to flourish that lead to growth opportunities for Indian airlines.

Bhanu Choudhrie Final Advice for the Investors

Choudhrie’s company has formed relationships with various commercial airlines in India. Through the relationships, the sector has flourished, leading to the Asian-Pacific region is a leading hub of development. Choudhrie advice businesspeople to develop respect for hard work and recognize the value for money. The secret to success, according to Bhanu Choudhrie, is developing the ability to support and work with other teams as this can result in achieving more success in business.


Matt Fleeger Helps to Exponentially Expand the Oil and Gas Industry

Matt Fleeger, currently the CEO of Gulf Coast Western, has been widely successful in many of his ventures. An entrepreneur and undoubtedly a fantastic leader, he has built many businesses with his for strategic planning skills and team building. He is also known for being excellent in negotiating contracts and his entrepreneurial abilities that have driven him to build many lucrative companies. Before his current position, he founded a company called MedSolutions, which is a medical supply waste company. Matt Fleeger was CEO there for 13 years before moving on and selling the company to Stericycle, a well known company within the industry.

He also has experience in the tanning industry where he helped build one of the largest tanning companies, Palm Beach Tan, which started off small with only 6 buildings. He also helped Mystic Tan become the largest spray tanning franchises in the world.

Matt Fleeger is helping to expand Gulf Coast Western in the Gulf Coast area where they have the potential to develop thousands of acres sometimes in the near future, and other regions throughout the United States. They have already expanded their network throughout a Dallas-based company, Northcote Energy Ltd, where they have acquired 50 percent working interest. They also have working interest in other areas including wells drilled in the Wilcox formation and 50 percent in the Frio and Cockfield formations.

Gulf Coast Western’s mission is to seek out and utilize talent and knowledge all throughout the industry to maximize potential in the Oil and Gas industry along the Gulf Coast’s reserves. Matt Fleeger boasts their operation to be ran with honesty and integrity and earned respect. Their expansion is expected to yield 800 barrels of oil daily. The companies collaboration has expanded to over 1000 partnerships and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Nicolas Krafft & L’Oreal Hit The French Seine A Second Time

Under the leadership of L’Oreal’s VP of Global Development, Nicolas Krafft, L’Oreal held its second annual fashion show in France. This took place on the Seine river in Paris, under the title: “Le Defile L’Oreal Paris”. The selection of Paris is in no way a coincidence as not only is France a center for fashion, beauty, and the arts, Paris was the inspiration for L’Oreal itself.

Nicolas Krafft spared nothing by ensuring the biggest names in modeling, television, and Paralympics were present to strut a specially decked out floating runway on the river Seine. Behind all of the celebrities were several renowned business partners of L’Oreal, watching the models show off their latest styles and products. Aside from the professionals, the event was attended by anyone who wished to accept the open invite.

Diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility were the desired themes of the event. Diversity and inclusivity have been hot issues in recent years. Accessibility has always been an ongoing issue for many people of all populations. L’Oreal felt it important to make an attempt to face these issues in a positive way at LeDefile L’Oreal. All of these themes were strutted by the diverse models that took to the runway in various approaches to show what beauty can be. As one extra step in the goal of accessibility, the show was broadcast to several large screens around the event so that passerby’s of all kinds could enjoy the event for free.

All of this is a part of Nicolas Krafft and L’Oreal’s goal to bring beauty to the entire world. With Global Development at the helm, L’Oreal strives to make beauty and fashion more accessible to every inch of the globe. “LeDefile L’Oreal on the Seine” is a culmination of diversity, inclusivity, accessibility all powered by a strong Global Development team, moving toward a world of beauty.

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Serge Belamant Leads in the Development of Blockchain Technologies

Meet the man behind the creation of blockchain technologies, Serge Belamant. He was born and raised in Tulle, France. When he turned 14, his family moved to South Africa. Serge would join Highlands Boys after learning how to speak English and write in the same language. After earning his high school diploma, Serge Belamant joined the prestigious Witwatersrand University. He then enrolled at UNISA for a degree in information systems. However, Serge Belamant didn’t graduate. At the age of 22, he was employed. Belamant worked at Matrix’s BKSH.

He was an engineer in charge of finite element analysis. He developed unique applications intended to analyze various levels of water in dams. Serge used a public-key cryptosystem to assess these water levels in reservoirs. From that moment onwards, he worked with refined computers. Belamant was put in charge of a department that handled infrastructural building projects. It covered Pretoria and Witwatersrand. In his tenure, he spearheaded several breakthroughs and registered terrific results. His input contributed to the enhancement of roads using graphics and network analysis.

Serge Belamant was later employed by the ESKOM division in the department of control data. He developed a system in the sector of finance. By utilizing it, he created the VIB network that was later bought by Volkskas. He joined SASWITCH and developed a program to facilitate risk-management in business. Belamant used an iconic ATM switch to oversee transactions in banks. He also created a POS system that ran on a viable network of interconnected workstations. In 1989, Belamant established Net1 Technologies. The company developed an electronic payment system used in banks. His breakthrough came when he formed COPAC for UEPS technologies. Currently, the technology is in use. It’s a significant security feature against fraud as well as the improper use of credit. It’s also utilized to verify personal ID numbers. Over the years, various investors from Russia and Iraq have sought the system. Currently, Net1 Technologies is a leading software payment tech firm for emerging and established economies. A few months ago, Mr. Belamant co-founded Zilch Technologies. The UK-based company is useful in dealing with valuable inventions.

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Randal Nardone’s fascinating career journey

Before becoming the revered finance guru, you know today, Randal Nardone, was a lawyer. Just like he is in finance, Randal was also a big deal in law and worked as a partner at Thacher, Proffitt & Wood, one of the most prominent law firms in the country. Even though it was a prominent position and he had a bright future in litigation, Randal realized that law is not something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He instead preferred dealing with numbers. On this realization, Randal Nardone immediately began working out a way to connect the fields of law and finance. As a man dedicated to bettering his path, it did not take him long to find it, and soon he jumped ship and moved to finance. His first position in this field was at Blackrock Financial Inc.

Randal worked here for a while and later moved to UBS where he was served the position of managing director. Even though his position at UBS was lucrative and could get him to wherever he wanted, Randal had bigger and better plans. So when he finally met other likeminded individuals, he joined forces with them and together they established Fortress Investment Group. That was back in 1998. Since then, through collaborative efforts with those he formed the company with, he has propelled it to become one of the most respected alternative investment firms. His utmost commitment to making the company a market leader has not gone to waste and has seen him reap massive personal rewards as today he is among the billionaires on Forbes list, ranking #557.

As a successful entrepreneur, Randal Nardone understands the essence of having a diversified portfolio and as such, has a hand in various other ventures. These include Springleaf Financial holdings where he serves as chairman and president, IMPAC commercial holdings where he has been the COO and secretary since 1999 and Newcastle investments holdings where he has been serving as the vice president and secretary. Even though he has his plate full, Randal Nardone doesn’t forget the integral role of the community in his impressive success. In respect to that, he holds various positions in the boards of charitable organizations through which he gives back. It is due to all this, that employees at Fortress and all the other companies he has a hand in describe him as a compassionate leader.

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