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A Business Idea From Bhanu Choudhrie

Bhanu Choudhrie was asked for his own perspective on a few things that will help entrepreneurs. He was also asked for a free business idea that would work in the marketplace. This article is all about his answers for these questions. The reader might be able to take away a few nuggets that might help them form a balance, optimized and potent life as a successful  entrepreneur.

Top Habit That Helps Entrepreneurs

According to Bhanu Choudhrie, he knows the importance of balance in an entrepreneurs life. One way that he maintains his health and his mind is with exercise. Bhanu Choudhrie says that the key is to pick activities that you love. This has been said before by many experts. If you look at the most fit people in the world, they don’t as much exercise, as they train or play. Find physical activities that you love, things that give joy, and energy because they will be able to keep you interested.

Best Free Business Idea

Bhanu Choudhrie freely gave a business idea. He suggest that someone creates an Uber like business for charging vehicles. As the global car market moves more towards electric, there will be a need to charge these vehicles. Creating an app where anyone could offer this service would be of great use for those with electric cars.

How Does Worry Impact An Entrepreneur

Bhanu Choudhrie says that the most important thing that he has learned is to worry a bit less. During his younger years as an entrepreneur, he worried about not making it, not having enough information, and not being able to keep up with everything that was going on in the world. Time taught his how to slow down, how to take a breath, and how to accept that if he kept on pushing he would obtain the information that he needed. Sometimes having the right team will solve this issue. This is a lesson that most of us need to learn in our always on world. We don’t need to know everything, we need to know the right things to get started, and to keep going with consistency of effort.


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Ara Chackerian Shares Insightful Thoughts

Ara Chackerian is an American tycoon, humanitarian, investor, and co-founder of TMS Health Solutions. He has established himself as a world-class entrepreneur through his determination and dedication towards his work. Ara Chackerain is noted for his zest and enthusiasm in building bridges between healthcare and technology.

Humanitarian Work

Over the year, he has gained extensive experience in his field and made a reputation for himself. He is passionate about humanitarian work and sustainable development. He loves inspiring the young generation and actively engage in the initiatives that natures them.

His interest in sustainable development is undeniable. Through the establishment of Limonapa Teak farm in Nicaragua, he promotes sustainability by focusing on agricultural practices that do not harm the surrounding environment. Besides, he has provided employment opportunities to hundreds of locals.

Ways to Tame Mental Illness in STEMS Industry.

Ara Chackerain is gifted with natural skills to acquire more wealth for himself. Throughout his career, he has spent valuable time researching and finding an answer to the mysteries of life. Through his insightful research, he was able to find promising treatment for patients suffering from mental health disorders.

Ara Chackerain is a self-made leader; he is appointed as the board member for various organizations at Bay Area. He noted that brilliant minds and talented individuals who are passionate about tech are needed to offers long-lasting solutions to economic and social challenges.

He affirmed that a lot of improvement actions needs to been taken to improve the working conditions in tech sector considering that industry is causing a lot of stress to thousands of young and ambitious tech experts who are investing their time to make a difference.

It is heartbreaking when we are losing intelligent minds, people who got what it takes to change the world, such as Aaron Swartz, the co-founder of Reddit. According to the research conducted by the University of California, it was reviled that 72% of tech entrepreneur suffers from mental illness. He noted that it is vital for companies to have a policy that cares for the health of their employees. Besides, employees should take advantage of the online therapy session, he noted.


HCR Wealth Advisors Explains Why HSAs Are Such A Great Financial Vehicle

HCR Wealth Advisors

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are a wonderful way to save money not just for future medical expenses but for retirement. They are triple-taxed advantaged. You get to deduct what you contribute on your federal taxes. Your contributions grow tax-free. As long as you spend the money on qualified medical expenses, you don’t pay any taxes when you spend your contributions. Once you are 65 years old you can spend the money on anything without paying a penalty, although you will pay income taxes.

There is a Los Angeles financial firm called HCR Wealth Advisors which can help people open an HSA as well as other financial vehicles. This firm was established in 1988 and has been helping individuals and families save for retirement and other financial goals. They point out financial risks to their clients and help them navigate tough situations in their lives such as selling a business, marrying, divorcing, and entering retirement.

HSAs are great for many reasons. People can save and invest money in them so that they can pay for medical needs. If those don’t arise the money can be used for retirement. People that are eligible for an HSA have annual deductibles of $1,350 a year for individuals and $2,700 a year for families. There are also annual contribution limits. An individual can stick $3,500 a year into their HSA account while families can put away $7,000 annually.

HSA Wealth Advisors wants to be in it for the long-haul with each of their clients. They work to develop trusting relationships with each of their client which take into account each client’s individual and family’s need and emotional make-up for risk. They have been helping clients for over 30 years.

They point out to clients that once a person has become age 65 they can take money out of their HSA for any reason and not pay any tax penalty. Most people that use an HSA as a financial tool can find great reasons for doing so but it is always best to consult with experts like HSA Financial Advisors.


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The Lifecycle of Alastair Borthwick

One of the remembered broadcaster, journalist and author of Scotland is Alastair Borthwick. He was particularly known for two of his books, which excelled above others on the same field. Alastair Borthwick was born in 1913, Rutherglen and his soul rested in 2003. He became a truant when 16 years of age from Glasgow High School and took work at Glasgow Herald. He started with a low position in the area of work but later he was chosen the editor of the company. He managed to get more experience through Glasgow and his involvement in papers helped him foster with articles majoring on the employed class of people.

The opportunity fell at the hands of Alastair in 1935 where he got a job at Daily Mirror. This was a major achievement in his career in journalism. Unfortunately, the London lifestyle refused to appeal and within a period of months, he got back to Glasgow. There he worked as a BBC correspondent.

During the Second World War, Alastair was ordered to be an intelligence officer in Sutherland. As the war continued, the Seaforth Highlanders saw action in various countries around the world like Italy, Belgium, Germany, and many others. In all this Alastair Borthwick was involved. When everything had cooled down, he was requested to write a story about Battalion. In 1946, the story got published and since then it has been in the print often.

Apparently, he continued with the BBC broadcasting even after moving to Jura from Glasgow with his wife. There was a lot of shifting in the life of this man. Furthermore, he moved to Islay in 1952 and assisted in the contribution to a festival in Britain before going back to Glasgow. His lifecycle did not cease there because he worked with Grampian TV and produced for them 150 programs catering across a wide range of topics. Before his death in 2003, he moved to Beith for five years.

In conclusion, the lifecycle of Alastair Borthwick is quite interesting and full of achievements. His willingness to work helped him make a difference. For all this, he will be remembered and can be a role model for many others.

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DonataMeirelles is a Notable Brazilian Fashion Expert

With more than three decades in the fashion industry, DonataMeirelles has become a well-known staple, parlaying her expertise into a number of prominent roles, including a position with Vogue Brazil as the style director. Despite DonataMeirelles’ many accomplishments in the fashion world, she is also one of the most renowned activists concerning AIDS research and education. Over the years, she has actively attended many of the most significant events around the world concerning AIDS eradication, and today, with more than 400,000 social media followers, she utilizes her massive platform to spread awareness concerning the latest developments regarding the cause. Learn more about Donata Meirelles at

Recently, the New York Times announced that a second AIDS patient had been cured of the disease, highlighting one of the most significant medical breakthroughs of modern times. When news of the breakthrough was released, DonataMeirelles immediately weighed in on the announcement, discussing her current feelings, as well as how she was introduced to the fight against HIV and AIDS. Eight years ago, she was introduced to the American Foundation for AIDS Research, which is, today, known as the amfAR, and has since, been one of the most prominent voices in advocating research for the cure. As support continues to grow, DonataMeirelles and her contemporaries have begun viewing 2020 as a realistic date for a cure.

The amfAR was created when the AIDS Medical Foundation joined with the California-based, National AIDS Research Foundation. Today, the international nonprofit organization is at the forefront of the search for a cure, helping to support this process in a variety of ways, including education, research, prevention, and public policy. While the amfAR receives the majority of its monies through fundraising events such as the annual Cinema Against AIDS, various sources also regularly contribute donations in an effort to continue research and education.


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Mark Holyoake Has Impressive Career As A Professional Gymnast

Mark Holyoake is a former professional athlete. He was born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand. He was just nine years old when he took up gymnastics. He competed in every area of gymnastics which are rings, vault, floor routine, pommel horse, high bar, and parallel bars. At just 10 years old, he made a national development squad.

After completing secondary school, Mark Holyoake became a student at Auckland University. He majored in sport and exercise science. During this time, he was both a full-time college student and a full-time athlete. His talent as a gymnast was recognized and he kept competing at higher levels. In 2005, he took part in the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. His 25th place finish at this event was exceeded the following year when he placed 11th at the Commonwealth Games.

Mark Holyoake dreamed of competing in the Olympics. He took part in competitions that qualified him to make the 2010 New Zealand Team. A major stepping stone was doing well at the German World Championships. He started training 30 hours a week while also working part-time as a fitness trainer. During this time, he became a Guinness World Record Holder on the pommel horse. He was able to make 65 rotations in 60 seconds. Many gymnasts consider the pommel horse to be their worst enemy so this was a very impressive feat.

He retired from gymnastics in 2010. Due to his education, he was able to become a personal trainer at Les Mills International. Mark Holyoake was aware that a person’s time as a professional athlete is short and so he prepared himself to have a viable career after he was done. Many athletes focus so much on their professional careers that they lose sight of the fact they will need to bring in an income after it is over.

At Les Mills International, he makes sure his clients are doing the right exercises in the right ways to meet their personal goals. Mark Holyoake strives to set a positive example for people by continuing to live an athletic lifestyle of exercise and eating right.

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Wes Edens Is Collaborating With Macalester College To Address World Challenges

Investor Wes Edens has, for a longer period, been involved in supporting some educational fields that are directly focused on aspects that can solve some of the most complex challenges facing people in the world today. He has openly highlighted that he is interested in supporting any education initiative that will help solve some of the disorders that people are facing. Recent trends show that multiple diseases are affecting a considerable number of people and most of them have no cure.

Wes Edens has gone further and invested $2 million in Edens Professorship in Global Health at Macalester College, which is a program that focuses on health and medical geography. Most of the topics covered under this program are some of the most common health conditions that are affecting millions of people around the world. Some of the issues of concern include infectious diseases, environmental factors, health hazards, and health delivery.

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Macalester College is focused on teaching courses and other programs that will help them to deal with most of the challenges that are affecting the world today. This explains why Wes Edens has collaborated with this college in finding the solution to some of these problems. The college teaches liberal arts but gives more attention and focus on the issues facing the world today.

Macalester College, under the guidance and funding from Wes Edens, has been pushing for formulation and development of various policies that are geared towards environmental and health policy changes. Global health is an issue of concern to most governments and private sectors around the world, which explains why more funds and attention should be directed into this area. Some countries are facing extreme effects of lifestyle diseases affecting their citizens.

Wes Edens knows that the current generations of students have a role to play in the road to curing the world. This explains why he has donated huge amounts of money to help the students learn about the health and environmental issues and address these challenges head-on. Working with Macalester College is not the only philanthropic action Edens has shown. He is currently working with several organizations to address current and future challenges.

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Putting The Pieces Together: Smita Shah

Smita Shah is a woman who is ahead of the curve when it comes to business savvy. She has always liked the challenge of putting together a puzzle and figuring out the solution. The same could be said for the engineering field. She founded SPAAN Tech in 1998 and has paved the way ever since. In an interview with WGN Radio, Smita Shah talks about the challenges she faced growing up and how she wants to encourage other girls and women to take the same path that she has done.


She talked with Steve Cochran about how her business got started. She says that she was young and didn’t know very much about running her own business. She was smart enough to put good people around her so that her business could succeed. Her first goal in the business was to be able to bring smart people together in order to tackle big projects. This is how SPAAN Tech came to be. 


When she was young Smita Shah knew that she had a talent for figuring out math problems. She was one of the few girls that excelled in what is called today the STEM program. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Education, and Math. She professed herself as a nerd when she was in school and she did not mind that at all. She was also one of the few brown kids in her class too. that made her stand out all the more. 


When Smita Shah started the business in 1998 men would look at her and make assumptions. She says that it still happens to her more than twenty years later. She worked hard to get where she is and she has the degree to prove it. She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from MIT. She wants to make sure that girls and minorities know that science and technology fields are open to them. She says people shouldn’t shy away from things that challenge them. Learn more:


Smita Shah has helped pave the way for women and girls in fields usually dominated by men. She has made such an impression that she was invited to the White House for a luncheon. She talked with Governor Mario Cuomo about her career and her family. That was one of the high points in her illustrious profession. She had made it to the top of the heap.


Smita Shah could very well be defined as a trailblazer. She knew that she could put things and people together and have a successful career as well. She is a woman who is breaking down walls and opening the door for future generations. That is the way she wants it to be for everyone.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong – Inspirational Figure for All Entrepreneurs

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s life story is motivating and inspirational, saying the least, and he has built an e-commerce empire from scratch in just over a decade. The company he started is, which is the second-largest e-commerce platform operating in China currently. Richard Liu Qiangdong is blessed with exceptional business skills, which has helped him build an e-commerce company that has annual revenue of over $70 billion. Richard Liu Qiangdong is on the Forbes list of wealthiest Chinese as well and has the net revenue of more than $12 billion.

Richard Liu Qiangdong always wanted to go big, and when his retail shop in Beijing got considerable success, he didn’t take a chance and ensured that he rolled the profits into opening a few more stores across China. In the next few years, the revenue of the company was an all-time high, and his company was getting consumer awareness as well. However, SARS breakout across China stalled his success story, but it didn’t last long as Richard Liu converted his business into an e-commerce company within a year. It went on to compete with some of the biggest e-commerce companies of the time and stands as the largest direct-selling company in China today.

Richard Liu Qiangdong wants to make all of its warehouses automatic so that human-error is entirely zero. It means that his employees will only be required to oversee the entire process. Even though they will be paid much more than what they are being paid and they will have to work much less than what they are doing now.

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Sharon Prince Hopes To Inspire Change

Sharon Prince helped to create an experience at Grace Farms that allows visitors in the area to enjoy the beauty of nature while spending time in a cultural oasis. The 80 acres that Grace Farms is located on was designed to preserve the important beauty of nature while inspiring discussion and introspection. One of the programs offered by Grace Farms and Sharon Prince is Earth Day. The event is celebrated by the Grace Farms Foundation by engaging the community to teach the importance of preserving nature.

Many native species end up abandoning their homes because of the influence that people have had in the area. Sharon Prince hopes that more efforts will be made to create the needed infrastructure to allow the wildlife to return to their abandoned homes. She stresses the importance of creating a place for wildlife to thrive in. The efforts that were made for 2019’s Earth Day at Grace Farms were done in partnership with the Nature Conservancy. The event took place on April 27th and consisted of several discussions that were led by experts in their fields along with other activities, many of which were family friendly.

The founder and President of Grace Farms, Sharon Prince, writes about her experience with the foundation on her blog. She believes that places that are full of hope can help to inspire people to make a difference in the world. Sharon Prince wanted to be able to create a place for the New England community to come and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer. Sharon Prince states that places like Grace Farms can help to stimulate new perspectives that people may not have ever considered before. There are 10 different habitats that have been restored on the property and at least 80 types of birds that have been seen.

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