Dick DeVos: An Influential Businessman from Grand Rapids, Michigan

The city of Grand Rapids is the hometown of Dick DeVos, and there was a plan in 1991 to build a gigantic convention center in the north part of the city’s downtown area. Back then, Dick DeVos is serving one of his family’s ventures – Amway – and his role is the company’s chief executive officer. Upon hearing the proposal regarding the construction of the stadium, he immediately lobbied against the plan. He said that Grand Rapids must learn from what happened to Detroit when two large stadiums were built outside the downtown area – it was a bad decision, and it stood outside the downtown without any purpose.



This lobbying against the plan to build a stadium outside the Great Rapids downtown area resulted in the formation of Grand Action, an organization headed by business leaders who are based in Michigan. They are the ones who decided the construction of several iconic landmarks in the city, including the Van Andel Arena, the Performance Hall, and the Convention Center dedicated to the DeVoses, and City Market, and the medical school for the Michigan State University. The group is slowly changing the city’s skyline, and they are also expanding the suburban areas around Grand Rapids to attract more people to live in the city.



Dick DeVos and his wife have a lot of power and influence when it comes to the local politics of Michigan. They are among the largest Republican donors who live in the state, and they would exercise their power and influence whenever a law that they do not like is being discussed in the legislative division. The DeVoses are known as conservatives, and Dick DeVos is donating huge sums of money to charities and foundations that are promoting their ideas. The main beneficiaries of their donations are churches, schools, hospitals, research facilities, and museums. Dick DeVos stated that their wealth can be freely used by organizations that are promoting a Christian way of life, and they will continue doing it as a service to God.



Many people who are living in Michigan are thankful for the donations given by the DeVoses. Because of the influential family from Michigan, hospitals and schools were built across the state. There are also school vouchers handed to children who wanted to study in the school of their choice. The DeVoses have a huge heart when it comes to philanthropy, and Dick DeVos revealed that it is what his parents taught him – to have an open heart for charity and to provide help to those who are in need. Today, the DeVoses keep on promoting their causes, and they are helping others who wanted to go to school or receive medical care. The DeVoses also pledged that they will continue helping organizations and foundations that they find worthy of their assistance.


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Why Is OSI Industries A Top-Rated Food Processor

Did you know that a high majority of food retailers tend to receive their food products from food processors? This statement is 100 percent correct, and the food retailers include chain supermarkets, small grocery stores and quick-serve restaurants. Many of the food products that line the supermarket’s shelves can come from only one food processor despite possessing different brand names. All it takes is a little manipulation of the ingredients to create a different taste. OSI Industries fall under this sector of business. This mega company is enormous in size.

Over 20,000 people work for OSI, and these people are stretched out into 65 advanced facilities. So, what exactly sets OSI apart from the competition? The answer is rather simple because OSI Industries specialize in numerous subjects such as processing, management, sourcing and distribution. It would be extremely hard trying to find another food processor that could handle such a huge load. In addition to that particular greatness, consumers can choose from a myriad of foods, including:

  • Ribettes
  • Turkey Products
  • Marinades
  • Pot Roast
  • Chicken Fried Steak
  • Beef Patties
  • Desserts
  • Cooked Sausage Links
  • Soups
  • Pizza
  • And many more

From joint ventures to acquisitions, OSI Industries has successfully done it all. Meeting the demands of the public is the ultimate goal. OSI has an extensive food- supply chain that spans across multiple time zones. This huge demand for high-quality food products has forced all food processors to become more efficient. OSI Industries has each and every base covered to the best of its ability, and the company will continue to expand in the near future.

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Determination, Perseverance & Dedication Equals Dr. Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden, M.D., is a woman of many acts. This particular woman is the loving mother of twin boys, is highly knowledgeable in the art of cosmetic surgery and is well-trained to perfection. Dr. Walden’s success has come from very hard work and copious amounts of studying. Thanks to such huge success, she has been able to grace the pages of many high-profile publications such as Cosmopolitan, Health, TexasMD Magazine, Bridal Guide, Vogue, Italian Vogue, Refinery 29, Austin MD and other health-related publications.

In addition to that, this board-certified cosmetic surgeon has appeared on numerous television shows such as E Networks’ “Dr. 90210,” ABC’s “20/20” and VH1’s “Plastic Surgery Nightmare.” Dr. Walden has a huge fanbase online, and there are many positive reviews that can be found while surfing the net. These positive reviews can help to bring in more business, and they can provide some reassurance if you’re thinking about going this route.

A unanimous source posted on May 1, 2017, that “Dr. Walden is a cosmetic surgeon that I highly recommend. This phenomenal cosmetic surgeon went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable.” Another unanimous source said that “I just completed my fillers, and I’m elated. I will surely recommend Dr. Walden to many of my family and friends.” Patient B stated that “the entire process from the first call to the actual procedure was very efficient. The staff was very kind and caring the entire time, which says a lot about Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center.”

Business, Online Marketing Is Providing Popular Imports To Their Customers has been making significant efforts to import many different types of food and beverage items for their online and offline customers to purchase. Among some of the most popular items that have been recently made available are sweet wines from Hungary and fresh produce such as kiwifruit and apples from New Zealand. These days, the customers of Jingdong are trying to make sure that what they eat is healthier for their bodies and they are enjoying the benefits and taste of the fresh, high-quality fruit that they are able to purchase from the retailer on their site and their 7FRESH stores. While order fresh food online is not something a lot of people would have considered doing just a decade ago, the advanced technology behind their platform and logistics systems allows for to be able to get orders to customers quickly, sometimes even on the same day that they placed their order.

Imported wines are going up in popularity in China and Jingdong is one of the major retailers that are making them available to the consumers in the country. On just the first 24 hours after the launch of the Hungarian sweet wine grand Grand Tojak on Jingdong, they already had more than 400,000 followers. In just the first 10 hours, they were able to sell 1,000 bottles of their signature wine. Numbers like these are quickly proving that is importing products that their hundreds of millions of customers are excited about.

The produce efforts that Jingdong is making have already been a hit among the customers as well. The company is able to import the produce from New Zealand keep it fresh until it gets to its customers. There has been an increase in demand for fresh fruit as people are trying to take better care of their health and is considering even more ways to match the demand. While they are currently only offering New Zealand apples and kiwifruit, they are already in talks with their partners in the country to expand to other fruits and vegetables after many requests from their customers.

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Barbara Stokes: GSH Is A Helping Hand For Those In Need

Natural disasters are something that is out of the humans reach. They can occur at any time and anywhere. People have not yet found a way to tame nature, but when the disaster happens, they are willing to help each other. Everyone in their own way, of course. Read this article at


The CEO of the Green Structure Homes, Barbara Stokes is a person of great empathy. Her company has been involved in helping with renewal in Madison County.

Green Structure Homes Of Alabama – A Friend In Need

Green Structure Homes of Alabama announced the company donation in new building materials that will be used for renewal. The donation is considering many things – from actions of Habitat for Humanity in Madison County to Green Structure’s logistics network which will support supplies transport. Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes, Barbara Stokes, commented the company’s satisfaction about providing this donation, because in her opinion – it is heading to those who really need it. As Barbara Stokes has said, The Green Structure Homes was extremely proud of being able to help and support Habitat for Humanity.


About Green Structure Homes Of Alabama

The Green Structure Homes of Alabama is a partner contracting company in cases of disaster relief. The company has been founded in 2008. and it is situated in Huntsville, AL. GSH is well-known for its wide range of services. The company acted within the government as well as in the private sector. It is known also for using modern design, exploiting new engineering, and its manufacturing. Read this article at

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OSI Industries: Towards Becoming a Respected Global Food Provider

Since 1970 when Sheldon Lavin joined the company, OSI Industries has been focusing on international expansion. The business leader started as a finance executive in charge of controlling the allocation of monetary resources. He fuelled the growth of the firm from its initial boutique size business to the recent global expansion. OSI Group was established in 1909. It is centrally located in Aurora, Illinois. The international brand deals with the production and sale of meat-based products. It has several retail outlets that serve different consumer sectors across the world. The company is also considered one of the state’s top 100 food providers since it records an annual sale of over 6 billion dollars. Aside from that, OSI Industries also provides employment opportunities to over 10,000 workers. Because it has been operational for more than a century, OSI Industries has also implemented key business strategies to help the management in providing world-class customer experience.

Background Information

OSI Industries has successfully cemented itself as a business leader in the sector because of its stellar reputation. The food producer is present in North American and Asia. With more than 65 manufacturing facilities, it has taken over a significant share of the food production sector. OSI tailors its products to suit client needs. It recently bought Tyson Food Plant, Flagship Europe, as well as BAHO Foods in its quest to grow the client base. Using its production plants, OSI has managed to expand its network to the global scene. It produces and brands its products in private label packs.

Becoming a Renowned Food Provider

OSI pays close attention to the needs of its consumers. The management implements policies that can help employees to assess the market’s needs. Thereafter, the team will meet these needs in the process of upholding high production standards. OSI has successfully standardized all its management and production processes to fit into the environmental needs of the population. Standardization helps to ensure that the company has met all its safety standards across the production plants. In 2016, the company received recognition from the British Safety Council based on its commitment as well as excellent management of the environment during production processes.

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Ted Bauman offers tips on wealth protection in these uncertain financial times

More and more financial experts are coming out to warn about the looming market crash. The warnings have just been too many, and many investors have gone into a panic more due to the fear of losing their wealth. Ted Bauman, a top financial expert with more than 20 years’ experience and also the editor at Banyan Hill Publishing recently came out offering a solution to the panicked investors. These solutions involve useful investment tips on how they can protect their wealth during these uncertain financial times.

Bauman is currently having a very prosperous career at Banyan Hill Publishing. Some of his financial publications including The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club are very popular and doing very well. Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013, and since then his career both as an editor and a financial expert has snowballed. Some of the tips that this experienced financial expert offered on wealth protection include:

Setting up protective walls

According to Ted, in these uncertain financial times, it’s very crucial for investors to set up reactive walls around their investments. These protective walls would protect their investment portfolios from crumbling in case of a market crash. Ted Bauman pointed out that investors should consider taking on asset protection plans if they are looking to protect their wealth. He went on to advise that any investor should first shop around to see which plans suit their needs best before settling on one option. Setting up a protective wall for investments also involves avoiding risky investments. This Banyan Hill Publishing editor pointed out that high risk investments are usually the first to fall in the event of a market crash.

Making safer bonds and stocks investments

Ted mentioned that though many financial experts agree that these are very volatile economic times, no one can accurately pinpoint when the market crash happens. It is for this reason that investors should consider making safer bonds and stocks investments. Bonds are usually stable despite their low returns, and this ensures that the investor is protected even if the market crash occurs tomorrow. On the other hand, stocks are less stable but guarantee good returns if the market crash doesn’t happen soon.